Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Trimming during New Moon INCREASES hair growth.

2014 starts off in high energy!
New Year! New Moon! Super Moon!

It is rare that we have a new moon start on the New Year, but it is happening on January 1st 2014. In addition to the January 1st there is also another new moon on the 30th. This is exciting! We are quickly entering into a powerful potent time for high energy increase to happen in all areas of your life. Yes increase everywhere! But because this is a hair blog, this article will talk about hair growth increase. I will show you how to use the power of the new moon phase to increase your hair growth rate. Now positive increase is not automatic, there are somethings you must do to make it happen. And how you do these things will determine whether your increase is positive or negative.  

Cut a little and gain a lot!

The new moon first quarter phase is almost always a good time to trim your hair for growth increase. Cutting during the new moon first quarter when the moon is increasing towards a full moon, will reap you double or triple the amount of hair you cut in a small amount of time. On August 17th, during the new moon first quarter, I cut two inches from my bangs, and in 35 days my hair grew 1 and 3/4 inch. In only 35 days my hair grew back almost all of what I  cut. Amazing!  How much increase one receives will vary, but if you do it right, you will certainly get increase. For more information and before and after pictures, on my hair cutting experience go here.

New Moon!  Super Moon!

The new moon we are approaching is more powerful than normal because it is what some astrologers call a Super Moon The astronomical fields refers to the super moon as perigee-syzygy which means the earth, moon and sun are lined up, with the moon being in its closets position to the earth. Modern astrology believes that when this happens their is a huge increase in energy. We can use this energy to create increase in our lives or we can allow negative energy to erupt. The choice is yours!

Admit any negative mindset then denounce your negative mindset now!

Hopefully you are reading this before or on January 1st. Now is the time to release all the negativity you have concerning your hair. Stop using negative terms to describe your hair. Stop stating what your hair hates or cannot do. Stop relating to your hair based on your past. Just because you never had long hair does not mean that you never will. Stop deceiving yourself, by saying you are okay with average results. Now is the time to be bold and authentic about what you want. Even concerning your hair. Stop believing that it is "just hair" when you know that you frequent blogs and forums looking for a solution to your hair issue. So it is not "just hair" and that is okay. A woman's hair is her crowning glory. Now is the time to empty out your negative storage tank so you can receive this powerful burst of potent energy we are being blessed with.  Empty out and detox both your mental and physical storage. Releasing negative thoughts and beliefs that hold you back are not hard to do, just acknowledge that you have the negative thoughts and then denounce the negative thoughts or beliefs. It is that simple!  Before you read any further, I need you to stop and acknowledge and release the negative. Be honest and then release the negativity. Read about mindset here if you need help, but you must do this in order to receive this super moon increase.

Now you are set and ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that you have done your mindset cleansing, you are ready to receive positive increase. This is a great time to cut your hair, so healthy fuller ends can grow out quickly from the energy of the new moon waxing. It does not matter how much you cut, you can trim a little or a lot. For all of you who have been on the fence about doing your big chop you cannot let this powerful time pass you by. Big chop now! Rid your hair of all the negative straight ends or damaged ends. Your cut is apart of your physical cleanse. This is also a good time to start a healthy hair regimen such as the  Coily Queens regimen. 

The key days in January to cut

Before you start cutting your hair, it is important to note that their are key days during the new moon first quarter, in which the position of the moon is better for increasing hair growth. The best dates to cut for growth increase are: 
January 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 and the 14th.

Method one:
Trim your hair on one of the above days. It does not matter how much you trim but do not use heat to straighten your hair for the trim. Just trim hair in its natural state.

Method two:
You trim a little off of your hair on specific days. The ideal is to trim your hair as the new moon is increasing towards a full moon. Fluids are drawn upwards, as the moon increases, this creates growth increase. Although you are trimming your hair you will still increase more than you have cut over the next few months after you perform this method. This method is for those who intend to trim more than one inch. This is perfect for someone who has 3 inches of relaxer that they intend to cut off. Unlike method one you will space your trims over a period of days, instead of cutting all the inches in one day. 
Jan. 1st trim 1/2 inch
Jan. 2nd trim 1/2 inch
Jan. 3rd trim 1/2 inch
Jan. 9th trim 1/2 inch
Jan. 10th trim 1 inch
Total of 3 inches cut

You can stretch your trims over any of the eight  key days listed up top. 

