The CoilyQueens™ Haircare Regimen

Gorgeous long lasting twist outs

The CoilyQueens Hair Growth Regimen

Your guide to easy breezy coily hair

It took me many years to create this regimen, so if you use the steps please give the CoilyQueens Regimen credit. I see lots of people using my methods and that is what I want, but credit would be wonderful. These steps may sound simple but they are created to solve issues and one step works with the next. So adopt the whole regimen and not just a portion to get the best results. Thank you in advance.

  • Decreased tangles after 3 weeks
  • Elimination of single strand knots 
  • Stronger hair after 30 days 
  • Better moisture retention within 30 days
  • Increased hair growth in 40 days
  • Solutions to your slow hair growth
  •  Shinier hair, and styles better.
If you are consistent with the CQR, each month  your hair will become more hydrated. You will also notice your hair growing better. This is a lifestyle regimen, so the more you do the regimen the better your results. It takes at least a consistent 7 months on the regimen to reach healthy hydration. It might take longer if your hair cuticle is in really bad condition. As with anything individual results will vary.

 Which hair type should adopt the CoilyQueens Hair Growth regimen?
Naturally coily or curly hair
Slow hair growers
Chronic breakage
Chronic dry hair issues
Relaxed hair
Those in search of a good regimen

Welcome to the CoilyQueens Family! 

Before you begin this regimen you want to correct your high porosity to ensure that your hair cuticle opens and flattens when it should. Read about high porosity here.   If you are suffering from excessive tangles and single strand knots then do this regimen first. Once you have completed the treatment then start the CQR. The CoilyQueens Regimen is a lifestyle.

Soft defined easy breezy twist outs just  a few  benefits of the CQR.



Here are the main steps to the CQR and the benefits of each step. Write  the steps on your hair calendar, so you will know what to do daily and bi weekly. 

  • Shampoo/deep condition your hair twice a week (shampoo every 3rd day)  If you shampoo on Monday, then shampoo again on Thursday, this comes out to twice a week.
  • Clarify your hair/scalp once a month with a Mineral clay masque(recipe here)
  • Apply leave in conditioner to your hair daily for the first 30 days  on the regimen. Then apply leave in conditioner every 2-3 days thereafter, or as needed.  (see list of suggested leave in conditioners) Moisture retention
  • Give your hair an apple cider vinegar rinse once per week, for the first month on this regimen, if you have been experiencing very dry hair, knots or tangles. After one month only do ACV rinses once or twice per month (ACV rinses) Helps hair stay moisturized longer.

ABOUT SHAMPOO AND AFRO HAIR You will notice the shampoo step falls under moisture. It is a myth that shampooing Afro hair to often will make it dry and brittle. It is shampooing the hair with the wrong products that dries the hair out. The shampoo process is mainly two steps, we cleanse the germs and dirt then we add moisture back by conditioning. When done with the right PH balanced products your hair will not dry out. Instead you will see that your hair thrives with better hydration and increased growth.

*Practice Oil Therapy 
*Scalp brushing 2 to 3 times per week (instructions here)

*Oil Therapy
Identify your hair issue, then choose the right oils to treat your issue. Daily you will apply oil mix to your scalp and massage in for 10 minutes. Then smooth oil over each hair strand. Done correctly this will totally eliminate your single strand knots, greatly reduce your tangles, give you better shine and increase your hair growth rate. You choose one singular oil you love and use that every other day. Then you choose a stimulating oil recipe from the CQR recipe list here. You will use that stimulating oil 3 times per week. THIS IS CALLED OIL THERAPY AND IT IS AMAZING!

Oils for extra dry hair
Avocado oil
Red palm oil
Emu oil
Wheatgerm oil
Jojoba oil

Oils which stimulate hair growth
Pure peppermint oil
Rosemary oil
Ginger oil
Tea tree oil
Eucalyptus oil

Other oils recommended on the CQR
Coconut oil
Almond oil
Grape seed oil
Argan oil
Sunflower seed oil
Castor oil


PROTECT: The following practices keep your hair protected and retaining length
  • Give your hair a hard protein treatment every 4-6 weeks (Aphogee 2-step suggested) Protection from breakage
  • Apply a singular natural oil mix to your hair daily (choose coconut oil, avocado oil, or castor oil) Protection from knots
  • Before each shampoo untangle hair with a half and half mix of grapeseed oil and coconut oil. Protection from hair loss.
  • Always cover your hair at night with a charmeuse silk bonnet.
  • Fingercomb 97% of the time, do not brush or comb wet hair, use your fingers. Protection from breakage.
  • When you need to comb use a seamless comb only, absolutely no brushes.  Protection from breakage and popping.
Recommended protein treatments
Aphogee 2 step treatment (moderate to severe breakage)
Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor (mild to moderate)
Green Beauty real protein (mild breakage)
Hydro Therma Naturals silk amino acids treatment (mild)
Shea Moisture weekly hair and scalp (moderate)

