Tuesday, September 6, 2016

7 Hair Care Traps


If you desire to grow your natural hair healthy and long, heat straightening it is not a good ideal. Once a year is okay. But even then it depends on the amount of heat and techniques you use. Stay away from Dominicans salons. Stay away from any heat straightening service which uses heat higher than 410 degrees. Lots of naturals are ending up with irreversible heat damage, due to wanting straight hair. 



Some naturals become frustrated with their natural coil. They think that putting a texturizer in it will turn their type 4 hair into type 3 hair. They desire to loosen their curl slightly. A texturizer is just another word for relaxer. You are putting the same chemical in your hair. It is also permanent. Texturizers rarely give people the results they desire. They are unpredictable. The average natural who texturizes their hair, ends up big chopping again. In most cases you will end up with breakage and thinning. Think long and hard before making this permanent choice for your hair. 



Some naturals use baking soda on their hair to soften it or help to relax their coil. Baking soda is very damaging to your hair. It is abrasive and will lead to damage. It roughs up your hair cuticle and will turn your normal porosity into high porosity in just a few application. Never use baking soda on your hair. 


Scraping a brush through your hair wet or dry, roughens up the hair cuticle. Brushing on a consistent basis will lead to damaged hair. Hair will become weak and easy to break. Finger combing is best for your natural coils.


Going natural but consistently covering your hair in fake hair is one of the worst things you can do to your natural hair. Fake hair dries your natural hair out. It also makes people really lazy about taking care of their hair. In many cases you are not washing your hair weekly when you have braid extensions or a weave. Your hair becomes dry from the fake hair then dehydrated due to lack of hydration. Those two issues lead to breakage and excess shedding. Using extensions on occasion is okay. Wearing extensions for more than 6 months out of the year is not a good thing for a healthy hair regimen. 


Hair grows best on a clean scalp. If you are having issues with slow hair growth the first thing to examine is your wash regimen. Hair must be cleaned often. All hair no matter the type get dirty daily. Lots of people with slow hair growth have clogged hair follicles. Clean your hair twice a week or no less than once per week. Washing your hair only once every two weeks or once per month is not a healthy practice. 


The biggest mistake you can make is not having a consistent hair care regimen. No matter what your goal is in life, you need to have a plan, a guide. If you want to have long healthy hair, you need a good hair care regimen. If you are lost and do not know where to begin, then you would benefit from hair growth coaching.


Electric straightening brushes on Afro hair

I am sure you have seen the various heat straightening brushes advertised. The claims on these products is that you can straighten your hair faster and safer with these brush tools. The prices range from $19.99 up to $70, depending on the name brand. Certain electric brushes you can use to dry and straighten the hair at one time. This eliminate the need to blow dry your hair first. 

How does a electric straightening brush differ from your flat iron?

In general these electric brushes do not get as hot as a flat iron can. You can expect more of a blown out look than a slick straightening, when use on wet hair.  

Is this a tool you should use on your hair or your child's hair?

No, I do not recommend investing in this type of hair tool. If you are trying to grow your hair long, full and healthy stay away from brushes and high heat. The stress of the brush raking over your hair, combined with the high heat, will break your hair. With one use or repeated use you could thin your hair out or weaken your hair. This tool is not conducive to growing and maintaining long healthy hair. 

All  harsh heat tools should used in moderation, when on a healthy hair journey. If you are still tempted and feel one of these straightening brushes will benefit you, then here are the top picks from amazon. 

These straightening brushes received great reviews on amazon. Check them out!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

5 ways to infuse your hair with moisture


1) Baggying

Baggying is the easiest way to infuse moisture into your hair. Their are several different ways to baggy.  The most common way of baggying is to apply a leave in conditioner, cover with a plastic conditioning cap, then tie down with a scarf. Leave on overnight. This technique helps dry brittle hair receive moisture and stay moisturized longer. Other benefits are increase follicle stimulation and better coil definition. 