Method three:
On January 1, you can start a new hair regimen, hair treatment or hair vitamin supplement. The increased energy of the new moon waxing will greatly increase your chances of success with any hair treatment.
Order Beauty Vites by Liquid Gold today and you will have them before the start of the second new moon on January 30th. These vitamins are amazing for increasing hair growth!

My continued growth results from August 
 My results from my new moon trim back on August 17, 2013.
I cut two inches from my bangs on August 17th, as of December 17th, my bangs have grown back 3.25 inches. I gained 3.25 inches of new growth in 4 months. My regular rate of hair growth is 1/4 inch per month. The new moon  method has given me 3/4 inch and more growth each month. Three and 1/4 inches in 4 months. The average rate of hair growth per month is 1/2 inch.  I exceeded the the average! Praise God!

Now this year will you EXCEED the average?
Will you choose to walk in the season of INCREASE?
Will you be a doer, talker or negative naysayer? 
You decide!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Help my haircare regimen needs a makeover!

Is it time to do something new with your hair care regimen?
Are you tired of not getting the results you want?
Is it hard for you to retain length?
Slow hair growth?
Dry hair issues?

You spend lots of time on hair forums and researching on Google but still your hair is not where you want it to be.

It is time to give your hair regimen a makeover!

How does one start to makeover their hair care regimen?

You start at the beginning.

How often do you cleanse your hair?
You should cleanse your hair twice a week
NO washing your hair more does not dry it out!
That is a commonly believed black hair myth.
Washing the hair consistently will help your hair      stay  hydrated longer. Your hair collects dirt and        germs daily, so cleaning consistently makes              sense when you think about it deeper. 

What products do you cleanse your hair with?
   You should cleanse with a PH balanced non sulfate shampoo, for normal to mildly dry hair. If your hair is damaged or chronically dry wash with a conditioning cleanser or clay instead of shampoo.  

What are the steps to your cleansing routine?
   You should lather twice per wash session in most cases.  You should always rinse your shampoo or cleanser out with medium or hot water, this opens your hair cuticle for your conditioning step.

Deep conditioning:
What do you use for deep conditioning?
   Your  conditioner should be a deep penetrating moisturizing conditioner. You can also make your own DC. (Camille Rose, TGIN, Qhemet Biologics, Shea Moisture make good deep conditioners)

How often do you deep condition?
   You should deep condition every time you cleanse your hair. You always want to add back the moisture that cleansing takes from your hair. If your hair is damaged or chronically dry, you should always DC. For the first 90 days on the CoilyQueens regimen you DC twice a week. Once your hair gets to a healthier place, you can then do conditioning rinses or regular conditioning. 

How do you deep condition your hair?
   Be sure to coat all of your hair really well. Always cover with a plastic conditioning cap (not a grocery bag). Always sit under a hooded dryer or heat cap for 20 minutes. Always rinse your DC out with cold water, this helps to close the cuticle. If your hair is overly porous or chronically dry, follow your DC with a ACV rinse to help your cuticle lay flatter and lock in moisture. Apple cider vinegar recipe right here.

Leave in conditioning:
What type of leave in conditioners do you use?
   The leave in conditioner is the most important product in your hair care regimen. Afro hair needs continuous conditioning beyond deep conditioning. Pick a leave in conditioner that leaves your hair soft and moisturized for at least 2 to 5 days without reapplying. If you are on a budget invest most of your money in your leave in conditioner. Only use products which say on the bottle it can be left on the hair.

How often do you use a leave in conditioner? 
   Until your hair starts to retain moisture, you apply it daily. Also apply a natural oil to your hair and scalp daily, this will keep single strand knots out of your hair. Check here for a list of suggested leave in conditioners and natural oils.

How do you prepare your hair for bedtime?
   Always tuck your ends away at night, this will keep your hair from drying out due to the heat in our homes, and it will keep your hair from tangling during the night as you toss and turn. If your hair is very dry apply just a little leave in conditioner to your hair before bedtime. Always cover with a satin charmeuse bonnet to lock that moisture in and keep your style neat.

What do you cover your hair with while you sleep?
   Satin Charmeuse is a particular type of fabric which hold moisture in your hair better than other fabrics. 

