Friday, April 25, 2014

New Moon Trimming for increased hair growth (May)

Welcome to the number one website with the best, most accurate New Moon days to trim your hair. You will find dates elsewhere, but these dates are the best ones, so click no further. Before you read any further, locate the box in the right hand column and subscribe so you can receive other New Moon trims dates, for increased hair growth. 

You should trim your hair every 4th month, this equals three times per year. Trimming your ends keeps your hair looking thicker and healthier. It decreases tangles and makes styling much easier. Since you need to trim 3 times per year why not schedule your trims on the best days which increase your hair growth.

What is the New Moon hair growth method? This is when you choose certain days within the month to trim your hair or start a hair treatment, to double your normal hair growth rate. You schedule your hair trims on specific days according to the lunar calendar, when the energy of the moon is the strongest. I have been trimming my hair according to the lunar calendar for almost a year and I have received the best hair growth ever.

Tuesday, April 29th, is a New Moon. The moon then continues to increase until it grows into a full moon on May 14th.Your best days to trim your hair to stimulate increased hair growth for the month of May are as follows:

May 3rd
May 4th
May 5th
May 13th
 May 14th

During the Month of May we celebrate Mother's, treat your mother to a trim on one of the above days, or even better give a her a trim yourself. Help mom start her healthy hair journey. Maybe she needs to big chop and start her natural hair journey. 

For more understanding on the New Moon hair growth method read here.  Leave your comments and questions below  

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Defining your natural curl pattern

Understand once and for all that no matter your texture if you have Afro hair your hair is curly. The reason your hair can form an Afro is because of the coils of your individual hair strands. So stop believing that your hair has no curl pattern, just because it does not curl the way you classify as curly.

Change your mindset change your journey!

 Hair is either, straight, wavy or curly. If your hair is tightly coily it is still curly. A coil is a curl. Your hair shrinks doesn't it? Right! Your hair shrinks because it curls up, it is not shrinking because it is straight. If you look at Afro hair really closely your will see the coils of the strands. You may not like your curl pattern but do not say it does not exist. 

Hydration is the key to finding your true curl pattern!

Do not judge your curl pattern until you have been on a good hair care regimen for 3 months or more. Why? Because many times your hair is not acting right, because it is dehydrated. Spend time on a hair care regimen which hydrates and nourishes your hair strands and you will see your true curl pattern come alive.

How to enhance your curl pattern

A.   Hair Coiling Technique. Train your hair to form coils. Afro hair can form just about any shape you can think of, look at the wide variety of styles we can do with our hair. The more you style Afro hair a certain way, the better your hair holds that form. This technique works best on those with hair 6 inches or shorter. This technique is great for those with short Afros. 

 At bedtime, apply leave in conditioner and a little gel if you need the extra hold. Section hair into 3 inch boxes, with your fingers twirl your hair into a coil. Your coils should look like a neat tube. Coil your hair in the direction you want your style to flow. If you want a part go ahead and create a part before you start coiling.

2.  Cover with a plastic conditioning cap, then tie down with a scarf.

3.   First thing in the morning remove plastic cap and scarf so hair can dry if it is damp. 

4.  When you are ready to style, apply a nourishing oil to your hair and using your fingers gently pull your coils apart.

5.  You should notice more curl definition. This technique works better each time you do it, so you want to do your coils back to back. By the third day of using this technique you should start to see awesome curl definition on your TWA. Your hair will remember the pattern in which you are coiling it each night. Afro hair is amazing!!!!!!!

B. Mineral clays for cleansing and conditioning.
Replace your shampoo with mineral clay when it is time to cleanse your hair. The best ones are Bentonite clay and Moroccan red clay. These are powdered mineral clays you mix with apple cider vinegar or aloe vera gel, and cleanse your hair and scalp. Mineral clays detox your hair and scalp and leave your coils soft, moisturized and more defined than conditioner or shampoo ever can. Find out more about cleansing with clays here.

Moroccan red clay mixed and ready to apply!

4C hair which has been cleansed using a clay wash, with no additional product added yet. Hair is damp but not soaking wet.

C. Using thick gels
 Set your hair with a little gel or curling jelly. These types of products help to freeze your coils in place so your styles last longer.
Top gels for tightly coily hair
Eco styler brown gel 
eXtreme wet gel
Kinky curly curling custard 

Important tip: in order to keep products from reacting badly with each other use products from the same line

Friday, April 18, 2014

Growing your hair to great lengths by using protein treatments!

