Friday, April 25, 2014

New Moon Trimming for increased hair growth (May)

Welcome to the number one website with the best, most accurate New Moon days to trim your hair. You will find dates elsewhere, but these dates are the best ones, so click no further. Before you read any further, locate the box in the right hand column and subscribe so you can receive other New Moon trims dates, for increased hair growth. 

You should trim your hair every 4th month, this equals three times per year. Trimming your ends keeps your hair looking thicker and healthier. It decreases tangles and makes styling much easier. Since you need to trim 3 times per year why not schedule your trims on the best days which increase your hair growth.

What is the New Moon hair growth method? This is when you choose certain days within the month to trim your hair or start a hair treatment, to double your normal hair growth rate. You schedule your hair trims on specific days according to the lunar calendar, when the energy of the moon is the strongest. I have been trimming my hair according to the lunar calendar for almost a year and I have received the best hair growth ever.

Tuesday, April 29th, is a New Moon. The moon then continues to increase until it grows into a full moon on May 14th.Your best days to trim your hair to stimulate increased hair growth for the month of May are as follows:

May 3rd
May 4th
May 5th
May 13th
 May 14th

During the Month of May we celebrate Mother's, treat your mother to a trim on one of the above days, or even better give a her a trim yourself. Help mom start her healthy hair journey. Maybe she needs to big chop and start her natural hair journey. 

For more understanding on the New Moon hair growth method read here.  Leave your comments and questions below  


  1. Hi Miss Vee, Which is the 'best' date for trimming in May?

    1. The 13th or the 14th has the highest energy this month.

  2. Hi Miss Vee, could you talk about the now growing trend of Hairfinity? I believe you did talk about other growth aids in your past posts, maybe this is something you can add on to the list

  3. Replies
    1. Hello Miss Vee. what days are left in april to trim, or what the best day in may