Friday, November 20, 2015

CoilyQueen's spotlight

Kimi's been proving the naysayers wrong since 2011, By adopting a good hair care regimen she has been able to retain most of her length each year.

Check out Kimi's hair growth from 2011-2013. Not only did she retain length, but her hair looks so healthy. You want healthy hair because what good is long hair if it looks dull, dry or raggedy. 

Check out her Twist and Curl! When your hair is healthy your styles look much better. Notice that even with color in her hair, she has still maintained hydrated healthy hair.


I met her on Facebook when she signed up for one of my "Gain and Inch in 30 days hair growth challenges". This challenge delivers results to those who can stick with the program and Kimi is one of those who proved that she is willing to work for her beautiful hair.

Are you willing to put in the work for your beautiful hair?????

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

INCREASE your hair growth with New Moon Phase trimming (Nov)

What is New Moon Phase trimming?
Trimming your hair on days in which the Moon is giving out the strongest energy. This happens within the new moon second quarter phase as the moon is waxing.

Is this some type of witchcraft?
No, there is no chanting involved. There are no spells to recite. No candles to burn. All you do is trim your hair on the right days.

Do I have to cut my hair every month?
No, you decide how often and how much you need to trim. Just follow your regular trim routine, but trim on the right days.

Do I have to cut my hair at night?
No, you can trim your hair anytime on the right day. Morning, noon, evening or night.

When I do a search for New Moon hair growth I get different dates from each site? Why?
Different sites will list varying days for growth increase. People use slightly different methods for choosing their days. You have to decide which dates you will follow. I know that my dates work, from the many testimonies I receive via email and facebook. I choose my dates from the lunar calendar and Spiritual discernment. I then share these days with you.

This is just one of many updates from my subscribers.

Hi Vee, I am so happy to let you know I have added 1 inch trimmed half an inch and gained an inch just checking now so excited by the way it was 5 inch now six inch bless you Vee. Trimmed on the 7th of this month. By the way ordered liquid gold last month still waiting for it to get to the uk it takes forever. The clay wash is fab. Chat soon xoxo from 
A. Turnbull from FB

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Five fantastically unique winter hair care tips!

Old man winter will soon be with us. You see lots of  ladies post that they are putting their hair away for the winter. Know that your hair was made to withstand the elements, which is why it is on the top of your head. Cold air does not break your hair, however lack of moisture will!

1. Invest in a humidifier for your bedroom.
While many of you are concerned about the cold air outside, it is the hot air inside that you should be concerned about. During the Winter time your heating  system will  dry out your hair and skin. The best solution  is to purchase an humidifier or two. You want to put them in the rooms you spend most of your time. Humidifiers come in various sizes be sure to buy one that fits your room size. It is a good ideal to check the measurements of your room before you set out to shop. The right size humidifier will keep the air in your room moist and your hair will not dry out during the night.
Order here

2. Start the CoilyQueens Regimen today!
The CQR is an all weather regimen. The regimen keeps your hair hydrated, lubricated and protected all year round. It is the all weather regimen. The regimen eliminates your single strand knots and greatly reduces your tangles. The CoilyQueens Regimen is the answer to slow hair growth. The hair roots are stimulated so you can reach optimum  growth each month. You can wear your natural hair with ease and still receive optimum growth each month. Start the CQR today!


3. Drink lots of water daily!
Most people slack off drinking water once the hot weather is gone. But your body needs lots of water daily all year round in order to function properly. If your body is starved of water, your hair, skin and nails are the first to suffer. Drink a full 64 ounces of water daily, to avoid dry brittle, weak hair. Get it in!!!
64 ounces daily for healthy hair growth

4. Cleanse your hair twice a week.
Many people still think that washing the hair frequently will dry it out. That is not true. Washing your hair with the wrong kinds of cleansers will dry it out. Washing your hair with hard water will also dry it out. Do not be afraid of water. Your hair loves water. Daily you are collecting lots of germs on your hair, so you need a consistent wash routine. Choose cleansers, that have no sulfates or harsh detergents in them. My top picks  for Afro hair are.

5. Flaxseed oil 
Our scalp secretes its own oil called sebum. Your sebum production is based on your health, diet and the product you use on your hair. Flaxseed taken as a supplement is known to help increase our sebum production. So those who have extra dry hair naturally would greatly benefit from taking 3000mg of flax seed daily. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking any supplements.
Always choose organic. Order here

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Unique gifts $20 and under

When you spend this holiday season be sure to buy black. Support those who make gifts for you.

    This t-shirt is unique because the words "black lives matter" are each made up of the names of a black person who has been killed by an officer and others. This is a great gift for your daughter or son. Nice statement t-shirt for a college student.
$20 Great buy!!!

2. Breezytee: A jersey t-shirt hair towel

They make the perfect gift for you & your loved ones. Give the gift of healthy hair this year. They have several colors for only $20. Visit their website and shop.

3. Tube headwraps by

These are awesome to disguise any bad hair day
and makes any style look like you put a lot of effort into it!
Made of stretchy polyester, easy to fit and seamless for no snags.These tube headwraps come in a wide variety of solid colors and prints.  
Only $5
Stretched Leopard tube headwrap.

Deep Blue tube headwrap

 4.Very pretty 3 chain "I love my hair" necklace. Great price so buy more than one! $15

Great gift for your daughter, niece, sister or friend ORDER.