If your hair is fine or medium texture, tightly coily, chemically treated or weak, you should be doing good protein treatments on a consistent basis. Giving your hair the added strength of a protein treatment is key to growing your hair to waist length and beyond. Many are weary of protein treatments, for no reason other than they have been misinformed or they have used a treatment incorrectly. Whichever protein treatment you choose to use, always follow the manufacturers instructions.

What is a protein treatment?

A good protein treatment consist of hydrolyzed keratin protein, this is protein broken down small enough that it is able to adhere to your hair strands and fill in any broken spaces on your hair strands.  A good protein treatment will enable you to manipulate your hair without experiencing breakage, this enables you to grow your hair to waist length and beyond. This is what protein does and it does it very well. I know for sure I would not have reached waist length without the assistance of a good protein treatment, such as the aphogee 2 step. My hair is fine and naturally short, it would only gain but so much length of around 3 inches, for many years. You see lots of bloggers with long thick hair, and do not realize they had long hair naturally while growing up. Well I did not, my hair was short growing up, so my hair growth is contributed entirely to the Coily Queens Haircare Method, and protein treatments are a large part of the regimen.

Fine individual strands medium density hair.

Will everyone need a protein treatment in order to grow their hair to great lengths? No, if your hair is natural with thick individual strands then you will probably not need a protein treatment, unless you experience damage of some sort. If you can comb your hair without it popping or breaking then your hair is strong enough on its own. Your hair is already made up of layers of protein and if they are still intact, you will not need a protein treatment.

Hair Straightening Kits!

The latest thing marketed towards women with natural hair are these keratin straightening kits. These kits have many women confused. Some women think they are relaxers and that they permanently straighten your hair, this is incorrect. When you are shopping and come across these kits always read the back of the label and not just what they are saying on the front of the box. These companies are using terminology in their marketing that is greatly  confusing naturals. The majority of these kits are simply protein treatments along with humidity control products, which keep your flat iron from reverting so quickly. Using protein on your hair protects your strands from the harsh heat of the flat iron, and it will keep you from experiencing breakage from straightening your hair. Protein also helps your press to last almost double the time it normally does, without it.

Shea Moisture is winning still!

Shea Moisture products recently came out with the Tahitian Noni & Monoi Smooth and Repair, hair straightening system. It contains keratin, peptides and botanical extracts. The kit is sulfate free, lye free and formaldehyde free. Now this system does not permanently straighten the hair, nor does it even straighten the hair. But the way they word this product, makes it sound like it is a straightener. This kits and many others like it are protein kits which enable your flat irons to last longer than normal and to help protect you from heat damage. You still want to keep your flat iron below 425 degrees to avoid heat damage. This kit is very effective and it does work to keep your hair straight longer. My flat iron lasted for two weeks and when I did wash it out, it was still looking great. My hair did not become dry, but remained soft, with no breakage and of course my hair reverted back with no problem. 

The Hair & Scalp weekly treatment is my number one recommended protein treatment

This kits includes a conditioning shampoo, hair straightening treatment, rinse-out conditioner and a hair & scalp weekly therapy. Of all the products in this kits the hair & scalp weekly treatment impressed me the most. So much so, it has replaced the aphogee 2 step as my number one suggested protein treatment. So what is so great about it?  The second ingredient is hydrolyzed keratin protein, so the product is very effective in providing strength to my hair strands. You do not have to use heat, as you do with the aphogee 2 step treatment, this saves lots of time. This is a weekly treatment but all you have to do is apply it as you would a leave in conditioner. This product strengthens and conditions your hair at the same time and it does it really well. Your hair will not become dry while using this weekly treatment. So if you are looking for a good protein treatment to help you grow your hair to great lengths this one I highly recommend. Shea Moisture has done it again!

Controls the frizz of your twist out!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spiritual help to reverse hair loss and thinning

Could the root cause of your hair loss and thinning be fear and not forgiving hurts of your past?


A beautiful healthy mane and glowing skin is a good indication of your overall health. There is a mental cause to most diseases. If you are experiencing  hair loss and you cannot pinpoint the underlying cause of your hair loss then examine your mental health. When the body is stressed from mental worries, it will cause your hair to thin and break. If your hair starts to thin all of a sudden ask yourself, what is going on in my life which has caused me stress.The root cause of stress is fear.

Fear not!

