Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Grow hair fast by trimming during New Moon (Sept)

Yes, you can increase your hair growth rate by trimming during the right days of the month. Do your hair trims during the best high energy days as the moon grows and you will double or triple your re-growth rate. 

Do I need to trim my hair every month?

No, you do not have to trim every month for this to work. Schedule your regular trims on the dates provided here and you will notice an improvement on how fast your hair grows back. Measure your hair length before your cut, write down how much you cut, then in 40 days measure again to see how much you have gained. Your increased hair growth rate will continue for weeks or months from only doing one New Moon Trim.

How often should a person trim their hair?

Trimming is an important part of maintaining healthy hair. If you have started out with healthy ends, then maintain them by trimming every 4th month. This equals 3 times per year. Only trim what is necessary that can be 1/4 an inch to 1 inch. 

The best dates to trim for September are:

The absolute best high energy day for increased hair growth for September is the 5th

Try your New Moon trim this month and notice your growth INCREASE!!!


  1. it's trim month for me. yay! I did a trim 3 months ago, and strangely i gained noticeable amount of length on nape/back area... whereas for the rest its only been half an inch... so im pretty sure i have slow growth. My problem really is the crown area.. its extra dry, and my ends within 2 weeks of trimming they get brittle, and start forming SSKs. You see, I don't even do outstyles like that. I keep my hair in twisted/braided protective styles about 80% of the time, and the rest in a bun ... low, side, top... could you talk about how to maintain good ends to stretch out trimming dates? Honestly, I love my length.... but im so sad that i have to trim half of what I grew already in 3 months.
    If not, would you ever do a growth comparison from when you started to now?

    1. Following all the steps of the CoilyQueensRegimen will eliminate your tangles and knots. You have a hair cuticle problem which greatly affect your ends. You should be able to wear your hair out with no issues. Do not remain a prisoner to those knots you can get rid of them. Check out the CoilyQueensRegimen page and start today you will see amazing results in 30 days. Even more after 3 months.

  2. I'm trimming Sept 27. I'm going to be liberal on the parts that need more length and easy on the parts that grows fater. I hope this works.

  3. Hello I just bit the bullet and got a Facebook page. Its under the name sharahquinonez. I'm ready to be coached, to obtain the length I truly desire which is butt length. Thanks in advance.

  4. I big chopped September 5th. After cutting the remaining perm out I had one inch of naturally, curly, coily hair that I am loving so much. My itchy sore scalp in the crown area gives me slight concern but outside of that I am excited for this new hair journey.

  5. Do you know the dates for October. I totally missed September

    1. Today is a good day to do a New Moon cut. The October dates are not posted yet.