How often do you give yourself protein treatments?
   If you are trying to grow your hair to bra strap length and beyond you will need to strengthen you hair to keep it from breaking. If you have a hard time retaining length, fine hair, hair which breaks easily or relaxed hair you should do a Aphogee 2 step treatment every 4 to 6 weeks. 

What type of  protein treatment is the best?
   You want to use a protein treatment that has hydrolyzed keratin protein in the first 3 ingredients. This type of protein will adhere to the hair strands and fill in broken spaces in your hair strands. All other proteins are weak in comparison to this one. Find out more about protein treatments here.

Once you have gone over the questions above, you redesign your hair regimen to fit with each answer. After you have successfully made the proper changes to your hair regimen and implemented the changes you should see a big difference in your moisture levels in 2 weeks or less. The longer you consistently implement the suggestions the better your results will be. You will notice your texture is softer and you start to retain more length. You will also notice that you use less product on a daily basis. Once you have been loyal to these changes then you can add some of the growth rate increase exercises you will find here.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hair and Fungus

Fungus on the scalp is one of the leading causes of hair loss and slow hair growth. You may think fungus? Wow that is nasty, surely I do not have any type of fungus activity growing on my scalp. More people have fungus activity retarding their hair growth and giving them scalp problems than they realize.

      How would one know if they have a fungus issue? 

Fungus activity can produce: itchy scalp, sores, extreme dandruff, crawly feeling on the scalp, sore spots, bald spots and slow hair growth. However symptoms are not always present or can be dismissed as something else. If your scalp is clean but it still feels crawly itchy then  fungus growth may be your issue.

dirty combs left on sink

                    How do we pick up fungus?

There are many ways but some common ways are: dirty head scarf, any type of dirty hair attire, your pillowcase, from your pets, from your combs and brushes and many other places. When you groom your hair then leave your comb out on the counter you leave it vulnerable to fungus and bacteria growth. This also goes for any hair accessory or hair tool you use. You should clean your combs and brushes daily but most people do not. People who love to practice the baggy method and try to use the same bag over several times leave their hair extremely vulnerable to fungus and bacteria growth. The clear conditioning caps are disposable meant for one use only.  You can purchase barbicide cleaner from any beauty supply store at a very low price, this is a good investment in keeping your hair tools clean and free of bacteria and fungus growth.

      So how do I get rid of fungus growth?

If your scalp is really bad you should see a dermatologist. You can also purchase over the counter anti fungal creams from the drug store. For those who desire a more natural approach there are many essential oils that your can use 3 times a week to prevent fungus from growing on your scalp. Below is a list of products which are anti-fungal and also some which are antibacterial. I suggest having at least 3 of these product in your beauty cabinet.

Ingredients that kill fungus growth
Sublime sulfur: can be found at some pharmacies or online.
Garlic: fresh crushed garlic applied to hair.
Onions: fresh onions applied to your scalp

  Essential oils which kill fungus:
  • pure peppermint oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • rosemary oil
  • clove oil
  • Citronella oil
  • Basil oil

 Carrier oils:  
  • Almond oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Sunflower oil 

  4 ways to create a fungus fighting blend

1. Choose 4 ounces of a carrier oil (above), then add 7 drops of 3 of the (above) essential oils. Example: 4 ounces of sunflower + 3 drops of peppermint oil+ 3 drops of tea tree oil + 3 drops of clove oil, shake and apply to your scalp daily for week one, weeks two/three apply every other day, week four apply twice a week until scalp becomes free of itch and any bald areas start to grow back. Continue using  twice a week up to 8 weeks. 

2. You can mash some fresh garlic into a pulp and apply thoroughly to your scalp allow it to stay on scalp for 10 minutes then shampoo and DC.

3. Cut a piece of onion and rub it onto your scalp and allow to sit for 15 minutes them proceed with shampoo and deep condition. 

4. Sulfur mix: mix 1 tablespoon of sulfur with 8 ounces of a carrier oil. Apply to your scalp every other day until you scalp feels better. 