The CQR does not recommend raw eggs or avocados as a protein treatment. Eat your eggs and avocados, the protein will benefit you from the inside out, since your hair is made mostly of protein. The raw eggs and avocados will not protect your hair, due to the molecular structure. If anything you might create a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Beware no matter how many videos you see of that practice. 

Each protein treatment is different, always follow the directions on the protein treatment you choose to use. If you have never worked with protein treatments, I highly recommend you read the CQR guide to protein. 


   Do not combine this regimen with any regimen outside of the CQR. Join the Google+ forum group titled "I Follow the CoilyQueens Regimen".

The CoilyQueens Hair Growth regimen has the best help already organized for you, which covers most haircare needs. You will find an article to address most common hair issues. Each step of the regimen is very important. You delay and sometimes counsel out progress when you combined this regimen with others. Chose one or the other. Working with your natural hair is encouraged, but there is plenty of help for those with extensions. You will find the best system for growing your hair with hair extensions here on this site. The best way to shampoo, condition or steam your hair is here. Care instructions are made out for you step by step. When you feel stuck or lost, get your questions answered by joining the Google+ support group, once you have committed to the CQR. This will be a huge community of support only for those following the CQR.

How to shampoo coily curly hair
The best way to deep condition
How to retain moisture
Help with slow hair growth
How to increase hair growth
More help understand protein treatments
How to choose a leave in conditioner
How to choose your hair products
Best way to untangle your hair
True protective styling


Help removing tangles

Tangles are a major issue for those with tightly coily hair, whether you are untangling your hair from a long work week or whether you are removing a set of extensions or a weave. Whichever your case the CoilyQueens Regimen has you covered.


Supplies needed:
  • Fingers lubricated and nails free of snags
  • A thick conditioner such as Tresemee
  • Or a bottle of your own detangling spray (recipe here)

TreSemee is a great conditioner for removing braids


Method A:
1. Remove the hair extensions or weave.

2. Apply a generous amount of a  thick conditioner or the CQR-Super detangler to your hair. 
3. Allow the conditioner to soak in for 3 minutes. 4.Remove tangles and mats from hair using your fingers, making your thumbs do most of the work separating your hair strands.
5.  Continue untangling in small sections using your fingers only. Do not use any type of comb or brush. 

Method B:
 (for stubborn or excessive tangles)

Apply a generous amount of  thick conditioner all over hair. Then spray with with a detangling spray. You do not want your hair to be soaking wet, just moist. Cover with a self heating conditioning cap and leave it overnight or for one hour. When you remove your conditioning cap you will see that your tangles just melt between your fingers.

No Brushes ever

Brushes damage the protein bonds of your hair shaft and over time your hair becomes thinner. Regular combs and brushes rip and split Afro hair. You will mostly notice this on the ends of your hair. Brushes and most combs also create split ends, this makes you need more trims during the year, so you retain less length.  For this reason the Coily Queens Regimen practices finger combing and finger styling.  Afro hair is not meant to be brushed. If you need to use a comb purchase a seamless comb. Making this one change can help you retain more inches  per year, enabling you to reach your hair growth goals faster.

Seamless combs are great investments learn more about seamless combs here

PART THREE:  Shampoo and Deep Conditioning

How to shampoo your hair

1. When your hair is free of tangles, allow medium hot water to run over your hair for 1 to 3 minutes, while gently rubbing your finger through your hair to help remove dirt and product.
2. Apply your shampoo and gently rub through your hair using long strokes and keep hair going in a downward motion. Do not rub in circles.
3. With one hand hold a medium section of your hair then with your finger tips rub your scalp in the same area. When you are satisfied move to the next section. (for those with excess tangles or those transitioning you want to put your hair in 5 to 7 big twists and shampoo that way)
4. After rubbing your whole scalp then rinse the shampoo from your hair with medium hot water, remove all shampoo. (Twist outs=one lather, wash an goes=two lathers)
5. Slather on your deep conditioner from the roots to the tips, cover with a plastic cap and sit under hooded dryer or steamer for 20 minutes. 
6. Rinse DC from hair using cool water, rinse all of conditioner out.
7. Now turn water down to cold and hold your head under the cold water for 1 minute, only getting the middle to the ends of your hair so the cold water does not get on your scalp.
8. While your hair is still soaking wet, apply some of your leave in conditioner and blot the excess water away. Wrap in a cotton towel or t-shirt.
9. For healthy hair allow it to air dry. Or style while wet. You will need to apply more of your leave in conditioner, because your t-shirt may have wiped some of it off. Apply your leave in, oils and style product. 
10. Style your hair.  





