Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nine day moisture retention therapy (for Coily Queens)


Do you have a problem keeping your hair moisturized?
Do you apply product after product, only to still end up with dry hair?
Are you constantly in search of a moisturizer which will work on your hair?
Are your ends bushy?
Do you get single strand knots all the time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then help is available to you, by committing to the Nine day moisture retention therapy treatment for tightly coily hair.

Supplies needed for this therapy:
A non sulfate moisturizing shampoo or conditioning cleanser.
A good quality moisturizing deep conditioner.
A hair dryer you sit under or steamer.
One of these three natural oils: coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil.
ACV (organic apple cider vinegar)
Plastic conditioning caps
Cup for ACV mixture
One bottle water or filtered water.
A good leave in conditioner. I recommend shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie.
Personal dedication and consistency.

Ladies this works! Get ready to transform your hair and your journey!!!!!!!
Ready! Set! Let's go!!!!!!!!!! 9 days to healthier hair!!!!!!!

Day one:
Shampoo your hair with non sulfate shampoo or cleansing conditioner.
After rinsing apply deep conditioner liberally to your hair strands. Sit under dryer for 20 minutes.
Rinse out deep conditioner with cool water.
Mix 1/4 ACV with 2 cups of bottle or filtered water, inside your cup, and pour over all hair strands and scalp. Let it sit on hair for 3 minutes, use a timer.
Rinse ACV from hair with COLD water. Very important the water be cold.
Rinse with cold water for 3 minutes, again use a timer.
Apply your leave in conditioner
Proceed with styling, Be sure to oil your scalp and hair with: coconut oil, avocado oil or EVOO.
Note: The ACV closes the hair cuticle which helps the hair to retain the moisturizing benefits of your deep conditioning treatments.

Day two:
Apply your leave in moisturizer
Massage natural oil of choice into your scalp and hair strands.
Proceed with styling. (do not use heat)

Note: If your hair is prone to tangling it would be best to shampoo your hair while it is in large two strand twists.

Day three:
Shampoo hair with non sulfate shampoo or cleansing conditioner
Rinse out with cool water
Apply a deep conditioner to all your hair strands concentrate on the ends.
Sit under dryer for 20 minutes
Rinse out with cold water for 3 minutes or more.
Apply leave in conditioner.
Apply natural oil to your hair and scalp.
Proceed with styling (no heat allowed)
By day three you should notice a reduction in hair shedding and breakage and softer hair.

Day four:
Repeat steps for day two.

Day five:
Repeat same steps from day four

Day six:
Shampoo day again.
Follow steps from day one
On this day you should notice a huge improvement in your hairs moisture levels.

Day seven:
Repeat steps from day 5.

Day eight:
Repeat same steps again

Day nine:                 

It is shampoo time again.
Repeat steps from day three.

If you need to repeat the therapy, wait 3 days after day nine before starting back at day one



When you follow these instructions precisely, you will notice by day nine, softer, more moisturized hair, less shedding, shinier healthier looking hair, and the need to apply less moisturizer daily.

After day nine if you do not see at least 70% improvement in your hair, start the moisture therapy over again. After the second round is complete with this moisture therapy your hair should be in much better shape. Going forward incorporate some of these steps into your regular regimen. Shampoo your hair no less that once per week and deep condition weekly. Once your hair starts to retain moisture you can stop doing ACV rinses once a week. The ACV rinse should not be a part of your weekly regimen use them only when needed.

This nine day therapy is designed to help those dealing with dry, brittle, tangled hair. Once you have finished the nine days then transition into the Coily Queens Regimen. The CQR will continue to transform your hair and enable you to enhance your hair growth rate and style your hair better. Because hair styles better when it is hydrated, healthy and lubricated.

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Enjoy your hair transformation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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