After you have completed 8 weeks of using the oil therapy and your scalp no longer itches and your growth appears to be coming in healthy and at a good rate, then adopt better hair care practices. Keep your combs and hair tools clean with disinfectant, change your pillow cases every other day, laundry your scarfs after each use, clean all head gear and never reuse plastic conditioning caps when you baggy, shampoo your hair twice a week. Daily use of natural oil which are anti bacteria and anti-fungal will keep fungus away from your scalp also.

No time to make your own mix, there are many companies you can purchase a sulfur oil from. One company is Liquid Gold Products they make a sulfur mix hair growth oil that increases your hair growth in 4 weeks and heals your scalp of fungus growth. I recently used this product in a challenge and in 4 weeks my hair grew 3/4 of an inch, that is a big improvement from my average growth of 1/4 of an inch per month. Order your sulfur growth oil here liquid gold products.

Hair Growth Challenge
Join our ongoing challenge in Facebook groups called, "The CoilyQueens Liquid Gold Hair growth challenge". You must have a facebook account to sign up. This challenge is interactive. Join us where you will have a support team to answer your pressing hair questions and to keep you motivated. Purchase your sulfur products and sign up for the challenge here.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Gifts for the Natural Queen

The holiday's are upon us and it is the season of giving gifts and creating wish lists for the gifts we desire. If you have a Coily Queen or Coily  Princess in your life, give them gifts to help them along their healthy hair journey. Below you will find a list of must have products for any woman on a healthy hair journey, especially those women who are transitioning back to their natural texture.

Tabletop hair steamer by Huetiful

A Hair Steamer: 
Why would a hair steamer be important to a healthy hair journey?

Deep conditioning is very important to anyone who is newly natural or those transitioning from relaxed to natural. A hair steamer penetrates deeper into your hair strands, than using heat from a hooded dryer, therefore the benefits of deep conditioning last much longer and make the hair much softer. Tangles are a huge aggravation to the transitioner or newly coily queen. The steamer reduces the amount of tangles one has to deal with, and you find that your hair stays moisturized for longer periods. Better hydration creates better styles and curl definition. Getting a good steam treatment weeks prior to straightening your hair will greatly reduce your changes of heat damage.

  • Softer hair
  • Reduces tangles
  • Longer lasting moisture
  • Deeper conditioning
  • Price range: $69.99-129.99
Huetiful Hair steamer
Small black owned company
Offer a 100% money back guarantee
Space saver tabletop, easy to set up and store.
Free shipping in the US and Canada
Good customer reviews
Other hair care products offered
Visit their site for current information.

Professional steamer:
Adjustable for different heights
Better steam quality
Better price range
For more information on the steamer above visit here  

A seamless comb

No more breakage!

Why a seamless comb over a regular comb?
Regular combs we buy from the beauty supply store or drug store have seams which run along the inside teeth of the comb, those seams cause split ends and breakage to curly coily hair.

A seamless comb does not have those seams so your queen or princess is able to comb her hair with ease and not pull her hair out or cause splits ends. After 3 months of using a seamless comb she will notice that her hair is much longer. This is because she is retaining more length because the comb is not popping her hair off.

This is a must for the Coily Queen in your life. She deserves to have her hair groomed with excellence and the seamless comb does just that. For more information about the seamless comb read here.

Price point $8.95-21.95

Charmeuse satin bonnet:

This fabric locks in moisture more than any other fabric. Protect your coily crown at night or anytime you are lounging around. These bonnets gives you  protection in style.

Price point: $10-$35
Christmas sale going on now, order today it takes 7 to 14 days for your order to be filled. Shop here.

Top products for the newly natural queen
Shea moisture  retention shampoo
Shea moisture restorative conditioner (not shown)
Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie 
Buy all 3 under $32

Find at Walmart, Target, Beauty supply stores and drug stores

Regimen starter kit for the newly natural or transitioning college student under $30
Find them at Walmart, Target, drug stores and Beauty supply stores

Send your coily princess back to school fully equipped with all the products she needs to keep her hair healthy and looking great, all semester long. Do so without breaking the bank.

Cantu products
Cantu Shea Butter shampoo
Cantu conditioner
Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream
Cantu Shea butter curl activator

Create her regimen for under $30
Eden bodyworks
deep conditioner
leave in conditioner
Black owned
Great price! Shop here!
Can also be found at Walmart and other stores. 

Gifts for the Ultimate Queen in your life. 
This would be your mom, or grandma, Aunt or anyone you feel deserves the ultimate royal treatment
For royal strands!

