Sunday, October 2, 2022

Techniques for massive Hair Growth!

Want to give your hair growth a boost? You must stimulate the muscles under the scalp.   Each hair follicle has tiny muscles at the roots. The scalp also has several muscles. Our scalps become tensed throughout the day. Like all muscles they benefit from stimulation. 

Years ago, I discovered this cheap hair tool, that does a great job of stimulating your scalp. It is easy to use, highly effective and inexpensive. You will be glad you invested in this hair tool. My new eBook tells you all about this hair growth tool. How to use it effectively and where to purchase it.  

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This book includes 5 powerful hair growth recipes, that perform better than most of those other overpriced hair growth oils. You will find out the number one to deep condition your hair. This eBook includes hair growth tips that I do not share anywhere else. Hair growth tips and techniques that are exclusive to this eBook.  


Sunday, September 25, 2022

Micro Braids in 1984


I fell in love with Harlem 

I spent my Summers in Harlem, from 1980-83. It was love at first sight. Summer water fights, concerts, broadways plays and shopping!  My parents were separated and me and my sisters spent Summers, with my dad. I fell in love with Harlem, so much so, that when my parents decided to reconcile, I was a little sad. I was on my way to college, so I got over it quickly. My summers in NYC were over by then, now it is time for adulthood. 

During one of our summer trips to the big apple, my sister was shown the fake hair that people use to extend the length of their own hair.  It was love, at first sight, because now I can have long hair.  See, I always had very short hair. My hair that summer was around 5 inches long. That was longer than normal, for me. It was only that long due to the wonderful Jheri curl that I had. My sister put some cornrows in my hair using the hair extensions. I do not know how she knew how to add the fake hair in, but I'm glad she did. This started my journey of braid extensions.

God has blessed me to grow my own hair really long. So, I rarely add in fake hair these days. I want you to grow your own blessed hair. Here is the regimen, that grew my hair to waist length. Get waist length hair  It will also work for you! 

Miss Young Gifted & Black pageant of 1984

I did my own micro braids and I also did the winners hair in micro braids. The winner is in the middle. This was so much fun and a wonderful experience! I am on the left.