Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spiritual help to reverse hair loss and thinning

Could the root cause of your hair loss and thinning be fear and not forgiving hurts of your past?


A beautiful healthy mane and glowing skin is a good indication of your overall health. There is a mental cause to most diseases. If you are experiencing  hair loss and you cannot pinpoint the underlying cause of your hair loss then examine your mental health. When the body is stressed from mental worries, it will cause your hair to thin and break. If your hair starts to thin all of a sudden ask yourself, what is going on in my life which has caused me stress.The root cause of stress is fear.

Fear not!

God wants us to live well and prosper. Jesus, said, "I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly". Abundant life includes being free of  all disease.  When we are ill, it helps to search our hearts to see who it is we need to forgive. Forgiveness means giving up and letting go, totally giving the problem to God and trusting Him to work it out. We do not need to know how to forgive, we just must be willing to forgive. If you are willing, God will do the rest. Forgiveness allows you to walk in love. Remember the bible tells us that love covers a multitude of sins.

Changing your thought process can reverse your hair loss!

Change your thought process to reverse your hair loss, when you know for sure there is no underlying reason your hair should be thinning. People experience hair loss due to fear, tension, the need to control everything and not  trusting the process of life. So how do you change this type of thinking? You must create a new thought pattern, then say the thought pattern several times a day, until your new thought pattern cancels out your old negative thought pattern.


Creating a new mindset!

A daily meditation to heal your mind from: fear, tension, the need to control all things and not trusting God with all aspects of your life.

I am safe, I love and approve of myself, I trust life. God has not given me the spirit of fear, but the power of love and a sound mind. God made me and I am a wonderful one of a kind creation. I will trust the Lord with all my heart and soul and lean not to mine own understanding.

Start your day with the above meditation, through out your day repeat it out loud.  Write it down on index cards until you have memorized it. Make several notes cards, and place them in areas of your house which you frequent often. Make this confession in the mirror, saying it out loud. This confession will start you on your journey to healing and you will notice after 7 days that your hair has stopped falling out. Repeat this meditation several times a day for 7 days then examine your hair, you will be amazed. Continue this treatment until this new thought pattern has totally eliminated the old negative thought pattern. 

Additional healing homework:

Look up scriptures which deal with fear, trust and control. Repeat these scriptures out loud daily, especially upon waking and before bedtime. Surrender to God all of your fears and control issues and you will see a transformation not only in the health of your hair but in your life!


The 3 components your hair regimen must have regimen must contain, to grow your hair long.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Moon trimming for increased hair growth or thickness (April)

1Corinthians 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; 

Welcome to the number one website with the best, most accurate New Moon days to trim your hair. True, you will find dates elsewhere, but these dates are the best ones, so click no further. Before you read any further go ahead and subscribe so you can receive other New Moon trims dates, for increased hair growth. 

What is New Moon hair trimming? This is when you choose certain days within the month to trim your hair or start a hair treatment, to double your normal hair growth rate. You schedule your hair trims on specific days according to the lunar calendar, when the energy of the moon is the strongest. I have been trimming my hair according to the lunar calendar for almost a year and I have received the best hair growth ever. If you are on a healthy hair journey then you should trim your hair at least 3 times a year, and when you do why not schedule those trims on the best days. With this method you really have nothing to lose.

The New Moon method is not about magic or reciting spells. God created the moon before He created man, and there is nothing magical about the Moon's energy, in the way in which the world views magic. Remember the earth was created to help man and God has given us dominion.  If you are reading this and this is something that is new to you, do not discount it because you have never heard of it, nor label it negatively. The concept of using the energy of the moon is not new, but an ancient concept.

Do not be confused by varying dates, from different sites!


If you do a Google search on this topic, you will find various websites which list different dates, which are suppose to be the best dates for increased hair growth. But Coily Queens Rock has the best dates to increase your normal rate of growth. So why are my dates the best dates? These dates are selected based on experience, research and most importantly spiritual discernment. So you have come to the right website for your New Moon trim dates.