Qhemet Biologics
Leave in
Amla heavy cream
More information here!


Is your Coily Queen or princess trying to grow her hair long? If so, their are products which can help her, grow her hair to longer lengths, without costing her a lot of money.

Here are some I recommend!

Liquid gold hair growth sulfur oil buy here!
green magic growth cream
Beauty Vites Hair growth vitamins

Using these products in combination with a good hair maintenance program will greatly increase your hair growth. She will see some results in 4 weeks, and even more with continued use. So go ahead help your queen grow her hair longer and stronger. You will love it and she will to!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hair regimen for those with excessive tangles

Does your hair tangle excessively no matter what you do to it?

Do you constantly have to deal with single strand knots?

Does your hair develop tangles within minutes of you untangling it?

So you spend an hour or two untangling your hair and twisting it up then when you remove the twists the next day your hair is tangled again!

Is your hair journey being hindered by excessive tangles?

If any of these questions or situations apply to your hair, this regimen will help get you on the way to healthier hair. Excessive tangles and single strand knots come from hair that is not properly moisturized or lubricated. Do not accept the incorrect information that Afro coily hair tangles a lot that is its nature. While our coily curly hair does tangle, it should not tangle excessively nor should it continuously get single strand knots. So do not accept that untruth. If your hair is properly hydrated and lubricated you will not develop tangles within minutes of untangling your who head. You will find help here, the regimen below will greatly decrease your tangles and eliminate single strand knots, once the regimen is followed for 18 days.. Everyday on the regimen, the hair becomes softer and supple, with the first improvements  within 5 days of starting this regimen..

18 Day Hydration & Lubrication Regimen 
( Decreases hair tangles and eliminates single strand knots)

Supplies needed: Moroccan red clay powder, Braggs apple cider vinegar, 1 gallon of spring water, plastic conditioning caps, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, a good leave in conditioner, pure honey, 2 cans of coconut creme concentrate.
(all items above can be purchased at the grocery store, except the red clay and the coconut oil needs to be unrefined) 
Be sure you use the items listed no substitutions each of these products have a function that is needed to give you the best outcome. Do not use grocery store plastic bags on your hair purchase a large pack of conditioning caps from the beauty supply store.

Pre- clay wash treatment  
Melts tough tangles

This pre shampoo treatment is only done at the beginning of the regimen. This is your first step before you begin day one.   Purchase a bottle of TRESemme' Smooth and Silky conditioner, from Walmart or Target.  In a bowl mix a generous amount of the conditioner with one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of grape seed oil, apply through out your hair in sections untangling as you go. For best results cover with a plastic cap and allow to sit on hair overnight or no less than 3 hours. When you remove the cap you will notice that your tangles just melt apart. Rinse hair with warm water and proceed with clay wash for day 1c.

18-day regimen
Day one:  
A.  Mix 1 tablespoon of grapeseed oil with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and rub into hair and untangle. Cover with plastic cap and leave on overnight or at least 3 hours.
B.  Rinse oil out with warm water.
C.  Cleanse  hair with the clay wash, smooth through hair and scalp, cover with a plastic cap for 10 minutes. Rinse out clay thoroughly using medium/hot water.
D.  deep condition by mixing, 1 cup of coconut cream concentrate with 1/4 cup of honey, cover with a plastic cap and sit under hooded dryer for 20 minutes. Rinse out with cool/cold water, rinse well.
E.  Mix 2 cups of spring water with 1/2 cup of ACV and apply all the ACV rinse to hair for 3 minutes then rinse with cool
F.   Apply leave in conditioner while hair is still soaking wet. 
G.  Apply one tablespoon of coconut oil and style.
Day two:
Massage coconut oil into your scalp and smooth through your hair. Start with 1 tablespoon, then add more only if needed.
Keep hair stretched and untangled 
apply more leave in conditioner.
Day three: Repeat Day two steps, only apply leave in conditioner if needed.
Day four:   Repeat day two steps again
Day five: CLAY WASH DAY AGAIN! Repeat all the steps from day one.
Day six:  Massage 1 tablespoon of coconut oil into your scalp and hair strands and apply leave in conditioner and style.
Day seven: Repeat day 6 steps.
Day eight: Repeat day 6 steps again
Day nine:  Go back to day one and repeat the regimen again.