Growing your hair with braids or weaves. The majority of extension wearers have way to much breakage when removing their hair extensions. 

Learn the healthiest way to apply, care for  and remove your braid extensions or weaves. The Braid, Retain and Grow method, will help you elminate breakage and excess shedding, from wearing hair extensions.
See MsVee's Braid, Retain and Grow method



3 cleansers*
2 deep conditioners*
3 leave in conditioners*
seamless comb
Charmeuse silk bonnet
silver conditioning bags (the kind used for coloring hair)
clear conditioning caps
PH balance strips
Apple cider vinegar
2 natural oils and 1 essential oil of choice
 soft bristle toothbrushes (for scalp exfoliating and smoothing back hair for sleek styles)
*Note  if you are just starting out you build up to these amounts, you do not have to have 3 shampoos before you can start the regimen
Recommended PH balanced products 

Any Shea Moisture shampoo
African Black soap
Jane Carter's hydrating shampoo
Design Essentials almond shampoo

Deep conditioners 
As I am hydration elation
Eden Bodyworks deep conditioner
Shea Moisture 10 in 1 hair masque
Shea Moisture intensive honey conditioner
Alikay Naturals honey and sage conditioner

Leave in conditioners
Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie
Camille Rose Curliade
Camille Rose Almond Jai butter
Karen's Body Beauty sweet ambrosia 
Qhemet Biologics Amla heavy cream
Shea Moisture JBCO leave in
Shea Moisture style milk (coconut&hibiscus)

Styling products:
Curls control paste (for buns and updos)
As I am Double butter cream
Qhemet Biologics hydrate & twist butter
Jane Carter's Curl defining cream
Kinky Curly coiling custard
Miss Jessie coily custard

PART SIX:  Porosity

High porosity: When the hair is damaged and has broken spaces on the hair cuticle, which make the hair lose moisture quickly. Because the hair loses moisture quickly, your hair stays dry consistently, no matter what product you use. It absorbs moisture quickly but loses it fast. 

Solution: Apply CQR pre treatment oil mix to protect hair during the shampoo process. Once per week apply a ACV rinse to your hair.  After you rinse out your deep conditioner, with hair still soaking wet pour an organic apple cider vinegar rinse all over hair, let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse out with cool water. Follow with your (cold) leave in conditioner.

Low porosity/normal porosity:
Hair appears to have a hard time absorbing moisture, but once it does it stays moisturized all day or more. All hair is porous. Some people think that it takes to long for water to absorb into their hair. Most times this is due to product build up. Also hair will only absorb but so much water. This hair type is normal. Water will absorb in all hair. No such thing as hair that cannot absorb water. 

Solution: Steps you can take to ensure your hair gets the moisture you desire. You will also do the CQR oil pre treatment, but you will use heat during the pre treatment. Apply the oil pre treatment, then sit under a heat cap for 10 minutes. Let oil mix sit on hair overnight. The CQR oil pre treatment must sit on hair for 16 hours in order for the coconut oil to absorb and give you protection. In the morning rinse oil out with warm water, then shampoo hair. Follow the steps for shampooing Afro coily hair correctly here.


The Crescendo twist out method helps you create better twist outs that last longer.

Great style for transitioners

The top style products for your natural styles

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  1. Could you please share how your regimen is adjusted when hair is in a style like kinky twists? I want to thank you for your blog. I've definitely noticed improvements in my hair health.

    1. While in twist you can still keep the same regimen but you can take the option to wash your hair even more frequently than twice a week. You also want to take the extra time of applying a leave conditioner to your twist daily. You will not be deep conditioning while the twists are in your hair. So you will need daily conditioning.

    2. Hi Vee, your whole article is very informative. One question. Do i do pre poos (grape seed oil, coconut oil) before i apply my red clay (clay washes)? or are pre-poos only when using sulphate free shampoos (shea moisture products etc)


    3. You can do your pre poo before your use the clay cleanser. I do find that is not a need to do so, because the clay conditions and detangles so well. But you can do both.