Good dates for increased hair growth during the month of April are:

The absolute best date to double your  normal hair growth rate and more is April 7th

The New Moon method can also be used to increase hair thickness, according to some websites. I say this because this is not something I know from first hand experience. Many feel trimming when the moon is in the sign of Leo, will thicken the hair, because the lion has such thick hair. Since you need to trim your ends anyway, if you are one who desires thickness this will not hurt to try. If you do try come back and let us know how it went. Your April dates to increase hair thickness are: 9th and 10th.

Do not cut and measure daily or weekly!
Do not be anxious for growth when you do the new moon trims, meaning do not measure your hair daily nor every week. Expect growth but do not be anxious. I recommend measuring your hair after your cut, then not measuring again until 40 days later. Write down your measurements in your hair journal. If you do not keep a hair journal this would be a good time to start one, a journal will help you a lot. You should notice increased hair growth for up to 5 months after your new moon trim. Increased hair growth that is more than your normal rate of hair growth.

Sample journal made from a spiral notebook

So trim those bad ends and increase your hair growth rate with a New Moon trim!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

March New Moon Hair Growth Trim Dates!!!

The moon and  stars to  rule over the night, for His steadfast love endures forever.
Psalms 136:9

If you have followed this blog for awhile then you are familiar with the New Moon Method. Trimming your hair during the right time each month and you will regrow more than you trimmed.

What is The New Moon Hair Growth Method?
It is using the power of the New Moon as it increases towards the Full Moon, to stimulate your hair growth. This is done by trimming your hair during the growing phase of the moon. You can trim as little or as much as you desire.  The key is to trim your hair on the right days to effect growth increase. 

Supplies needed:
A good pair of cutting shears
A hair journal to record your starting length after your first new moon cut. Then chart your hair growth by measuring your hair growth every 40 days for 5 months. You will find that your hair growth rate has increased from what your normal rate was. Do not anxiously measure your hair 2 weeks after your trim, nor 3 weeks after your trim, more than likely you will not see any significant growth increase until you are at the 40 day mark. 

Philippians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Use a ruler or measuring tape and take pictures to record your growth.

Do I have to trim during every New Moon each month?
No, you can do it one time, and that is just as effective. I believe you can get results up to 6 months after your trim. I did!  The only way to know for sure is to try it and keep an accurate record of your growth increase, every 40 days.  For accuracy it helps to measure in the same area each time and also keep the hair in the same condition each time you measure. If you did your first measurements on stretched hair then remember to stretch your hair when you do your follow up measurements after 40 days. Accuracy is key!

The New Moon hair growth method is simple, no pills to take, no special creams to apply. Just do your hair trims during the right days of each month and you will receive more growth increase than what you trimmed. Trimming your ends is essential to healthy hair. You should trim your hair 3 times a year, this would be during every 4th month. If your trim schedule begins in January, then you will cut your ends in April, August and December. Whichever month you start just count up towards every 4th month. Then find the best days to cut your hair within that month.

How do I pick my New Moon Growth dates?
When you do a search you may find several sources giving out new moon dates for growth increase, and you will see that each sources dates vary slightly. I know my dates work. I pick my dates by using the Lunar calendar, to see the phases of the moon within current month. You do not just cut during the New Moon phase but it has to be on the right New Moon date. My dates work because I also rely on Spiritual discernment from the Holy Spirit in picking the days, I refer. Whether you are a Believer or not, I know to whom I consult with, and I have done so since the first time I recall trying this method. To pray about it seemed natural. Through prayer and meditation I am given the best days and so I share them with whomever is willing to receive them, take advantage of this information now, it will get to the point in which I only share my dates with my subscribers. But right now they are open to anyone who reads my articles.

1 Corinthians 1:27
But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

How to do the New Moon trims:
Example---Jackie has decided to trim 1 inch off of her ends, using the New Moon dates.

She has two methods of doing her trim.
Method #1: She picks her New Moon date and trims one inch of hair from her ends in one setting.

Method #2: Jackie chooses to cut 1/4 of an inch off each day over a period of 4 days. She must pick 4 good New Moon cut days and they do not have to be in a row, but they do need to be within the same month. With this gradual trim method you are trimming your hair as the New Moon is increasing, stimulating the hair to increase along with the New Moon. 

