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Why your hair growth aides are not working for you.

Finding a growth aid that is right for you (Part one)

Many people use growth aids, some say they work others say they do not. Most of the popular growth aids have no scientific evidence of them actually assisting you with hair growth. But we know all to well, science is not always right. Those who do not believe that growth aids help are usually those who have tried growth aids and had no success and those who say they do work are those who have had success with growth aids.

Growth aids do work, the error which most people make is jumping on a bandwagon and not using the right growth aid for their hair issue. Growth aids are not one size fits all. If you are experiencing slow hair growth, you first must try to figure out why your hair is growing so slow. Most people believe that hair growth is hereditary and if you never had long hair as a child then you will not be able to obtain long hair ever. This is one of the biggest hair myths.

Lets look at some of the popular growth aids you read about on hair forums:

Miconazole nitrate, vagina yeast infection cream, is a popular one that many who are brave enough to try, have claimed it grows their hair as much as one inch per month. But their are just as many who say this did nothing for their hair growth. Miconazole nitrate is an anti-fungal medication, it kills yeast found in the vagina area and this is the purpose it is sold for. If you use this product on your scalp and you do not have yeast buildup, then this product will not work for you, it may even destroy some good bacteria that our body needs. Fungus growth is a huge part of the reason some women experience slow growth or hair loss, so it is understandable if someone uses this and their is fungus growth that this product will kill the fungus and the eggs, this will free up the hair follicles to read its maximum growth potential. So if you do not have fungus growth this product will do nothing for your hair growth. These products do not produce more hair from the scalp, it just has the potential to kill fungus growth and eggs on top of the scalp.

Sulfur powder, MSM, MTG:

These ingredients also kill fungus growth on the scalp when applied tropically. These products will not produce additional hair growth or extend your hairs growth phase, it kills the fungus so you hair can reach its full growth potential.


Many use this product to increase their hair growth and claim it works wonders. This is an protein product that you apply to hair (not the scalp) it strengthens your hair follicles and keeps your hair from breaking so easily when manipulated. The main problem with this product is that it is not marketed for human use, so their are no instructions for use on humans. I read about people applying this to their scalp and then covering their hair follicles with a plastic bag. This is only clogging your hair follicles and creating a situation in which your hair will grow even slower. If you make a choice to use this product only apply it to your hair strands and do not cover with a plastic bag. Use at your own risk.

I have covered three of the most commonly talked about hair growth aids. None of these products do I approve or use for hair growth or haircare. Use these products at your own risk. The purpose of this article is to make you think about the cause of your slow hair growth before you jump on a bandwagon of products.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nine day moisture retention therapy (for Coily Queens)


Do you have a problem keeping your hair moisturized?
Do you apply product after product, only to still end up with dry hair?
Are you constantly in search of a moisturizer which will work on your hair?
Are your ends bushy?
Do you get single strand knots all the time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then help is available to you, by committing to the Nine day moisture retention therapy treatment for tightly coily hair.

Supplies needed for this therapy:
A non sulfate moisturizing shampoo or conditioning cleanser.
A good quality moisturizing deep conditioner.
A hair dryer you sit under or steamer.
One of these three natural oils: coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil.
ACV (organic apple cider vinegar)
Plastic conditioning caps
Cup for ACV mixture
One bottle water or filtered water.
A good leave in conditioner. I recommend shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie.
Personal dedication and consistency.

Ladies this works! Get ready to transform your hair and your journey!!!!!!!
Ready! Set! Let's go!!!!!!!!!! 9 days to healthier hair!!!!!!!

Day one:
Shampoo your hair with non sulfate shampoo or cleansing conditioner.
After rinsing apply deep conditioner liberally to your hair strands. Sit under dryer for 20 minutes.
Rinse out deep conditioner with cool water.
Mix 1/4 ACV with 2 cups of bottle or filtered water, inside your cup, and pour over all hair strands and scalp. Let it sit on hair for 3 minutes, use a timer.
Rinse ACV from hair with COLD water. Very important the water be cold.
Rinse with cold water for 3 minutes, again use a timer.
Apply your leave in conditioner
Proceed with styling, Be sure to oil your scalp and hair with: coconut oil, avocado oil or EVOO.
Note: The ACV closes the hair cuticle which helps the hair to retain the moisturizing benefits of your deep conditioning treatments.

Day two:
Apply your leave in moisturizer
Massage natural oil of choice into your scalp and hair strands.
Proceed with styling. (do not use heat)

Note: If your hair is prone to tangling it would be best to shampoo your hair while it is in large two strand twists.