  2. Thank you for visiting and following this page, glad it has helped. I am currently in kinky twists right now and I follow the Braid, Retain and Grow regimen when my hair is in any type of extensions. The Braid, Retain and Grow regimen shows you what to do to your hair before you put the extensions in, to eliminate any excess shedding or breakage. You learn how to keep your hair moisturized while in the braids. Any type of braid extension is recommend to be taken down within 10 weeks. This is two months, with some touch ups around the sensitive edges when needed. If you have not read about the Braid, Retain and Grow here is the link:

    1. Thank you so much for your response. I think I am unclear on the cleansing routine because in the past I've been warned against shampooing with kinky twists in. Would you recommend continuing non sulphate shampoo twice/week? Or perhaps ACV rinsing?

    2. Who instructed you to not cleanse your hair while in Kinky Twists? Hair grows on a clean scalp and water is the best way to clean your hair. If the twists are put in right, they will not slip out. The regimen for braids is washing once per week. This will keep your follicles clear and fungus away. Fungus growth is a leading cause of slow hair growth. ACV rinses should be used very sparingly no more than once every 2 weeks. ACV is not meant to be used weekly....So I am not sure why your were advised against washing your hair while in twists but that is not good advice. You never sacrifice the health of your hair just to keep a style longer, if you are trying to growth long healthy hair. So for braids it is once a week and when your hair is loose you wash twice a week.

  3. I would like to email the hair consultation you have on this site, what email can I send it to. Thanks.

  4. Hi. My name is Traci Parker and I read about your challenge on facebook. I sent you a friend request and I would love to join the challenge. What do I need to do next?

    Thank You,


  5. Is this regimen also suitable for transitioners?

    1. Yes it highly recommended for transitioning because it greatly minimizes tangles and knots and keeps the hair strong and moisturized.

  6. I see that you suggest shampooing no less than once a week for 4c hair. I've read other places that 4c's should not shampoo that often,once or twice a month because of moisture retention issues. Could you please explain your rationale. I really just want the best for my hair. Thank you.

  7. Those who say to only shampoo hair whether 4C or 3A only once or twice a month are in error. It is not the curl pattern that makes your hair not retain moisture it is the condition of your hair cuticle which keeps it from retaining moisture. Water is the best thing for your hair and it will turn your hair growth around if you stick with a weekly shampoo regimen. 4C hair is not drier than any other curl pattern. Washing your hair weekly is recommended because daily you accumulate: dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, dried sebum on your scalp and all of these things must be removed in order to have a healthy scalp. What would happen if you only washed your skin once per month? Not good right? Hair, skin nails should all be kept clean. Most black women stay away from water because of the inconvenience of shampooing and detangling their tightly coily hair. But if you read my other articles you will be able to create a healthy daily hair care routine, that greatly reduces the amount of time it normally takes you to wash, detangle and style your hair. Read my other articles you will further understand my rationale behind keeping clean hair. Read, "Understanding your hairs porosity", "3 steps to growing longer and stronger hair" and "The nine day moisture retention method".........Remember water is a friend to your entire body, do not shy away from it because of the incorrect information given by some. If you follow the suggestions here within 2 weeks you will see a major difference in your hair and after months on this program you will see a great difference and marvel at how healthy your hair is......

  8. I have have been doing a lot of research on line,and from others who are going through their hair journey for the past month...I've been natural for the past three years with my ups and downs.. Its been tough for me due to the fact that i have a hard time finding appropriate items for my hair, also am not able to consult with a hairdresser due to the fact, that there is not one who specialize in African American Hair.. Reading your hair regimens and see how lovely your hair is.. I'm feeling a little more confident to continue on my hair journey.. Its taking me longer than it should but o am not ready to give up... So Miss VEE please HELP......

    1. Well go down the to do list on the Coilyqueens regimen and whatever you are not doing start doing that, and those things which it states to not do, stop doing those...Then look up the article here titled coilyqueensregimen builder worksheet, go over it and get back with me with that worksheet filled out.