Long stretched Coily Hair

Remember ladies you do not have to fully understand a thing in order for it to work for you. It took me awhile before I fully understood the New Moon Method, and I continue to learn new things pertaining to the effects of the Moon on the earth and people.

To read about my personal experience and see hair growth result pictures. Click HERE!

The best dates to trim your hair for the month of March 2014
March 1st and 2nd
March  5th and 6th*
March 10th and 11th*
*Absolute best days. Vee's pick!

Click on the followers box in the top right hand column and be sure you follow this blog, so you can know future New Moon trim dates. Absolute best new moon days will be announced only here on this blog. Do not miss them!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A black hair regimen for the Coily Princess

Easy haircare regimen for your Coily Princess.

Easier shampoo days
Decreases tangles drastically
No more single strand knots.
Decrease crying and temper tantrums on shampoo day.
No more tender heads.
Hair will retain more length.
Get rid of dull hair and flaky scalp.
Remember your Coily Princess deserves the best!

The Regimen!

Step one: Set the atmosphere
Grooming your child is a chance to talk with them in details about what is going on in their world. While they are sitting in one place this is a great time to ask detail questions about friends, school, church, etc. You can even discuss what is happening in the world and ask them what they think about it. Give your coily princess her own special princess chair which she only uses when you do her hair. Put on her favorite movie, educational DVD or favorite channel. As you do her hair explain to her why it is important that girls keep their hair looking good.  If possible remove all other distractions so that this is your special bonding time together, in which she has your full attention. Make your princess feel special, so her hair washing experience is viewed as a sweet one and not negative in anyway. Most important be patient and do not yell at her whatsoever.

Step two: Cleansing and Conditioning
Once per week
Shampoo day steps:
A.  Mix 1/2 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil with 1/2 of grapeseed oil massage onto her hair and remove her old style and untangle with your fingers only. (Use more oil if needed)
B.  Lightly mist hair using a water bottle, apply shampoo and work through the hair, being careful not to rub in circles and causing more tangles than necessary. Massage in short downward strokes.
C.  Rinse out shampoo with spring water using a large cup
D. You can deep condition at this point if desired or you can skip the deep conditioner.
E.  Rinse the DC from the hair. If you are have issues with dry hair then proceed to F, if not skip F.
F.  In a spray bottle mix 1/4 cup of ACV with 1 cup of water. Spray the rinse onto your scalp and massage into the scalp as you apply the ACV rinse. Once you have massaged it onto the scalp then apply more rinse to the hair strands, being sure to cover each hair strand completely. Keep the ACV rinse on for 3 minutes. Fill large cup with spring water and pour over hair to remove the ACV rinse.
G.  lightly blot hair and immediately apply a leave in conditioner, followed by coconut/grapeseed oil mix.
H.  Untangle hair in small sections using your fingers then follow using a seamless comb. Do not use any brushes.

Daily care: rub coconut oil onto her scalp and gently smooth over hair. If her ends feel dry apply leave conditioner to the ends of her braids or twists. (do not apply conditioner to the scalp only use a natural oil on the scalp)   Do these steps morning and evening.

Bedtime prep: Check her scalp for dryness and apply a little coconut oil if needed. Check her ends for dryness and any twists which have loosened and re-tighten. Apply some leave in conditioner to the ends if the ends are dry. If she is wearing braids start twisting at the ends so it is easier to remove.  Cover with her princess hair bonnet. Hair is set for bedtime.

Above you have wash day care, daily care and bedtime prep. Those are all the steps you need to to take care of and grow your Coily Princesses hair long healthy and beautiful. If there are intense scalp issues tell your pediatrician immediately and he or she may refer you to a dermatologist if needed. Know that many children have a dry scalps, their body is still developing, but if it is dry itchy oozing with sores and you are keeping it clean and lubricated then medical attention is needed. Do not allow your princess to scratch her scalp until she has a bald spot, seek medical attention before that happens. Having beautiful hair is an important part of the Coily Princesses self esteem, always remember that.

Step three:  Styling the hair
Using a seamless comb put hair in a style which lasts for 3 days before needing to redo.
suggested styles: cornrows, connect a plaits, small ponytails using ouchless black rubberbands two strand twisted on the ends. Stay away from extensions, your child should get use to her natural hair the length and texture. If you choose to plait her hair, when you get almost to the end of her plait, finish it with a two strand twist, this will make removing her plaits easier.