Day three:
Shampoo hair with non sulfate shampoo or cleansing conditioner
Rinse out with cool water
Apply a deep conditioner to all your hair strands concentrate on the ends.
Sit under dryer for 20 minutes
Rinse out with cold water for 3 minutes or more.
Apply leave in conditioner.
Apply natural oil to your hair and scalp.
Proceed with styling (no heat allowed)
By day three you should notice a reduction in hair shedding and breakage and softer hair.

Day four:
Repeat steps for day two.

Day five:
Repeat same steps from day four

Day six:
Shampoo day again.
Follow steps from day one
On this day you should notice a huge improvement in your hairs moisture levels.

Day seven:
Repeat steps from day 5.

Day eight:
Repeat same steps again

Day nine:                 

It is shampoo time again.
Repeat steps from day three.

If you need to repeat the therapy, wait 3 days after day nine before starting back at day one



When you follow these instructions precisely, you will notice by day nine, softer, more moisturized hair, less shedding, shinier healthier looking hair, and the need to apply less moisturizer daily.

After day nine if you do not see at least 70% improvement in your hair, start the moisture therapy over again. After the second round is complete with this moisture therapy your hair should be in much better shape. Going forward incorporate some of these steps into your regular regimen. Shampoo your hair no less that once per week and deep condition weekly. Once your hair starts to retain moisture you can stop doing ACV rinses once a week. The ACV rinse should not be a part of your weekly regimen use them only when needed.

This nine day therapy is designed to help those dealing with dry, brittle, tangled hair. Once you have finished the nine days then transition into the Coily Queens Regimen. The CQR will continue to transform your hair and enable you to enhance your hair growth rate and style your hair better. Because hair styles better when it is hydrated, healthy and lubricated.

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Enjoy your hair transformation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vee Mack's hair oil Therapy (Part Two)

 Day 14: As you can see from the above picture my hair looks more moisturized and a lot shinier than when I first started the oil therapy.

Now I am doing a 7 day oil rotation, meaning each day I use a different oil. I will keep this rotation for one week.

Day 14-21 oil rotation:

Sunday: Castor oil
Monday:      Extra virgin olive oil infused with 7 drops of rosemary
Tuesday:      EMU OIL
Wednesday: Grape seed oil
Thursday:   1/2 walnut oil and 1/2 almond oil
Friday:        Cold pressed coconut oil
Saturday:    Avocado oil


Day 21: My hair is thriving and shining like never before. My hair is off black but I always feel as though it has an opaque color to it, which Afro hair commonly does. Especially when you photograph it, it rarely photographs as good as it looks in person.

DAY 22: my hair is still reaping the daily benefits of oiling my scalp Things are still going well.This week instead of using a different oil each day, I am using one oil for two days then do to the next oil. You may wonder with all this oiling do I get a greasy buildup? No, because i use good oils that penetrate and these oils do not cause my hair to become greasy or limp. For the rest of the challenge I will be doing the COA oil rotation, which simply means, coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil. These oils penetrate and do not leave a build up.

Day 23: In order in ensure that I do not get a buildup I cleanse my hair with a cleansing conditioner every Monday and Friday. My hair thrives when I keep it clean, it grows at the best rate.

Day 24: How do I apply my oils daily? Start with one tablespoon and pour on a dish. Dip fingers into oil,  part hair with other hand and apply the oil to my scalp only and massage with my finger pads downward to stimulate. I massage my scalp in circular motions, counting about 20 strokes per area of my scalp. When I have applied oil and massaged my entire scalp then I smooth the oil from my scalp up my hair shaft to the ends. I do this daily. (Do not pour your oil from the bottle to the scalp you waste to much product that way.)

Day 25: By day 25, I am convinced this is the best thing I could of ever done to my hair. My hair is so soft and my coils are really defined. I have no knots, no breakage, less shedding, less tangles and more shine.

                                                                                    Just look at those coils pop!
Years of Oil Therapy has enabled me to grow long glowing healthy hair!

Day 25-30:  By the end of this experiment my hair is not only healthier looking, but it has grown 3/4 an inch in 30 days. My normal rate of hair growth is 1/4 an inch in 30 days. Before this challenge I was not one to put anything on my scalp, I have never had a problem with dry itchy scalp nor flaking, so I never bothered with my scalp much. I figured the less I put on my scalp the better it would grow. So I started this simple challenge not expecting a whole lot, and after 30 days of being consistent, I have been rewarded with longer hair and stronger hair. If you were like me and never oiled your scalp or do not oil it enough, you owe it to yourself to give this 30 day oil therapy challenge a try. This will stop your ssk, help you untangle your hair faster, correct your excessive shedding and give you soft shiny hair. And maybe even increase your hair growth.