  9. Could you please explain the Sauna Method?

  10. I just ordered the products and sent my request to be added to the Facebook group. Thanks for hosting this challenge and God Bless! Smile :-) Tawanda

    1. Thank you for joining and thank you for wishing me blessed. God bless you to! See you at the challenge

  11. In response to your comment "water is a friend" how do you feel about the "hygral stress" theory I read about...that the act of hair becoming wet places additional stress on the hair and should be avoided this is a description I found on another website

    "Hygral fatigue is the damage that occurs to the hair fiber from the repeated process of expansion (when the hair is wet) and contraction (when the hair dries). Whenever we wet our hair, the hair shaft must expand to accommodate all the water and goodies from the products we are applying to our hair. Our hair also has to shrink (contract) back to its normal size, but during this process, the hair can split and break. The constant expansion and contraction of the hair can eventually cause damage to the hair fiber, weakening the hair cuticle and cortex."

    1. I think it is just a "theory" and not an accurate truth. Our hair is on our head to protect it and help to keep us warm, it is the first thing on our body to come in contact with the elements, the sun and when it rains. True hair does contract to accommodate the water. However your hair only absorbs what it can absorb, all else just rolls off. God built your body with no mistakes, so you hair is built and made to accommodate water and not break. White people forever have washed their hair daily or every other day. Washing their hair is a common thing. This is only foreign to black women or people of color. We run from water because it interferes with our styling. Men wash their hair frequently and it grows just fine so do many white women.God made you hair to withstand water it will not fill up with water and become weak and break, it will only fill up with water but so much. This is why I tell people no point in deep conditioning for an hour or more, because you only need 20 minutes for the conditioner to absorb into your hair shaft, so leaving it on for hours is a waste of time. Water is your best friend internally and externally, you cannot live without it and neither can your hair.....Let me add if you hair is weak from chemicals or other damage then you might have an issue because the strand is already vulnerable....In addition most products do not penetrate and when they do , they do not penetrate deep, most of the products you purchase from the store just sit on top of the hair, and you rinse your deep conditioner down the sink with the water. Just because it says "deep penetrating on the jar" does not mean it penetrates deep. Coconut oil penetrates and EVOO penetrates but EVOO does not penetrate as deep as CO. So even the few things that do penetrate have degrees of penetration. Changing my mindset about water helped me to grow my tightly coily never long hair to waist length. Check out my genetics story. Thanks for this question it is a good one.

  12. Hey, could you please tell me what you think of the Pantene product line for natural hair? Thank you and I love your page. You are so informative. God bless.

    1. Hello and than you for the nice compliments and viewing my page....I have never cared for Pantene products even long ago, I do understand they have a natural line which includes some nice prices. But their ingredients are to harsh and they have recently made some changes with their co wash product which is very harmful to your hair. Not to go into a long drawn explanation, I would say if you have not invested money in these pantene products then do not purchase them no matter how good the price maybe. I have listed above the lines which I currently stand by. This list was created over a 5 year period. They are the best in terms of performance and price. There are others which perform well but are to expensive.

    2. wow! 5 years?? that's amazing!

  13. Hello, I just had the big chop Sept 13, 2013. My hair is 1 1/2 long. I have numerous products aloe vera gel, lustrasilk activator max, Hawaiian silk activator gel which define my coils beautifully. Those are only a few products. I have tons of products. Watching many YouTube videos but realizing my hair is not those texture that results are curly and pretty. I purchase organix smooth hydration argan oil & shea butter moisture restore mask. I wash my hair with trader joe's nourish spa shampoo and conditioner. I use a mixer of oils. I am having a hard time deal with a twa with my 4C hair. I would love to have define curls and not these strands of hair with my coils have spikes at the ends. I would like to know the best products to maintain my twa and bring style to it. I am in the military so I must maintain simple hair styles. I would like to have strong healthy hair and have rapid hair growth. I eat healthy and exercise daily. I drink plenty of water. What do you recommend?

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  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hi thanks for this wonderful site! I've been natural for 5 years and have never been able to grow my hair past 3 inches. I've been so frustrated and envious of the women I see all over the web that seem to effortlessly grow shoulder length, chest length, hip length hair. I treat my hair like silk but it continues to knot up in single strand knots. I have cut my hair down to 1/4 inch in the hopes that starting over will help. My hair is dense, but each strand is very thin and hair is highly porous as well. Please help! I'm not sure if just using oil will moisturize my brittle hair :(

  17. Thank you for all the awesome information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  18. what if you have a mix of different porosities going on in your hair? I noticed the hair at the front of my head tends to be less porous than my crown area,

    1. Honestly porosity is hard for one to determine on their own, without the help of a professional who has studied porosity. If your hair seems to be drier on some areas that in the others. Still follow the same standards for shampooing and conditioning highly porous hair. Whether your hair is highly porous or low porosity you still rinse your conditioner out with cold water. You can still benefit from ACV rinses. Because porosity can change during the seasons or even when we have hormone changes. ACV rinses help greatly with restoring the PH and getting your hair cuticle to lay flatter, thus giving your hair more shine. On the areas where you feel your hair is more dry, add more leave in conditioner to that area that would be the only difference.