Step four:  Protection
Buy her pretty color head scarf to wear to bed at night and when she bathes. Make sure the bonnet is comfortable for her and explain to her the importance of taking care of her hair as she sleeps and keeping it from getting wet.

Step five:  Organization
Keep the Coily Princess's hair tools in her own private place, create a pretty box for her if you can. It is good to keep all of her hair tools in one place so you can easily access all the tools needed when wash day arrives. You do not need to spend time being frustrated because you cannot find her comb or leave in conditioner. Preparation make this experience less stressful for your coily princess.

Following these steps will ensure that your Coily Princess has beautiful coily long hair when she starts school. She does not have to admire the hair of others, she has her own. I strongly suggest that before using any oils make sure she is not allergic. Look for products that have the least amount of chemicals and ingredients. When purchasing shampoo always get the one for kids because those are milder. Your styling products can be from regular lines. One line I recommend is the Shea Moisture product line. Remember your princess is still developing so the less harsh chemicals the better.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Moon hair growth (February)

The moon and  stars to  rule over the night, for His steadfast love endures forever.
Psalms 136:9

What is New Moon hair growth?
It is using the power of the New Moon as it increases towards the Full Moon, to stimulate your hair growth. This is done by trimming your hair during the growing phase of the moon. You can trim as little or as much as you desire. 

What supplies do I need to practice this hair growth method?
A pair of hair cutting scissors. and a hair journal to record how much you cut and how much your hair grows every 40 days. This is all that is needed now how great is that!

I did the trim now what?
Be sure you have trimmed your hair on the correct dates, many people get it mixed up and believe you trim your hair on the Full Moon. But a Full Moon has already matured, you want to trim your hair so your hair can grow as the New Moon grows. Once you have the right date, then trim as you desire and write down how much you trimmed and the length of your hair now. Then every 40 days record your hair growth in you hair journal. 

Do I have to trim during every New Moon each month?
No you do not, you can do it one time if you like. I believe you can get results up to 6 months after your trim. The only way to know for sure is to try it and keep an accurate record of your growth increase.  For accuracy it helps to measure in the same area each time and also keep the hair in the same condition each time you measure. If you did your first trim on stretched hair then remember to stretch your hair when you do your follow up measurements in 40 days.

Hopefully you have a better understanding of what the New Moon hair growth method is and how to practice it. If you are one of those women who are afraid to cut your hair, fear not, your hair will grow back and you will gain even more. Trimming your hair is a part of a good haircare regimen, you should trim every 4 months that is 3 times a year. Now that is not bad is it? Your hair will love you for it and it will look so much healthier.

So what are you waiting for? This method cost you nothing but a trim you would do anyways. Before we had all the fancy potions and pills we had the earth to give us signs, now the average person has lost the ability to use the earth as a guide. People find it weird or think it is some hocus pocus stuff. But it is not and it is not new. So on January 30th we will be in New Moon, and there is still time to take advantage of this rare occurrence of  TWO New Moons within one month! Yes January has TWO New Moons.

My continued growth results from August 
 My results from my new moon trim back on August 17, 2013.
I cut two inches from my bangs on August 17th, as of January 29th, my bangs have grown back 4.25 inches. I gained 4.25 inches of new growth in 5 months. My regular rate of hair growth is 1/4 inch per month. The new moon  method has almost given  me a consistent 1 inch  growth increase over the past 5 months. Four and 1/4 inches in 4 months. The average rate of hair growth per month is 1/2 inch.  I exceeded the the average! Praise God! On January 14th I did another New Moon trim, I cut 1/4 of an inch and that has grown back already. So what are you waiting on? Get your supplies ready and mark your date.

Your best days to cut for growth increase are:
February  1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11 and the 12th.
Be sure to subscribe to this blog so you can receive future good days to cut your hair for growth increase. How? Just click the box at the top right hand column and subscribe. You can also leave a comment below if you have questions about this article.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

DHT and hair loss

Did you know that DHT is the leading cause of hair loss in 90% of hair loss cases for men and women?

