Monday, November 5, 2018

Coily Queens MSM power grow!

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This is the MSM you want.

Here is another option. The one above is a finer grain. Fine powders dissolve easier.

You can also find MSM powder at your local health food store.

Friday, November 2, 2018

INCREASE Your Hair Growth by doing a Moon Energy TRIM!!!

Yes you can greatly influence your hair growth, by trimming your ends on high energy days. As the moons grows and changes phases it gives off different levels of energy. I know that God is the main source of energy. I also know that God created the moon.  Mankind can use the earth to positively influence their body. We can predict the weather and heal the body.


How do you do a Moon Energy trim for increased hair growth?

Choose the right date to trim. Decide how much you want to trim. Trim on that date, anytime of the day. Trim a little or a lot. How much you trim, plays no factor in your results, as long as it is the right high energy day.


1. Have a positive attitude, before you do your trim.

2. Release all negative energy towards your hair.

3. LOVE your hair!


3, 4, 18, 21-23, 28

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Are you looking for a MIRACLE?

To every thing there is a season!

This is what the Word of God tells us. If you are an adult, then you are old enough to see, that in this life we have seasons. Not just a change in weather, but we have seasons of being stagnant, loss and growth. If you choose to walk in it, this is a season of miracles for YOU!

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
6 A TIME TO GET, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

This is your time to GET!
Your miracles!
So how do you receive your miracle?

You can walk in your MIRACLE, as a Believer in Jesus Christ or a non Believer.
Yes I said non Believer. God sends the sun to shine on the just and unjust. Matthew 5:45

Steps to walk in this season of miracles

1. Receive this prophecy as truth.

2. Believe this prophecy.

Once you do those 2 things your season of miracles is activated.

NOW expect your MIRACLE!


Testify of the MIRACLE given to you by Jesus Christ. 


Friday, June 22, 2018

Do white clumps and specks constantly ruin your twist out?

1. Reduce the amount of product you use.
Most naturals are to heavy handed with their style products. More product does not necessarily mean better style results. If white product build up is your issue, reduce the amount of product you use by half. As you pour product, make it a habit of putting half of the amount back in the bottle. This will help you so break the habit of overusing products.

2. Test product compatibility before doing your whole head.
You should always use a leave in conditioner under your gel or style product. Unfortunately this is where it can go wrong.  Before you waste time and product, test the compatibility of your products, before doing your whole head. Put a nickel size amount of each product on the back of your hand. Blend the products together. Examine closely how well the two products mix together. Do you see separation? Do you see clumps? Let it settle for 60 seconds. The two products should blend to a clump free smooth consistency. If it does not then do not apply that product combination to your hair. 

3. Stay away from products that are white opaque. 
Buy products that are shear in color. This is a good way to not have white specks form on your hair. Miss Jessie's curling custard is clear color. It also creates great wash and goes and twist outs.This can be a challenge, because most leave ins are white opaque.  Consider using a liquid leave in spray, if this is a constant issue for you. 

4. Dab away excess product when done setting your style. 
A good indication of overusing product, is when you can see excess product oozing out your twists, once you have finished twisting. Instead of leaving that excess product sitting on top of you hair, lightly wipe it away with a mono fiber towel. Or tie down with a scarf so the scarf soaks up some of the product. Tying your hair down with a silk scarf, will also soak up excess product. 

5. Stay away from cheap products.
Cheap ingredients are mostly likely to bead up on your hair. You get what you pay for. Cheap products do not mix well with other products. Invest in all natural products. Purchase your gel and leave in conditioner from the same line. Products from the same line are compatible with each other, in most cases. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

MSM organic sulfur helps you grow hair longer, faster and stronger!

MSM is an organic sulfur. It can safely be taken for many body ailments. MSM sulfur is not the same as elemental sulfur. Elemental sulfur is  used to make pesticides. MSM is naturally derived during the earths rain cycle. MSM (methylsulfonymethane, has been taken for decades, for arthritis, high blood pressure, anti aging and more. 

MSM is excellent at killing fungus activity on your scalp. Scalp fungus is one of the top causes of hair loss and slow hair growth. MSM applied topically kills the fungus and its eggs. Eliminating the cause of the sluggish hair growth. 

MSM also strengthens the hair. This keeps the hair from breaking so easily. You retain more length and reach you growth goals faster. 

It increases the production of collagen and keratin. If your hair has thinned out, due to harsh chemicals or age. MSM can restore your thickness. 


Drink it by adding the MSM powder to juice.
Many grocery stores sell MSM drinks.
Purchase it in a capsule form and take as directed.
Add MSM powder to avocado oil for an infusion. 

If you do not like making your own. This the number one sulfur based hair growth oil, you can buy! Apply this to your scalp 3 days a week. You will be amazed! Results in 4 weeks!

This is a product you want to add to your long hair journey. MSM powder and capsules can be found at grocery stores, department stores and drug stores. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

New Moon trim day!

Use the energy of the moon to assist your hair growth! Every 30 days or so, we get a new moon. The moon has different levels of energy as it is growing into a Full Moon. The moon controls the ocean tides, plants and more! We can also use this energy to influence our hair growth. 

You should have a regular trim schedule. Trim every 4 months. That will give you 3 trims a day. This is great for maintaining healthy hair. So when it is due for your trim. Why not try a New Moon trim?

Easy way to trim your own hair
Part hair down the middle
Separate each side into 2 sections
You now have 4 sections
Create 5 two strand twists per section
Do each twist until you cannot twist anymore
You can easily see the frayed ends on your twists. 
Cut those ends with hair cutting shears

Do your hair treatments, heat straightening, protein treatments or color on these dates, for the best results. 

The next,  New Moon Growth increasing trim date is June 20th.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

HELP, my braid extensions are to tight!

 It's midnight, but you cannot sleep because your scalp is throbbing. Earlier in the day, you got a set of braid extensions. You should never allow someone to intentionally braid your hair to tight. Doing so is a sure way to cause permanent hair loss.

Signs you need to leave your braid appointment

1.  If you are wincing every time she does a braid. Extensions should be secure, but not uncomfortable.

2.  If you need to take a painkiller before or during braid service. STOP!

3.  If you tell the Braider it is to tight and she continues to braid to tight. STOP!

Test the tightness of your braids. Move your braid side to side, from the root.  It should do so without causing you any pain. 

Say you got your hair braided and none of those things happened as you were getting it done. Your scalp felt fine when you left the appointment. But within a few hours or at bedtime, your scalp begins to hurt. Our muscles relax as we sleep. It is common for annoyances to be magnified when we lay down. Even to the point that it disturbs our sleep.

5 Ways to loosen tight braids

1. Spray scalp with warm water

2. Apply some cold creamy leave in conditioner to tight area. 

3. If a large portion of your scalp hurts. Run water over your scalp for about ten to 30 seconds.  

4. Rub an ice cube over sore area.

5. Rub some pure cold aloe vera gel onto scalp.

Gently massage scalp after each of these methods. 

There are times when you will need to remove the braids or weave quickly. Take this seriously. You can get "permanent" root damage. 

1. Pain still bad, after 48 hours.

2. White bumps  on the scalp. Those bumps are inflamed hair follicles, filled with fluid.