Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why your hair growth aides are not working for you.

Finding a growth aid that is right for you (Part one)

Many people use growth aids, some say they work others say they do not. Most of the popular growth aids have no scientific evidence of them actually assisting you with hair growth. But we know all to well, science is not always right. Those who do not believe that growth aids help are usually those who have tried growth aids and had no success and those who say they do work are those who have had success with growth aids.

Growth aids do work, the error which most people make is jumping on a bandwagon and not using the right growth aid for their hair issue. Growth aids are not one size fits all. If you are experiencing slow hair growth, you first must try to figure out why your hair is growing so slow. Most people believe that hair growth is hereditary and if you never had long hair as a child then you will not be able to obtain long hair ever. This is one of the biggest hair myths.

Lets look at some of the popular growth aids you read about on hair forums:

Miconazole nitrate, vagina yeast infection cream, is a popular one that many who are brave enough to try, have claimed it grows their hair as much as one inch per month. But their are just as many who say this did nothing for their hair growth. Miconazole nitrate is an anti-fungal medication, it kills yeast found in the vagina area and this is the purpose it is sold for. If you use this product on your scalp and you do not have yeast buildup, then this product will not work for you, it may even destroy some good bacteria that our body needs. Fungus growth is a huge part of the reason some women experience slow growth or hair loss, so it is understandable if someone uses this and their is fungus growth that this product will kill the fungus and the eggs, this will free up the hair follicles to read its maximum growth potential. So if you do not have fungus growth this product will do nothing for your hair growth. These products do not produce more hair from the scalp, it just has the potential to kill fungus growth and eggs on top of the scalp.

Sulfur powder, MSM, MTG:

These ingredients also kill fungus growth on the scalp when applied tropically. These products will not produce additional hair growth or extend your hairs growth phase, it kills the fungus so you hair can reach its full growth potential.


Many use this product to increase their hair growth and claim it works wonders. This is an protein product that you apply to hair (not the scalp) it strengthens your hair follicles and keeps your hair from breaking so easily when manipulated. The main problem with this product is that it is not marketed for human use, so their are no instructions for use on humans. I read about people applying this to their scalp and then covering their hair follicles with a plastic bag. This is only clogging your hair follicles and creating a situation in which your hair will grow even slower. If you make a choice to use this product only apply it to your hair strands and do not cover with a plastic bag. Use at your own risk.

I have covered three of the most commonly talked about hair growth aids. None of these products do I approve or use for hair growth or haircare. Use these products at your own risk. The purpose of this article is to make you think about the cause of your slow hair growth before you jump on a bandwagon of products.

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