Friday, March 31, 2017

Black Owned Beauty Supply Charlotte, NC

It is extremely important that as we love on our black hair, we show love by spending our dollars with another black owned business. All over the USA we have sisters and some brothers creating awesome products for our hair. We must support those who put our hair and beauty needs first. Why settle for being second or an afterthought?

Unfortunately we have seen an increase in black women being attacked and disrespected while spending their dollars with others. We must not accept this disrespect. We created this journey. So we must decide that if you disrespect one of us you disrespect all of us. Keep the money circulating withing the black community, so we can create more jobs for our own people.

Once you get in the store, then be sure to purchase black owned produts

Below you will see a list of black owned beauty supply stores in the Charlotte, NC area. I ask each black woman reading this to create a list for your city and share it with your friends and relatives on social media.

Are you not tired of putting other kids through college while your child comes out drowned in student loan debt? Are you not tired of the poor service and disrespect? Does it not bother you that they label us a thief so quickly? We cannot change how others see us. But we can control who we give our money to. Start today!

EC Beauty Supply
1237 W. Tyvola Rd Charlotte 28217

Beauty Brands
5335 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy Ste 100Charlotte, NC 28277
(704) 845-3001

PBS Professional Beauty Supply
3039 South BlvdCharlotte, NC 28209
(704) 672-0929


Iman Professional Beauty Supply
201 W Arrowood RdCharlotte, NC 28217
(704) 523-7830

Desires Beauty Supply
2925 E W T Harris Blvd Ste BCharlotte, NC 28213
(704) 509-1867

Posh Life Beauty
8925 J M Keynes Dr At Boardwalk, Ste #Charlotte, NC 28262
(213) 973-7674

Beauty Alliance Store
8318 Pineville Matthews RdCharlotte, NC 28226
(704) 752-0876

3rd Phaze Body Oils Inc
3300 N.Graham St.Charlotte, NC 28206
(704) 344-1138

Carolina Beauty
3301 Freedom Dr Ste 500Charlotte, NC 28208
(704) 399-5300

Hair Zone Beauty Supply
5618 Albemarle RdCharlotte, NC 28212
(704) 535-7776

Iman Beauty Supply
28213 Charlotte
North Carolina
(704) 596-5867

If you know of a black owned beauty supply store located in Charlotte, NC and it is not listed please leave the name of it in the comments.

Now create your list for your city and share it!


Your hair conditioning plan

Your hair care products should consist of moisturizing and strengthening ingredients.  

A hair conditioning plan is greatly recommended for those who desire to grow their hair to bra strap length and beyond. 

Growing your hair beyond mid back length requires using protein treatments correctly and consistently. Protein is what gives your hair strands extra reinforcement to not snap or break so easily. 

More information about protein treatments HERE 

Here are 2 examples of  hair conditioning plans for different hair lifestyles. 

Understand that your hair conditioning plan greatly depends on the current condition of your hair and your hair lifestyle


Her hair stats:
  • Curl type 4
  • Mid back length
  • Fully natural for 3 years
  • Her hair stays moisturized for at least 3 or more days.
  • Flat irons her hair about 3 times per year
  • Follows the CoilyQueens Hair care Method

Zuri's Hair Conditioning Plan:
She will need a regular high quality protein treatment once per month. A good moisturizing regimen must be combined with the strong protein.  Three reasons why she needs a strong protein treatment. 

1. Her hair is long and she wants to retain it.
2. She desires to grow her hair to waist length.
3. She  heat straightens her hair.

How her plan looks on paper and recommended products

Because a hard protein treatment is recommended, the conditioners Zuri uses are low on protein.  She will concentrate on using moisturizing conditioners. The deep conditioner, regular conditioner and leave in conditioners chosen for her are either protein free or low in proteins. She is getting plenty or protein from the aphogee 2 step treatment. The TGIN triple (no protein) moisture conditioner,  helps to restore her moisture after she uses the aphogee protein treatment. She will baggy for 3 nights when she uses the aphogee 2 step once per month. The As I am hydration elation is her low protein weekly quick conditioner. She will hot oil treat her hair twice a month. The hot oil is done after deep conditioning. This will help combat her use of harsh heat. 

She will rotate these products. Aphogee 2 step once per month. The TGIN triple moisture conditioner, once per week. The As I am hydration elation once per week. Leave in daily or as needed. Hot oil treatment every other week and after heat straightening. 


Anyelina's hair stats:

  • Thick hair
  • Curl type 4ab
  • Natural 3 years
  • No heat
  • Wants to grow her hair to its fullest potential.
  • Uses the CoilyQueens Method

A mild protein treatment is recommended to help keep her hair consistently strong. This will enable her to retain most of her growth each month. She does not heat straighten, so a hard protein treatment is not needed. She will use the protein reconstructor once every two weeks. She conditions once a week with a moisturizing DC then conditions with a protein DC once per week. The Mielle is a good protein conditioner while the hydration elation is a mild protein but deeply moisturizing DC. She is deep conditioning twice a week to keep her very thick hair easy to manage and style. If she continues this conditioning plan along with the CoilyQueens Regimen she will be able to grow and retain hair down her back. 


Do you have a hair conditioning plan?

Need help creating one?