 5. Terra Veda Mud Wash
This makes a great gift for naturals in your life. Introduce your daughter, sister, Niece or mom to the wonders of cleansing with clay. Support a sister owned company. $14.99

Purchase this awesome mud wash HERE

6. Forget Bath & Bodyworks you need to try Krave Bodyworks. Give your body what it Kraves.
This gift set includes: Sugar scrub gift set, bath and beauty, christmas gift, xmas gift, body scrub, Lip balm, holiday gift, gift for her, stocking stuffer, scrub. $18.00 ORDER HERE

7. Cleanse and tone your whole body with black soap and shea butter by Nikki's Naturals.

These  products are 100% natural and use only the best organic unrefined Ghanaian Shea Butter extracted directly from the Shea nut and combined with virgin coconut oil and other essentials. Nikki's Naturals L.L.C. carries a variety of shea butters, black soap and moringa seeds. Purchase 1 black soap and 1 whipped shea butter for only $16.  awesome deal because these products last a long time. A little goes a long way. Black owned and family operated. #supportasista

8. There's power in these puffs
Cute and unique Power Puff tees. Women and children's sizes. Great quality graphic tee. Short sleeves, 3/4 sleeve and sweatshirts. Power to the PUFF!!!  ORDER HERE

9.  Naturally Me and You
All natural and divine sugar scrubs. A large variety of scents to choose from. Only $7. Visit their web store and check out their wide variety of all natural products. Natural eyeliner, detergent, natural wood polish, natural skin care at drug store prices, grooming products for men, natural hair products, all natural products to keep your entire family healthy. Naturally Me and You.
Kiwi Strawberry sugar scrub ORDER
Apple Mango Tango sugar scrub! HERE 



Tuesday, October 13, 2015

3 Reasons why crochet braids are not a good protective style

The crochet braids of the 90's have made a big comeback.  You see naturals posting their proud  crochet braids pictures on just about every hair forum, group or hair site. You see more people showing them off than their natural hair. You see hashtags such as #protectivestyling, next to their fresh set of crochet braids.  But is your hair truly protected?  Just because you cover your hair with fake hair does not make it protected. 

Your protection comes from hair care, not  fake hair. 

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#1. Not keeping your scalp clean, stunts hair growth
The average person wearing crochet braids does not wash their hair on a weekly basis. This is unhealthy for the scalp and drying to the hair. Because the hair used is synthetic hair, wearers are more concerned with keeping the hair looking good than keeping the scalp clean.

Never sacrifice the health of your hair just to keep a style longer.

#2. The synthetic hair is drying to your natural hair
The hair which most people use to create crochet braids is made of a form of plastic. This fake fiber lays on top of the hair and dries out your natural hair. The fake hair that comes in colors is even worst. The dye chemicals lay on top of the hair and seep onto the scalp. In some cases the scalp can have an allergic reaction to the hair. 

Remember what lays on top of your hair also seeps into your scalp.

#3. The common braid pattern causes traction alopecia
The popular braid pattern of braiding the hair straight back is damaging to the edges. This braid pattern will make your hairline recede. The weight of the fake hair hanging on the cornrow base of your natural hair sometimes leads to breakage. Especially when people leave crochets in for 3 months or more. 
Use a different braid pattern if you wear crochet braids more than once. Cornrowing the hair down, from the top to the ear, is a better braid pattern than cornrowing straight back. 

These dangers also apply to sew ins and braid extensions. Before you get your next set of braids or weaves, protect your hair by following the Braid Retain and Grow Method. 

Grow your hair longer and healthier by working with a Hair Growth Coach. Start today!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Increase your hair growth rate by doing a New Moon Phase trim (Oct)

1 Corinthians 1:27
But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

New Moon Phase trimming
The process of trimming your hair during certain high energy times of the month, depending upon the position of the moon.
It is all about good energy. Good energy attracts more good energy. So if you are not in a positive mindset, do not attempt a New Moon Phase trim. Pray, forgive, release all negative feelings, if you want to attract good positive energy. 

October trim dates for increase
24th(super high energy day)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Awesome pre-treatment for your hair

Highly penetrating moisturizing treatment
Carmel-tini Hair Treatment

Great for tansitioners! Pre treating the hair before you shampoo is recommended for those dealing with two textures. Pre pooing will help reduce breakage at the line of demarcation. 

Honey: Is a good emollient and softener. Prevents the loss of moisture and heals scalp infections. Gives you more shine and luster to your hair.
Banana puree:  Increases the moisture content of your hair. Eliminate frizz. Great for dry, itchy, flaky hair.

Olive fruit oil: Improves hair elasticity and strength. Block DHT, which leads to hair loss. Penetrates the hair shaft by 25%.
Mustard seed oil:
Avocado oil: Penetrates the hair shaft more than evoo. moisture. High in Vitamins A, E, and D. Stimulates new hair growth when massaged into the hair roots. High in fatty acids, which provides strength and protection to the hair.
Wheat germ oil: Highly moisturizing to the hair and rich in fatty acids. Easily absorbed into your skin. Adds softness and strength to your hair.
Neem oil: Awesome for relieving an itchy scalp and dandruff. Stimulates hair growth. With consistent use you will see longer, fuller, luxurious hair. Antiseptic and antibacterial.
Carrot oil: Heals dry hair.

This awesome pre poo is great for those with a dry itchy scalp. Great for reducing tangles and infusing extra moisture into your hair. Use this as a pre treatment before you shampoo. Consistent use will make your hair softer with less tangles. Less tangles leads to better hair growth. Longer, stronger, more luxurious hair with the Carmel-tini treatment.


Order you Carmel-tini here and check out her other natural hair products. Terra Veda Organix, created with your coily. curly hair, in mind.

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