Read my article entitled: Oiling your scalp daily increases black hair growth.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vee Mack's hair oil therapy (Part One)

Oiling  your scalp daily has great benefits. Some of the benefits of using oils on your scalp daily are: better moisturized hair, supple scalp, stimulates your sebum production, reduces hair shedding and eliminates single strand knots. How do I know this? Because back in April of this year, I did a personal oiling my scalp daily challenge for 30 days, just to see if I would see any difference in my hair and I surely got more out of the challenge than I expected. I kept a 30 day diary of my oiling experience each day for the first 7 days, then weekly reports. I will share with you the benefits I received each day from feeding my scalp good oils on a daily basis.

Challenge prep:

I made sure my oil supply was stocked my oils of choice starting out were 3 oils I call the "super oils" because of all that they offer, these are: coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil. Because I want to get the most nutrients and benefits from my oil I choose to only purchase virgin unrefined natural oils. Remember I am oiling daily so I use natural oils that do not create a buildup and those which absorb into my hair shaft and follicles. 

I wore my hair in a style that made my scalp easy to get to, this is important. Because I do not want to spend to much time trying to get to my scalp while tangling my hair up, then I have to spend 10 minutes getting knots and tangles out of my hair. The style I chose were 2 -strand twists. 

Note that before this challenge I rarely put anything on my scalp. I am not one to have a dry scalp, so I properly oiled my scalp maybe once a week if that. This is more the reason why I wanted to try something different. While we are on this healthy hair growth journey it is important to add things to your hair regimen if you are not getting the results you want with your current regimen. My hair was doing pretty good before this challenge, but I still had more shedding than I desired and my de-tangling sessions were taking 45 minutes. Once upon a time it took me 1.5 hours to detangle after washing my hair, so the 45 minutes was an improvement. But I always knew I could do better.

I had no ideal! So here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Days 1-7

Days 1-5  One good thing about it, is that it requires that I touch my entire scalp daily, so this keeps me aware of what going on with my scalp, as far as sore areas or bumps or thinning hair. My scalp feels pretty healthy, I had a small bump in the nape area about 5 days ago, but now that has completely healed. No sore spots at all. I presently have my hair loose, so I thought this would tangle it, but it made my tangles better, so this is a plus. Also I have noticed that my daily shedding has decreased by 50%.   

This is day 6 of me oiling my scalp: Although I almost missed yesterday, I was so tired, but I oiled it anyway although I was half asleep while doing it, lol. I just grabbed the first oil I saw which was coconut oil and used it. Coconut is one of the super oils, so that is fine.  Honestly I thought I would have oil everywhere, but so far that has not been the case. I thought my scalp would feel super oily to the touch, but that is not the case. Maybe because I am using good oils that penetrate. And still folks I have very little shedding per day. Maybe my hair needed this daily treatment. A little to early for final results. But this is the verdict right now.
Today is a blessed day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This is day 7 of my oiling your scalp challenge, and I must say, I have been consistent and have not missed a day so far. Yesterday I shampooed my hair and applied my personal oil blend. The changes I have noticed so far: Shedding reduced by 90%, although I didn't have an extreme amount of shedding before, but I noticed a decrease. Now one problem I did have was what I call webbing of the hair. When you take your loose hair and pull it apart with your fingers, and you get the webbing effect between your hair strands. I got this a lot, because I have always had lots of tangles. My tangles have improved a great deal in the last year from doing the Vee Macks steam treatment and correcting my porous issues. But I still had this webbing issue. Also I notice when I part my hair and separate it my hair no longer tangles on the tips. This was also a problem which caused some breakage on my ends. So this if the first weeks results: A lot less shedding and no webbing. I will keep oiling my scalp daily for 30 days, and if I see that the results are beneficial, then this will become part of my daily routine. Thumbs Up so far!


This is a picture of my hair before the challenge

As you can see my hair is tightly coily and there is a lot of it. Stretched it goes past my bra strap. Even with my tightly coily pattern as a result of my oil therapy, I have ZERO single strand knots. Can you believe this? I almost could not, I thought ssks were a part of having a tighly coily hair and that I just had to deal with it. So not true! Healthy hair is free of knots. You will find from my hair type that this hair often photographs dull, but my hair was actually shiny here, although you cannot tell by the picture. Thanks to oils from nature, my hair is soft and lubricated. Loving this and you will to. Start your own challenge today. Try it for 30 days oiling your scalp daily with good oils.

Oil Therapy part two

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