When you have repeated the regimen the second time you should notice drastic improvement in your hair. Now  start doing the Coily Queens regimen which puts you back with washing your hair with a non sulfate shampoo or conditioning cleanser. You will now do clay washes once per month. Now you have a complete regimen that eliminates knots, decreases your tangles and increases the hair growth rate.

2-strand twist out

Important: When you mix the clay powder, do not use any type of metal, so mix in a plastic bowl with a wooden spoon. Metal destroys the minerals which are in the clay. You want the clay wash to be a thick creamy consistency, not to runny otherwise it will be messy.

More information on clay mud washes.

For the Coily Queens Regimen, step by step.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Black Hair Mindset

As you start your healthy hair journey and for those of you already on a healthy hair journey for a minute, stop an think about your mindset about your hair and your children's hair. This journey is more than about finding the right product or technique to work for your hair. It is bigger than just retaining length and defining your curl pattern. I would say that 1/2 of your journey is a change in mindset towards your Afro textured hair. Most people do not give this part of their journey much thought if any thought. They just skip ahead lurking on hair boards for that one product or technique which will make their hair FABULOUS to them. Before you find that wonderful product mix or technique your mindset must already be that your hair is FABULOUS.

If you are honest, what are your thoughts towards your hair?  Does it bother you when I refer to black hair as Afro hair? Once while answering a question I made a reference to Afro hair, the lady who asked the question responded by stating, that her hair is curly not Afro textured. I explained to her that when I say Afro hair I am referring to black peoples hair. I use the terms interchangeably. If your hair can puff out into an Afro then that is Afro hair. And since I was standing in front of her, I could see that she did indeed have Afro hair, with a looser curl pattern. All Afro hair is curly, with degrees of curls. But she thought her hair was separate from Afro hair, that was her mindset about black hair. Mind you the lady was a black person with Afro texture hair. We all have a particular  mindset about black hair. Have you ever said or thought these things about your hair or about your children's hair?

"My hair is rough"

"My hair is so nappy I am tempted to go back to the creamy crack!"

"My son has a nice grade of hair, but my daughter, I have never seen hair so kinky."

"My hair is to nappy to do a wash and go."

"Boy go get the brush so I can brush your nappy pappy hair!"

"Girl I need a touch up my roots feel rough."

"Sorry but I just can't deal with my nappy hair!"

" Yea she can use that, because she has that good hair, but this stuff on my head, will not cooperate!"

"I just cannot get my natural hair to look presentable!"

Do any of these statement sound close to what you have said to someone or thought to yourself? Most of these are very common phrases and adjectives we use to describe our black Afro hair. We consistently call our hair: nappy, kinky, rough, woolly, unruly and much more. We do not need any other group to talk about us because we do a good job of that ourselves. But do you ever expect your hair to be beautiful if you continue to call it ugly names, every name except what it truly is, coily/curly. When you call your hair kinky or nappy you are saying that your hair is something odd or abnormal. These two words are not nice words to describe such a glorious gift from God. If you keep saying your hair is rough and cloudy and needs to be tamed, then that is what your hair will be. You have what you say, so your hair continues to act in the manner in which you refer to it. Then you become frustrated and go back to chemicals while carrying a sign which says, "Natural hair is not for everybody."  You have become a self fulfilling prophecy, by the way you spoke in reference to your Afro crown. Now you have ventured back into the world of the creamy crack.

The Healthy Hair Equation
25%  The "right" Products
25%  The "right" Techniques
50% Individual (positive) mindset
=100% success (longer stronger hair)

In which area do you lack?