Get your hair conditioning plan HERE.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Building your hair care regimen


The basic products you need in your regimen 

1. Cleanser
     a.  Shampoo (non sulfate)
     b.  Conditioning cleanser (formulated for cleansing)
     c.  Clay washes (make your own or purchase ready made)

2. Conditioners 
     d.  Cream rinses or rinse out conditioners
     e.  Deep Conditioners (moisturizing/protein)
     f.   Deep Conditioner moisturizing (non protein)


3. Leave in conditioner
     g.  Moisturizers (water based)
     h.  Liquid leave ins
     i.   Lotion/cream leave in conditioner
     j.   Pomades/butters (contain no water)

4. A good quality singular oil
    k.   EVOO
    l.    Cold pressed avocado oil
    m.  Cold pressed coconut oil
    n.   Jojoba oil
    o.   Grape seed oil

To start your regimen you only need one product out of each category, in the beginning. Once you get started with your first 4 products, then you want to build on those products. 


The CoilyQueens Regimen recommends having, 3 of each recommended product. This means 3 cleansers, 3 conditioners, 3 leave in conditioners and 3 different types of oils you love. You do not  want, to depend on one brand of cleanser or conditioner. To often your favorite conditioner will stop working as well as it did in the beginning. Sometimes companies change formulas. You can also develop an allergy towards a product that was okay in the beginning. So if you have more than one cleanser and conditioner, that works for you. You do not have to worry about being caught without having a product that works.

Before you shop remember these tips. 
1. Only use non sulfate shampoos
2. Get in the habit of reading the ingredients before you buy.
3. Starting out purchase the same brand of cleansers and conditioners. 
4. Shop with companies who stand behind their brands. Keep your receipt so you can return it, if after one use it does not meet your liking. 
5. If you are on a budget, save most of your money, for a good quality leave in conditioner. The leave in conditioner/moisturizer is your most important product. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE
6. Spend your money on good quality oils, from the health food store, grocery store. Be sure they are unrefined or cold pressed. 

Product recommendations for each category 

1a--- shampoo suggestions:
Shea Moisture curl and shine shampoo
Design Essentials avocado shampoo
KBB conditioning cleanser
Cream of nature non sulfate shampoo
Shea Moisture restorative shampoo
Jane Carter's shampoo

1b---Conditioning cleansers
Camille rose conditioning cleanser
Eden BodyWorks conditioning cleanser
As I am conditioning cleanser
Shea Moisture conditioning cleanser

1c---Clay washes
Create your own bentonite treatment DIY HERE

2d---Cream rinses or rinse out or regular conditoner
TGIN triple moisture replenishing condish
Shea Moisture 10-IN-1 Renewal conditioner
Shea Moisture restorative conditioner
Oyin Honey Hemp

2e---Deep conditioners (protein)
Mielle Organic babassu mint DC
Shea Moisture manuka honey intensive masque
Alikay naturals DC
Shea Moisture Blk soap purification masque
ORS replenishing conditioner
ORS hair mayo

2f---Deep conditioners moisturizing (non protein)
TGIN Honey miracle hair mask
Camille Rose Algae renew DC
Camille Rose Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard
Eden Bodyworks all natural DC
As I am hydration elation
Jessicurl DC Citrus and Lavender 
Aubrey Organics moisturizing  conditioner honeysuckle rose

3g---Moisturizers (water based)
Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie
Camille Rose Curliade
As I am double buttercream
Taliah Waajid curling curly cream
Elasta Olive Oil & Mango Moisturizer
4Naturals Afro stretch cream
Cantu Shea Butter leave in
Jane Carter curl cream

3h---Liquid leave ins
Alikay natural lemongrass leave in
Qhemet Biologics alma & olive heavy cream

3i---Lotion/Creamy leave ins
KBB sweet ambrosia leave in
Shea Moisture hibiscus style milk
Cantu curl activator
Ori Essentials Moisturizing leave in conditioner

3j---Pomades and butters
Cantu hair pomade
Qhemet Biologics hydrate twist butter
Aveda Pomade Anti Humectante 

Following these suggestions will help you build a good portion of your product regimen. Remember that a successful hair journey  covers 3 areas: Techniques, mindset and products. This article has helped you cover the products part of your hair regimen. 

Now work on your techniques and mindset about your hair. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Apple cider vinegar for your hair

Organic apple cider vinegar, aka ACV, is an excellent health and beauty aide. Be sure to purchase organic. ACV is a very important item to always keep in stock.  

1. Apple cider vinegar contains potassium. Potassium is great for preventing hair loss.

2.  It is anti bacteria and anti fungal.It prevents fungus from taking residence on your scalp.  It contains acetic acid, which kills off fungus and bacteria. Scalp fungus is a top cause of hair loss. You may or may not have symptoms. Read more about fungus HERE. 

3.  The low PH of ACV causes the hair cuticle to lay flatter. This enables the hair to retain moisture for longer periods.  When the hair cuticle lays flat your hair will have more vibrancy and shine. 

4. Because ACV makes the hair cuticle lay flatter, you will notice that detangling is a lot easier. You should also notice a reduction in single strand knots. 

5.  When the ACV hits the scalp it stimulate better blood circulation. This increases your hair growth. 


Organic ACV rinse
Mix 1/4 cup of organic ACV with 2 cups of filtered water. This creates a final rinse to use on your hair. On shampoo day after you rinse out your deep conditioner, pour this rinse over your hair.  Use it all and let it sit on hair 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse out with cool water. With soaking wet hair, apply your leave in conditioner.  

Upgrade your shampoo
Add one tablespoon to 1/4 cup of your shampoo. The ACV lowers the PH of the shampoo and helps the shampoo to work better. With this combination you will notice an immediate difference in the vibrancy of your hair and less tangles. 

Anti bacterial growth braid spray
1 tablespoon of organic ACV
7 ounces of water
1 tsp tea tree oil
1 tsp of lavender oil
Use as a braid spray, to keep bacteria from accumulating on your scalp when wearing braids.