2) CQ Sauna Effect

A unique way of steaming your hair when you do not have a hair steamer. The Sauna Effect gives you the benefits of steaming, without the set up or cost of an actual hair steamer. Get full details when you take the "Gain an inch in 30 days hair growth challenge". Sign up here

3) Hair steamer

If you have chronically dry hair, a hair steamer is a great investment for you. Steam opens up the hair cuticle more than a hooded dryer, this enables your deep conditioner to penetrate better. Using a steaming should increase the effectiveness of your deep conditioner. Your hair is 5 times more moisturized than when you use a hooded dryer. Only use a hair steamer once a week for no longer than 15 minutes each session. 


4) Conditioning Heat cap

My number one suggestion for deep conditioning. Why? Because it is inexpensive and works better than using a hooded dryer. A hooded dryer works best for setting hair and it delivers dry heat. The conditioning heat cap fits snug to your head and gives you moist steam like deep conditioning at a cheap price. If you cannot afford a hair steamer, invest in a heat cap. 


5) Hooded hair dryer 

A true deep conditioner will most likely require some type of heat source for better absorption. The hooded dryer is the most common heat tool used for deep conditioning. A hooded dryer is a good investment, if you do roller sets and treatments a lot. When deep conditioning with a hooded dryer cover your hair with a conditioning cap before sitting under dryer. Stay under dryer for 10 to 20 minutes for deep conditioning. No need to stay under a dryer longer than that for deep conditioning. 


5 possible reasons for your dry, itchy, flaky scalp

1. Products with harsh cheap ingredients:
Using products which contain a lot of unnatural ingredients will lead to allergic reactions on your scalp. Lots of times they are shuttle and many times the product causing the issue is overlooked. This can happen with a product you have used for years. It is best to choose products which have more natural ingredients, such as plant extracts, natural oils and butters. Stay away from cheap brands like: Aussie Moist, Dove, Pantene, Organix, African Pride and others like them. 


2. Overuse of products
Whatever you apply on your hair will also seep onto the scalp. Be choosy with the products you use, which you leave on your hair all day. Just because your have Afro hair does not mean you have to use half the jar in one application. More product does not always make your hair style better. Many times it leaves a build up on the scalp, which irritates the scalp after a few days. Start using half the amount of product. Start small and smooth more. Your hair might look like it has soaked up the product but it has not. The majority of products do not penetrate the hair strands. They are cosmetic and sit on top.

3. Not cleansing enough
Lots of women have clogged hair follicles which lead to their slow hair growth. Most times the slow hair growth is attributed to genetics. Daily your hair collects: germs, dirt, bacteria, dust, products and more. Your hair is getting dirty the same way your body is getting dirty, throughout the day. You wash your body then ignore the hair. That must stop. Your dry itchy scalp is begging to be cleansed. Wash your hair with a non sulfate shampoo twice a week. 


4. Fungus
This is a top reason for hair loss and slow hair growth. If your scalp is itchy, scaly, dry skin buildup then you could have a fungus issue. The only way to know is to visit your dermatologist. You can also use a product that contains sulfur and see if your scalp starts to heal. If it does then there was a good chance your issue is fungus related. 


5. Low sebum production
We are always producing sebum from our hair follicles if they are still open. Sebum is the waxy oily substance that is secreted from our hair roots. Sebum conditions the hair and keeps it growing at it optimum speed. Sebum is why your face becomes oily. Some people produce more sebum than others. Our sebum production depends on our individual health. When your sebum is low then your scalp can become itchy due to low lubrication. A balanced healthy diet which includes 64 ounces of water daily will help you maintain great sebum production. Oil massages with good oils for ten minutes everyday, will also help with low sebum production. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Red Palm oil the best oil for sealing in moisture

Red Palm oil is a super moisturizer
It is a super oil because it is high in vitamin E. beta carotene and lycopene.

Perfect for locking in moisture due to it richness. 

Is red palm oil the same as palm kernel oil?
No it is from the same fruit, but from a different part of the fruit. Red palm oil is from the pulp or meat of the  palm fruit. It's a red orange color. Palm kernel oil is made from the seed which is left over after you eat the pulp. The seed is mechanically squeezed and it makes a clear oil. Palm kernel oil has less nutritional benefits. It has a longer shelf life and is much cheaper in price than the red palm oil.

