Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gain One Inch of New Growth in 30 days (2nd round)

Are you a part of the slow growers club, as far as hair growth is concerned?

Would you love to double your normal hair growth rate?

Always desired to grow and retain one inch of new growth in a month?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I have a challenge opportunity for you.

I have developed a jump start regimen that has enabled me to grow one inch of new growth in the first 30 days of this regimen. Yes one whole inch! My normal rate of hair growth is 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch per month, so I consider myself to be part of the slow growers club. This is only if I do nothing extra to enhance my normal growth rate.

First let me say that this challenge is not for everyone, because not all will want to follow the strict regimen to achieve maximum results. This regimen is not for the lazy and it is not for those who do not like to wash their hair frequently. This regimen is also not for those who afraid to let their hair look a little frizzy at times. Lastly this regimen is not for those who do not like wearing their hair twisted or braided.

This challenge will  be opened to the first 50 people who sign up and fulfill all the rule requirements. There are no exceptions to any of the rules. If you are not able to fulfill any of them please do not sign up.
This challenge is private once it begins.

How do I sign up for the Gain one inch of new growth in 30 days challenge?

1. Follow this blog, in the right hand column go down and find the box that says follow this blog, then choose follow, must have a google account to participate, no exceptions.

January 2013
2. Send me a message on Facebook, title it 30-day one inch hair growth challenge and list the name in which you are following this blog under  You must have a FB profile with a profile picture to participate no exceptions. Once I receive your FB message I will send you a challenge prep list. On May 9th you will be sent an invite  to the secret Facebook group. Once you accept you will have access to the challenge full rules and instructions. Please read all the rules and instructions carefully

3. Sign up begins today and will close on May 3rd or when all the slots have filled up.         

4. Most products needed should already be in your beauty cabinet. No products will try to be sold to you

5. All participants are required to wear your hair in extension box braids or extension twists, or your natural hair twisted or braided, a wig or TWA, no exceptions. This challenge is NOT for those wearing weaves, loose hair(unless its a TWA) or cornrows, please do not ask. You must be able to show your hair in a starting length shot picture, no exceptions.

Any additional questions leave them below, but if you plan to participate sign up asap.

Again some important rules to consider before you sign up:

You must have a google account and "follow" this blog.
You must have a FB page with a profile picture.
You must be able to show your hair in a starting length shot picture.
You must wear your hair in braid extensions, twist extensions, natural twist/braids, a wig or TWA, during the 40 days of the challenge.
All other rules must be followed as given.
You must be 18 years old to participate. 
You must send me the name you "follow" this blog under.
There are no exceptions to any of these rules. 

You sign up using the link above do not leave a message below. Sign up only if you are serious, so this doesn't take a spot from someone else.

Please read: When you email to request a space in this challenge, email me the profile name you use to "follow" this blog under. If you look in the right hand column 5 boxes down,  you will see the box labeled "followers" your profile name will show up in this box. Your email will not be answered if you do not list the profile name you have "followed" this blog under.
Let's Grow!!!!!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. You can join the challenge with a TWA, sorry I forgot to add that to the list. Click the link above to sign up.

  2. First,am relaxed, can I participate?
    Two, can I have cornrows under the wig?

  3. Yes the challenge is for relaxed or natural or transitioning. Yes you can wear cornrows under your wig.

  4. I would looooove to participate in this challenge but I have no before shots of my hair :( I have been wearing my hair in weaves and braids for the longest trying to get it to grow that I never took pics of my real hair! Maybe next time and good luck to those participating!!! ;)

    1. Thanks for your post, look out for the next one around the Fall of this year. Stay blessed!

  5. Will we be allowed to redo our braids/twists? If so, how often?

    1. Yes you can as often as you need to redo you can. Good question!

  6. Will there be a new 30 day challenge? Thanks.

  7. Yes, I should be announcing the date within the next 30 days. Thanks for your interest!

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