Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A black hair regimen for the Coily Princess

Easy haircare regimen for your Coily Princess.

Easier shampoo days
Decreases tangles drastically
No more single strand knots.
Decrease crying and temper tantrums on shampoo day.
No more tender heads.
Hair will retain more length.
Get rid of dull hair and flaky scalp.
Remember your Coily Princess deserves the best!

The Regimen!

Step one: Set the atmosphere
Grooming your child is a chance to talk with them in details about what is going on in their world. While they are sitting in one place this is a great time to ask detail questions about friends, school, church, etc. You can even discuss what is happening in the world and ask them what they think about it. Give your coily princess her own special princess chair which she only uses when you do her hair. Put on her favorite movie, educational DVD or favorite channel. As you do her hair explain to her why it is important that girls keep their hair looking good.  If possible remove all other distractions so that this is your special bonding time together, in which she has your full attention. Make your princess feel special, so her hair washing experience is viewed as a sweet one and not negative in anyway. Most important be patient and do not yell at her whatsoever.

Step two: Cleansing and Conditioning
Once per week
Shampoo day steps:
A.  Mix 1/2 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil with 1/2 of grapeseed oil massage onto her hair and remove her old style and untangle with your fingers only. (Use more oil if needed)
B.  Lightly mist hair using a water bottle, apply shampoo and work through the hair, being careful not to rub in circles and causing more tangles than necessary. Massage in short downward strokes.
C.  Rinse out shampoo with spring water using a large cup
D. You can deep condition at this point if desired or you can skip the deep conditioner.
E.  Rinse the DC from the hair. If you are have issues with dry hair then proceed to F, if not skip F.
F.  In a spray bottle mix 1/4 cup of ACV with 1 cup of water. Spray the rinse onto your scalp and massage into the scalp as you apply the ACV rinse. Once you have massaged it onto the scalp then apply more rinse to the hair strands, being sure to cover each hair strand completely. Keep the ACV rinse on for 3 minutes. Fill large cup with spring water and pour over hair to remove the ACV rinse.
G.  lightly blot hair and immediately apply a leave in conditioner, followed by coconut/grapeseed oil mix.
H.  Untangle hair in small sections using your fingers then follow using a seamless comb. Do not use any brushes.

Daily care: rub coconut oil onto her scalp and gently smooth over hair. If her ends feel dry apply leave conditioner to the ends of her braids or twists. (do not apply conditioner to the scalp only use a natural oil on the scalp)   Do these steps morning and evening.

Bedtime prep: Check her scalp for dryness and apply a little coconut oil if needed. Check her ends for dryness and any twists which have loosened and re-tighten. Apply some leave in conditioner to the ends if the ends are dry. If she is wearing braids start twisting at the ends so it is easier to remove.  Cover with her princess hair bonnet. Hair is set for bedtime.

Above you have wash day care, daily care and bedtime prep. Those are all the steps you need to to take care of and grow your Coily Princesses hair long healthy and beautiful. If there are intense scalp issues tell your pediatrician immediately and he or she may refer you to a dermatologist if needed. Know that many children have a dry scalps, their body is still developing, but if it is dry itchy oozing with sores and you are keeping it clean and lubricated then medical attention is needed. Do not allow your princess to scratch her scalp until she has a bald spot, seek medical attention before that happens. Having beautiful hair is an important part of the Coily Princesses self esteem, always remember that.

Step three:  Styling the hair
Using a seamless comb put hair in a style which lasts for 3 days before needing to redo.
suggested styles: cornrows, connect a plaits, small ponytails using ouchless black rubberbands two strand twisted on the ends. Stay away from extensions, your child should get use to her natural hair the length and texture. If you choose to plait her hair, when you get almost to the end of her plait, finish it with a two strand twist, this will make removing her plaits easier.

Step four:  Protection
Buy her pretty color head scarf to wear to bed at night and when she bathes. Make sure the bonnet is comfortable for her and explain to her the importance of taking care of her hair as she sleeps and keeping it from getting wet.

Step five:  Organization
Keep the Coily Princess's hair tools in her own private place, create a pretty box for her if you can. It is good to keep all of her hair tools in one place so you can easily access all the tools needed when wash day arrives. You do not need to spend time being frustrated because you cannot find her comb or leave in conditioner. Preparation make this experience less stressful for your coily princess.

Following these steps will ensure that your Coily Princess has beautiful coily long hair when she starts school. She does not have to admire the hair of others, she has her own. I strongly suggest that before using any oils make sure she is not allergic. Look for products that have the least amount of chemicals and ingredients. When purchasing shampoo always get the one for kids because those are milder. Your styling products can be from regular lines. One line I recommend is the Shea Moisture product line. Remember your princess is still developing so the less harsh chemicals the better.


  1. Thank you for these wonderful tips, Vee! My daughter has a looser curl pattern (she's biracial) but I am always ready to try anything that will help me to more efficiently care for her hair. Thanks again!

  2. So shampoo how often? Every three days after taking down the style....?