I am recommending organic red palm oil for the hair. So be mindful of what you pick up in the grocery store. The color of each oil is distinctly different.  Use a little bit to lock in moisture as you finish off your shampoo regimen. 

Super oil=Super benefits. 


Thursday, July 28, 2016

3 African Super Foods for Hair Growth

You can purchase these foods in form of:  oils, teas, extracts or powders. These 3 foods have origins from Mother Africa. When it is time to nourish our hair, no better way than to use the foods from the lands of our ancestors. 
Moringa leaves
Prevents split ends
Treat scalp dandruff
Strengthens your hair
Lots  of iron and B2
Twice the protein of kale

Baobab fruit
Ten times the fiber of apples. Loaded with potassium, magnesium and iron.
Awesome penetration
 Improve skin texture
 Super moisturizer not greasy
Get your omega 3,6, 9's
Relieves dry itch scalp and skin

Fast hair growth (from the leaf and the flower)
Reverse gray hair
Stops breakage

Many of the benefits you will get with other oils, however these oils offer super results. So if you have any of the above issues with your hair, these are the oils you want to choose first. Especially when other more common oils have not done the job for you. Whichever oil you choose remember to purchase pure good quality oils,powders or extracts. Be consistent in order to achieve results. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Five top reasons for chronic split ends

Split ends happen to all on occasion, however chronic split ends are not normal. You must cut a split hair. You cannot heal split ends. You can temporarily glue them together with treatments. Once hair splits, it is split. You cut it off, or it will continue to rip. 

1. No regular trim schedule
A  good hair care regimen should include a trimming schedule. You decide how often you will trim based on what you do to your hair. The Coily Queens Regimen recommends trimming your hair every 4th month. This equals three times a year. This is if you start out with totally healthy ends. When you trim you hair on a regular basis, your hair styles better and does not pop and break as much. 

2. Using the wrong tools
Your ends will  split easily if you use flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers or pressing combs. Heat from these sources, dries the hair out. Because you are trying to maintain your straight style, you are not moisturizing it properly, and that dries it out even more.  Harsh direct heat also weakens the protein bonds. Your hair is made of lots of layers that protect it, heat weakens those cuticle layers. When any of those layers become weak, your hair will split and eventually break.

Using brushes and combs also weakens the hair bonds. It does it slower than harsh heat. If you use a brush even once a week, your ends will start to thin. The thinning is from the hair splitting and breaking. The end result is thin see through ends, which makes your hair hard to style. Using combs and brushes always require you to cut more inches off when it is time for your trim. The CQR recommends finger combing. Finger combing will save your hair.

3. Eat more protein
All hair is made up of mostly protein. Thus you must eat sufficient protein daily to keep the hair growing from your scalp strong. Include protein rich foods in your diet daily, foods such as: fish, nuts, beans are healthy proteins. Animal proteins build the strongest hair. Taking a hair growth supplement helps the hair to grow stronger and faster. Most of us are not getting a balanced diet daily, so supplement help to make up for diet. 

Including:  Herbal Essence, Dove, Garnier Frutics
4. Using harsh ingredients
Cheap products that include cheap ingredients, sit on your hair and weakens your hair cuticle. Yes many of them give you good immediate results. Most of them are filled with harsh cheap ingredients and silicones. You receive great results when you first use the product, but long term use only leads to dried out damaged hair. Stay away from those products, the cheap price and empty promises are not worth it. 

5. No protein treatments
You fail to include good protein treatments in your regimen on a regular basis. Many naturals, in error, feel they are protein sensitive. This is due to what they have read on hair forums. Your hair is protein so you are not sensitive to it. In most cases you have used the protein incorrectly or used the wrong protein product. Not all protein treatments are created equal. Look for a protein treatment that has hydrolyzed keratin protein in the top 5 ingredients. There are other types of proteins, but the animal proteins are the strongest. They give your hair the most strength. If you are going for beyond bra strap length, up your protein game!