What is DHT? 
Dihydrotestosterone is a male sex hormone that is the leading cause of hair loss in men, and also affects women.  Based on a persons genetics as a man or woman ages DHT starts to overproduce.
DHT builds up within the hair root and chokes the hair root and hair eventually falls out and does not grow back. It first starts with thinning and will stay at that stage for months or years. You should seek a dermatologists help at the first sign of excessive hair shedding which continues beyond one week, and there is no current known illness which could cause your hair loss. The earlier you treat any type of hair loss the better your chances of recovering your hair or drastically slowing down the hair loss.

Natural oils DHT blockers
Sunflower oil
Emu oil: lowers DHT, keeps hair in Androgen stage longer.
Pumpkin seed oil
Palmetto extracts 
Green tea: removes toxins and regrows hair
Apple cider vinegar: Dissolves DHT residue, kills fungus and bacteria, removes build up from the hair and scalp and unclogs hair follicles.

Drinking 4 cups of green tea daily help to block DHT

Treatments used to block DHT must be used continuously and ongoing in order to maintain results.

Cold pressed Castor oil is great for treating excessive shedding and fungus. Use daily.

Fungus of the Hair Follicles: another leading cause of hair loss

Using a good quality sulfur oil on your scalp several times a weeks is very effective in killing fungus activity on the scalp. Fungus activity left untreated can cause baldness and stunted hair growth. You may think your hair grows slow when it could be a fungus stunting your hair growth. Liquid Gold products makes a great sulfur oil, I use this product and it has produced amazing growth results for me. Even if you are not suffering from fungus growth this oil will help you grow your hair to longer lengths. Liquid Gold hair growth sulfur oil.

Other causes of hair loss:
lack of quality proteins in diet
lack of minerals
lack of scalp oxygen
unbalanced hormones
low fatty acids.
A vitamin D deficiency 
Tight hair extensions 
Thyroid issues

Start a Hair Journal today so you can keep up with your hair.

Knowing your hair
Know your hair and how much you normally shed
per day. People can shed anywhere between 50-100 hairs per day. Know what is normal for you, so when you see abnormal shedding you will know to seek medical attention immediately. Before you see your doctor right down everything you can think of concerning your hair and how you have been feeling overall. Do your own research based on the symptoms you are having. Ask for a scalp biopsy so your diagnosis can be more accurate. As previously stated the older the hair loss the harder it is to recover your hair. Early treatment is key with any type of hair loss. 

Hair weave and hair loss
The worst thing you can do when you hair starts to thin is to put weave or hair extensions over it and not visit a doctor.  Hair extensions will make the issue worst, seek treatment first then figure out a style for your hair. Choose a wig over weave or braids, the wig is less tension on your hair and you can remove it nightly for ventilation to the scalp.

There are many reasons for hair loss I have given you the top reasons for hair loss. Prevention is always better than cure. So practice a healthy lifestyle and be proactive with your health.

There is so much information  being shared, that some women start to  feel lost and do not know what is right or wrong.  Here is a list of 41 tips to help you start your hair journey off right and be successful. So many women have to big chop for a second and third time, do not let that be you.

 Must have products for a healthy hair journey:
Braggs organic apple cider vinegar (acv)
A large pack of conditioning caps
2 water bottles
PH balance strips
Satin bonnet 
old t-shirt or mono fiber towel
Scissors for cutting hair

1. You may read that shampooing Afro hair dries it out but that is not an accurate statement. Using harsh shampoos dry out hair. You should keep your scalp clean and wash your hair at least once a week. It is a myth that hair grows on a dirty scalp. Hair grows best on a clean scalp.

2. Co-washing means washing your hair with conditioner. Do not use co-washing as a substitute for shampooing your hair. Conditioners do not cleanse the hair well enough. Conditioners are not made to clean the hair they are made to be applied AFTER  hair has been shampooed. 

4. Make sure your shampoos and conditioners are PH balanced between 4.5 and 5.5. (Use PH strips)

5. If you maintain a weekly wash schedule there is no need to clarify your hair with deep cleaning shampoos. When you do need to clarify clay washes are the best at clarifying your hair and leaving it soft and conditioned.
Bentonite clay mix

6. If you are transitioning it is best to wash your hair in medium to large twists. This keeps the hair from tangling.

7. You may read that using cheap shampoo and conditioners are the way to go, however V05 and Pantene should be avoided they have been known to have very bad ingredients.