I separate the natural hair journey into 3 parts: 1/4 products, 1/4 technique and 1/2 individual mindset. If your mindset is not right towards your God given natural coil or curl, then you will defeat your journey by the words you speak and the negative thought patterns you repeat. Start today and be honest with yourself about your hair and how you feel about it. Be honest about your hair goals and desires. Start keeping a hair journal and for one week write down every thought good or bad you think about your hair. After one week, read back over what you have written and ask yourself why do you think you feel the way you do about your hair. Meditate on what has happened in your life to make you think this way about your beautiful crown. For example some people hate shrinkage and constantly let people know it. Well it is not that they actually "hate" shrinkage they just do not like having the appearance of short hair. But if they keep repeating a though pattern of "I hate my curl pattern because it shrinks so much, I wish I had a looser curl pattern with less shrinkage", their hair will never grow and flourish for them because they think so negatively towards it. As a matter of fact I know some women the more they complained about shrinkage the more their hair would shrink. All you have to know is that short hair is a season, treat it right create positive thoughts and in no time your hair will hang on your shoulders and past it. Do not waste time with negative thoughts about your hair, when you hair does not have to stay that way, it will grow. In the meantime enhance it with some same texture hair extensions so you can see longer hair and start to feel better. Enhance it do not cover it up.  This change in hairstyle will change your mindset when you look in the mirror and in a short time you will no longer need to enhance your length with extensions, your natural coily/curly hair will be long enough to have lots of hang time.

All natural two strand twist out

Friday, October 18, 2013

Grow hair fast using the New Moon Phase (revised)

Do you know that if you trim your hair in the new moon phase
when the moon is waxing that it will make your hair grow back two to three times faster? Yes, the moon has a major impact on hair growth! I know the concept of cutting your hair to stimulate growth is a concept that does not make sense to some of you reading this, however in life not everything will make sense to you, but that is no evidence that it will not work for you. You cannot lean to your own understanding, sometimes just accept and believe by faith that a thing is true and that it will work for you. The concept of using the moon phases to create increase is not a new one, since biblical times man has used the moon to tell them when to plant, trim and fertilize. The same concept which farmers use to reap a bountiful crop can also be applied to increase hair growth and thickness.

Testing the method

I put this method to the test on August 17th, I trimmed my hair all over taking off around 1/2 inch, but from my bang I cut 2 whole inches. I cut so much because I wanted to clearly, be able to see and measure with accuracy any hair growth I incurred after my cut. On August 17th my bang measured 11 inches, I cut off 2 inches which left my bang at 9 inches. I wrote down my notes in a hair journal then  I continued the CoilyQueens haircare regimen as I always do. My first length check occurred on September 1st, at which time my bang still measured 9 inches, of course I was somewhat disappointed, but it had only been 13 days since my cut. I did my next length check on September 22nd and to my delight,  my bang measured at 1 and 3/4 of an inch! My hair grew almost 2 inches in 35 days. Delightful an amazing! 

August 17th, bangs cut to 9 inches

Measurements taken 9/22/13 almost 2 inches in 35 days!

How to cut your hair to increase the length and thickness using the New Moon phase

New moon equals increase growth. In order to increase your hair growth rate and thickness you must cut your hair during the new moon phase, when the moon is increasing into a full moon. Do a search for a lunar calendar and mark the day you are in a new moon, it maybe different days according to where you live. You want to mark the days in advance when the new moon is increasing toward a full moon. This may sound more difficult than it actually is, you can find websites that will tell you when your area is in the new moon phase and waxing. You want to cut your hair around the last 3 eligible days as the new moon is increasing into a full moon. You can trim a little or a lot, the amount of hair you cut has no bearing on the amount of growth you may receive. 

Dates revised on 12/03

Trying to make it easy for you!

After receiving feedback from some of you, I realize that different sites have conflicting suggested days in which you can cut your hair to increase growth. So I did  more research and compared days amongst  3 different websites. There is one date which all three websites agree on and that date is December 9th. Two of the websites  agreed on December 14th.

I used the Moon Phase calendar, in combination with my spiritual discernment, and selected the best days you can cut your hair to increase your hair growth. Remember you want to schedule your hair cuts after the new moon phase, as it is increasing into a full moon. Next full moon is December 17th.

Best days to cut for December 2013:
4th (capricorn)
5th (capricorn)
8th (pisces)
9th (pisces)
10th (pisces)
14th (taurus)


Will you try the New Moon method?  

If so, please leave a comment below, and list the day you chose to do your cut, how much you cut and how much your hair grew after 35 plus days. Your hair may take longer to see growth than mines did, so the 35 days is just a generalization. It seems timing it just right does take accuracy. But done right you will be amazed by your results. Nothing to buy or do daily besides taking care of  your hair by having a good haircare regimen. Need help with your regimen? Regimen help here.

So there you have it ladies my hair growth secret! 

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