  19. Thank you! I have started with your regimen guide line, although I've made some minor tweaks here and there, this has helped me. On major set back is finding some of the products that you have listed (like shea moisture products) aren't available where I live (South Africa) :( but I've found some good alternatives. Once again THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you for visiting my site. Sorry you cannot find shea moisture in South Africa, hopefully they will correct that. It is most important to have PH balanced sulfate free products so I am glad you found some good products you can use. Please keep me posted on your progress and let me know how I can help. Blessings!!!

    2. Hi letti..i got my shea moisture products from tender loving hair

  20. Hello. I am relaxed. Can I benefit from your regimen and product recommendations?

    1. Yes as stated at the top it is for relaxed, transitioning and naturals.

  21. hello. I just recently gave up on the creamy crack. I live in Nigeria, so it's not exactly easy to find some products you've listed here and down here it's almost a tradition to get your hair relaxed, and when I mentioned to a friend that I'm giving up on relaxers, her words were 'you know that's not possible'. Even though I know they won't understand but I'm going back to my natural texture anyway and my goal is to grow waist length healthy hair. are there any home made alternatives to some of this because I'm still a minor and I don't have much money yet.

  22. Hello, My name is Brittany. I am interested in free hair coaching, so I filled out the questionnaire, but it says I cannot publish anything as a comment that is not 4096 characters (I don't know what's going on because I see many other comments that are not that long). Where would you like me to send it? Also, I believe my hair is in the middle of the 4B and 4C because it is a little curlier than I normally see 4Cs. It is also about mid neck length curly and top of my back straight but breaks a lot and seems to be dry all the time, and my scalp is always itchy. I hope this information helps to get a start on where I should go from here. Thank you! email is

  23. Hi I would really love to try this regiment but the fact is, how to cope with this regiment and the way to build up a very curly pattern you have propose such as using a leave in and gel every night, wear a conditioning cap + scarf ...,and so on? I guess my hair is not shine so I want to go on your 30 days challenge oil regiment. Please can you advise me on how to treat my hair with the combination of these 3 regiment? thank you in advance. I have short hair

  24. Hey. This is For Us Naturals. I have a question. With all this washing how would I style my hair during the week. A protective style would get all messed up and I can't do mini twist, flat twists/ cornrows that often. I have cut my hair so its not hanging down my back and wearing it out isn't much of an option. Look forward to hearing your answer.

    1. Style your hair how your normally style it. This regimen is a hair care and scalp regimen.You will have to change your desire to keep a style for days as we are accustomed to doing. I wear twist outs or whatever I desire to wear. Wear a wash and go whatever style you desire. But never sacrifice keeping a style for the health of your hair. The more you style and care for it the quicker the process goes.

    2. Well you can wear those styles because your hair is long. I cut my hair so it is short and twistouts/ braidouts and wash and gos look ugly. I wear my hair in protective styles because they look good and retain length. I can't do my hair everyday for no reason. By that I mean that I work as a security guard so my hair can't be out really anyway (besides looking unattractive) and I work graveyard shift so I sleep in the day and nobody sees my hair a lot of the time, so theres no reason to have it out. I do my hair in simple styles so it is neat and presentable. My hair doesn't hang or even move. It is stiff and short right now. Also wash and gos make my hair matted and break off and twistouts haven't been working because all my products contain humectants that turn any loose style into a twa. I can't deal. I don't find the look pretty and I just can't walk around like that. Are you saying protective styling is bad?

    3. I wrote for you to style your hair as your normally would style your hair. I didn't say to do the styles I do. The CoilyQueensRegimen is about hair care and getting your coils to healthy. When the hair is healthy you can rock any style you desire and it will look good. The first step is to get your hair cuticle healthy and this regimen helps you to do this. This has nothing to do with hair length. The regimen is about moisturizing, stimulating and strengthening your hair strands. This regimen is about learning to work with you hair and finding your true coil. If you feel the only way you can work with your hair is to wear fake hair (if that is what you mean by protective styling) then continue to do so. Covering the hair will continue to give you brittle, stiff hair. You might retain length but it grows healthier when you work with your hair versus fake hair.