God wants us to live well and prosper. Jesus, said, "I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly". Abundant life includes being free of  all disease.  When we are ill, it helps to search our hearts to see who it is we need to forgive. Forgiveness means giving up and letting go, totally giving the problem to God and trusting Him to work it out. We do not need to know how to forgive, we just must be willing to forgive. If you are willing, God will do the rest. Forgiveness allows you to walk in love. Remember the bible tells us that love covers a multitude of sins.

Changing your thought process can reverse your hair loss!

Change your thought process to reverse your hair loss, when you know for sure there is no underlying reason your hair should be thinning. People experience hair loss due to fear, tension, the need to control everything and not  trusting the process of life. So how do you change this type of thinking? You must create a new thought pattern, then say the thought pattern several times a day, until your new thought pattern cancels out your old negative thought pattern.


Creating a new mindset!

A daily meditation to heal your mind from: fear, tension, the need to control all things and not trusting God with all aspects of your life.

I am safe, I love and approve of myself, I trust life. God has not given me the spirit of fear, but the power of love and a sound mind. God made me and I am a wonderful one of a kind creation. I will trust the Lord with all my heart and soul and lean not to mine own understanding.

Start your day with the above meditation, through out your day repeat it out loud.  Write it down on index cards until you have memorized it. Make several notes cards, and place them in areas of your house which you frequent often. Make this confession in the mirror, saying it out loud. This confession will start you on your journey to healing and you will notice after 7 days that your hair has stopped falling out. Repeat this meditation several times a day for 7 days then examine your hair, you will be amazed. Continue this treatment until this new thought pattern has totally eliminated the old negative thought pattern. 

Additional healing homework:

Look up scriptures which deal with fear, trust and control. Repeat these scriptures out loud daily, especially upon waking and before bedtime. Surrender to God all of your fears and control issues and you will see a transformation not only in the health of your hair but in your life!


The 3 components your hair  regimen must contain, to grow your hair long.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Moon trimming for increased hair growth or thickness (April)

1Corinthians 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; 

Welcome to the number one website with the best, most accurate New Moon days to trim your hair. True, you will find dates elsewhere, but these dates are the best ones, so click no further. Before you read any further go ahead and subscribe so you can receive other New Moon trims dates, for increased hair growth. 

What is New Moon hair trimming? This is when you choose certain days within the month to trim your hair or start a hair treatment, to double your normal hair growth rate. You schedule your hair trims on specific days according to the lunar calendar, when the energy of the moon is the strongest. I have been trimming my hair according to the lunar calendar for almost a year and I have received the best hair growth ever. If you are on a healthy hair journey then you should trim your hair at least 3 times a year, and when you do why not schedule those trims on the best days. With this method you really have nothing to lose.

The New Moon method is not about magic or reciting spells. God created the moon before He created man, and there is nothing magical about the Moon's energy, in the way in which the world views magic. Remember the earth was created to help man and God has given us dominion.  If you are reading this and this is something that is new to you, do not discount it because you have never heard of it, nor label it negatively. The concept of using the energy of the moon is not new, but an ancient concept.

Do not be confused by varying dates, from different sites!


If you do a Google search on this topic, you will find various websites which list different dates, which are suppose to be the best dates for increased hair growth. But Coily Queens Rock has the best dates to increase your normal rate of growth. So why are my dates the best dates? These dates are selected based on experience, research and most importantly spiritual discernment. So you have come to the right website for your New Moon trim dates.

Good dates for increased hair growth during the month of April are:

The absolute best date to double your  normal hair growth rate and more is April 7th

The New Moon method can also be used to increase hair thickness, according to some websites. I say this because this is not something I know from first hand experience. Many feel trimming when the moon is in the sign of Leo, will thicken the hair, because the lion has such thick hair. Since you need to trim your ends anyway, if you are one who desires thickness this will not hurt to try. If you do try come back and let us know how it went. Your April dates to increase hair thickness are: 9th and 10th.

Do not cut and measure daily or weekly!
Do not be anxious for growth when you do the new moon trims, meaning do not measure your hair daily nor every week. Expect growth but do not be anxious. I recommend measuring your hair after your cut, then not measuring again until 40 days later. Write down your measurements in your hair journal. If you do not keep a hair journal this would be a good time to start one, a journal will help you a lot. You should notice increased hair growth for up to 5 months after your new moon trim. Increased hair growth that is more than your normal rate of hair growth.

Sample journal made from a spiral notebook

So trim those bad ends and increase your hair growth rate with a New Moon trim!!!