8. The best line for the money and how well it works is Shea Moisture. They have good shampoos and style products. Their curl enhancing smoothie is a really good product for all hair types.

9. Cantu products is less expensive than the above one and it is just as good, but has more ingredients per product. Cantu shea butter leave in repair conditioner is a good buy for all hair types.

10, If you desire to grow Afro hair long do not use tangle teasers or denman brushes or any brush. 

11, Learn the art of finger styling and untangling. 

12, Invest in a seamless comb you will not regret it. A seamless comb will keep your hair from breaking when you use it and you will retain more length.

13. Do not waste your time figuring out your curl type. The number system offers no help to your journey other than to give you a label and cause more confusion. 

14. Know whether your hair is fine, average or thick. That information is more beneficial to your hair journey than curl pattern.

15, If you have fine or medium hair strands then extra, extra care should be taken to keep hair from breaking.

16, Healthy hair will retain moisture for more than one day.

17. Follow a regimen which teaches you how to hydrate your hair.

18, Hydrated hair is soft and flexible and holds a style better.

So you want your styles to look better? 
Work on hydrating your hair.

19. If your hair is consistently popping and breaking when you manipulate it, you probably need a protein treatment.

20. Do not buy a protein treatment which does not have hydrolyzed keratin protein listed in the first 3 ingredients. 

21. Protein treatments add strength to your hair and keep it from breaking, so you retain more length.

22. After a protein treatment you want to condition your hair really good by using a moisturizing conditioner.

23. Oiling your hair daily with coconut oil, avocado oil or EVOO will keep you from getting single strand knots.

24. When you purchase natural oils for your hair be sure it says extra virgin, cold pressed or unrefined. Do not purchase oils from the beauty supply store. Buy your oils from your local health food store or order online.

25. Deep conditioning for hours is not necessary, you hair will only absorb but so much product. Most of the conditioners your buy you rinse them down the sink when you rinse them out. Ten to 20 minutes is all you need or per the product instructions.

26. Invest in a good leave in conditioner. The leave in conditioner is your most important product.

27. Always use a leave in conditioner because Afro curly hair needs continuous conditioning.

28. When you flat iron your hair use a silicone based heat protectant, also deep condition several times the weeks before you decide to flat iron your hair. This will help to eliminate heat damage.

29. Do not use a sulfate shampoo, sulfates cause dryness and baldness.

30. If you are having trouble retaining moisture do an ACV rinse.

31. NEVER EVER cleanse your hair with baking soda. It is to abrasive for your hair fibers, like sand paper. No matter how many times you see it suggested, overlook the baking soda tip.

32. You do not have to straighten your hair in order to check the length. Press your hair if that is your desire, but it is not a requirement for you to see how much your hair has grown.  

33. When your hair is wet, it is very vulnerable, do not brush your hair while it is wet. 

34. Remove all your tangles before submerging your hair in water. 

35. Turn an ordinary deep conditioner into a super conditioner by adding a tablespoon of local honey to it.

36. Honey does lighten the hair when used consistently so if this is not your goal limit your use of it to once a month.

37.  Apple cider vinegar lowers the PH of your products better than aloe vera does.

38. Tea rinses provide the same benefits as protein treatments. Never do them both in one session. Choose one or the other.

39. If your hair is breaking you should go straight to a good protein treatment such as Aphogee 2 step or Shea Moisture smooth & repair hair & scalp weekly therapy.

  40. Making conditioner out of avocados, eggs, mayo, etc should not be used as a protein treatment. You get more benefits from eating these foods than wasting these wonderful foods on your hair. The molecular structure of the food is not small enough to penetrate nor stick to the hair strands. So these kitchen treatments do nothing for your hair but make it soft and leave you vulnerable to fungus growth on your scalp.

41. Your scalp has muscles, so do not neglect scalp massages if you want to stimulate more hair growth. Hair does not grow well on a tight tense scalp and neck. Massage at least 10 minutes a day for full benefits.