    4. No I wasn't talking about fake hair. I put my own hair into mini twists and usually wear them up in a ponytail or I wear 2 cornrows or flat twists. I was just saying that taking out my twists every few days isn't feasible for me because they take too long to put in to take out (another long process) so soon. It takes days for my hair to stretch anyway. I don't feel like it would be clean if I washed my hair with the twists so I will have to tweak so I'm only washing once a week because its all I have time to do. Thanks for replying.

  25. I have recently started with taking care of my hair and health in general. I cut off my hair about 2 years ago cause it just doesnt grow, especially on the sides. I thought it was hereditary cause my mom and sisters go through their hair not growing as well but i think its just that none of us have ever learned to take care of black hair. I for one never knew you werent supposed to comb your hair daily, i would comb my hair 3 or 4 times a day to keep it looking good which i now know is very bad so I've stopped. Im trying to start doing better and convince my female family members to be more natural but they wont be convinced until i show them that being natural can be beautiful. The way i do my hair since i havent had a perm in a minute is by getting medium braids straight to the back and i wear a wig over it when i go out, my hair is short to the point where i have to put rubber bands on the ends so it wont come down. I try and leave it braided for 10 days to 2 weeks before taking them down because with the lenght of my hair it comes down more than i want it to. I would like to know is there any other types of rubber band type products i can use to help my hair stay braided instead, I've read that rubber bands arent the best thing to use but currently its all i know to use. And also is braiding hair before you put a wig on bad? I havent really seen anyone do it, but you know you never know whats going on under someones wig.

  26. Hi Miss Vee, I want you to know that the things you write are true. I trimmed my hair on june 11 th as you said both myself and my little daughter. You said to keep a journal, which I did. All records, before trim, after trim and the 40 days, which i did yesterday ( 41 days, because I am a shift worker), were kept. Lo and behold , I have received in as much as 1/2", 1 1/2", and 2" in some areas , more than the pre trim measurement. My daughter received 1 and a half inches all around. I am blown away. I know about the moon business for planting, yes i have a green thumb. Never in my wildest dreams have I ever used this method for hair.

    The other truth, is in your suggestion to wash hair weekly. Well I want to let you know you are on the money with this one. Unfortunately i cannot wash my hair every three days because of how i work, but I stopped doing it biweekly and now do it weekly. I also dc with heat after every wash as you said. Boy oh boy moisture retention for dayssssss. Something i never got before. Even though I did not do your full regimen, I still saw major difference just from doing a little of what you are teaching us. It has been a month, and I have switched from mineral oil, sulfates, etc in my products. Now use Shea moisture. Still looking for 2 more lines of natural products to use. Thank you Thank you. The words you write are indeed factual and truthful, in my opinion. Have already spread the info to my sisters and also friends.

  27. I have a question. Have you every tried the cherry lola treatment? if so how can you combine this with the regime that you have because I have low porosity hair and I need help retaining moisture in it. Thank you

    1. Following the section on shampooing the coilyqueens way will help yo better absorb the benefits of your conditioners.

  28. can i use the carol's daughter products because i have a lot of them. and i dont have to use 3 shampoos etc because that seems a lot lol

  29. It must take a lot of time to wash & DC your hair every 3 days. For me, getting my hair wet involves so much shrinkage, tangling and hours of detangling that it would be impossible. Once a week is enough for me. Maybe even once every 2 weeks somet

    1. No it it actually does not take a lot of time to wash and condition my hair twice a week. The more you do a thing the faster and easier it is to do. In addition when all steps of the CQR are followed your hair care takes less time than most people. Washing your hair on every 4th day is only one part of this regimen. My wash sessions take one hour and sometimes 1.5 hours and that is it.

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  31. This is what I followed... Been doing the stimulating oil for scalp about a week...first wash was night before last. I had webbing so thought I needed moisture. Seems the av rinse made my not normally knotty hair so knotted I couldn't finger comb it :-( that isn't normally aymd issue

    1. After you applied your leave in conditioner and oil, you could not finger comb your hair? Your hair was in knots? How did you untangle your hair?....If you feel the ACV made your hair form knots then do not use the ACV anymore. Just rinse your DC out with cool or cold water.....If you are not use to your hair clumping it can feel funny.

  32. I've been doing the regimen for about a month and a half and was wondering if I would get the same effects by washing my hair once a week versus twice a week. My schedule is super hectic and I'm taking so much time out to maintain the regimen. Thanks

  33. Thank you so much for this! Since I transitioned to natural I've been having problems keeping my hair moisturized and tangle free. I was also plagued by ssk's. I'd tried everything to combat the dryness and ssk's to no avail. Since I started the 18 day treatment, I've noticed remarkable improvement. My hair feels softer, stays moisturized longer and the ssk's have reduced tremendously. I was contemplating giving up and going back to relaxers but now I think I'll stick with my natural hair and see how it goes :).

    Many thanks and God bless!

    January 17, 2015 at 5:21 PM

  34. Can u explain where you find the pH

    1. Yes purchase some PH balance strips from the health food store or order on line.

  35. Do you have any other suggestions for deep conditioners?

  36. please what is the sauna method?

  37. mi nombre es alma olivares, y disculpen entre con el usuario de mi esposo

  38. Considering using ur regimen, is trimming included in the 30 p days, or does that happen later?

  39. I just discovered your site, I like what I am reading. My hair has been natural for the past 15 years, no chemicals at all. I have dry hair, and want to know if this regimen will be beneficial with locs.

  40. this is my second BC and my hair is still breaking and shedding alot. what would you recommend to help with growth and stop excess shedding

  41. Shedding is normal only be alarmed if your hair is shedding in clumps. Hair should shed daily. Do be concerned with the breakage. If you do all the steps of the CQR, your breakage will stop. The regimen strengthens and hydrates and this stops breakage. Then you also want to eliminate what is causing your breakage.....Shedding is normal, shedding in clumps consistently is not. Shedding also comes from within, so if excess shedding continues more than 3 days then go to the doctor.

  42. Hi Vee, I'm V too lol(Von) and I have been natural 3 yrs now. My hair is STUCK at shoulder length and I've had it. I printed out your regime over a year ago and never started it (ahhh life) but am committed to give it a go starting TO.DAY. Thank you for the advice and keeping up with your site! I look forward to great success for my hair. God Bless you :)

    1. Thank you for following this blog and the CQR. It will work for you if you continue to work it. You are so welcome and thank you for allowing me to play a part in your wonderful hair journey.

  43. I did the big chop in October of 2014, and I knew NOTHING about going natural except what I googled and I have tried and wasted a lot of money on different products. I came across your web page today for the first time, and I love how you break it down, what to use and what to get rid of. It does seem like a lot of work, but I'm willing to try anything at this point. Just have one question about part one: Can all of these treatments be done in one day, for instance wash and deep condition then leave in conditioner then oil?

    1. When you cleanse your hair you always deep condition and apply a leave in conditioner and oils. So yes you can and should.

  44. Just wanted to say how grateful I am for the wonderful information on your page! Thank you!

  45. I am confused by the steps for oil therapy. It says to "choose one singular oil you love and use that every other day. Then you choose a stimulating oil recipe from the CQR recipe list here. You will use that stimulating oil 3 times per week." Am I using one oil everyday, such as jojoba oil, and then an oil mixture, such as the one to stimulate the scalp, 3 times a week?

  46. Could you please explain the oil therapy method? I am somewhat confused. Am I choosing one singular oil, such as jojoba, that is used everyday and also choosing an oil mixture, such as the scalp stimulant, and using it 3 times a week?

  47. how do i seal my hair do i use lock method or just leavin or leavin then oil?

    1. You apply your leave in conditioner and oil, yes.

  48. Hello. I'm allergic to shea and coconut oil. Are there any alternatives?

  49. Hello! Thoroughly enjoying your website. Thank you so much for all of your helpful info. I do have a question. If I do wash and gos with Kinky Curly Curling Custard all of the time, is it ok to Use the Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in conditioner as well for my leave in? I always dilute it with water and apply it with a nozzle since it is so concentrated. I am 4b/4c and I always do wash and gos. I clay wash once or twice a week with aloe Vera juice added to my clay bentonite/rhassoul mixture, argon oil, olive oil, and lavender essential oil. Is it ok if I want to clay wash only instead of shampooing? I don't deep condition because the rhassoul that's in the clay mixture along with the argon leaves my hair very soft. As far as oil rinses go, I'm willing to give it a try but my low porosity hair seems to be protein sensitive and gets hard feeling whenever I add coconut oil to it. My count oil is cold pressed. I got it from Mountain Rose Herbs. My skin loves it though!
    Will this hard feeling effect of coconut oil change with time as my low porosity hair hydrates better? I spray it with water or water rinse on days that I don't clay wash wash. Plus I also cover my hair with a plastic cap and scarf about 3 nights out of the week. I think my hair is hydrating nicely this way. What are your thoughts on my current regimen? Thanks in advance!