Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Moisturizing color treated hair


This regimen works for those with, henna, temporary color, semi permanent color, permanent color or bleached hair.

Before you get any type of hair color please read.
Know what you need to do in order to keep your hair from breaking off as a result of hair dye.
Have a clear understanding before you color your hair. Do not wait until after you have colored your hair to learn to take care of it.

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Once you color your hair you must immediately change your regimen. Whatever you were doing to keep your hair moisturized you must triple that. Understand this regimen is all about caring for your hair in hopes that it does not break off. This regimen is not about preserving your hair color. You will have to navigate through this regimen if you come across something that dulls your hair color. 


1. Choose products that are formulated for color treated hair.  This includes your shampoo, conditioners and leave in treatments.

2. To cleanse your hair choose a conditioning cleanser or a co-wash. No sulfates.

3. Your deep conditioners should say moisturizing, for color treated hair, over processed hair on the label.

4. Continue to avoid ingredients which dry the hair out, such as sulfates and bad alcohols.

5. Cleanse your hair twice a week leaving 3 days between washings. Ex. if you shampoo on Monday then you do so again on Friday. 

6. Always deep condition using heat after every cleansing. Cover with a plastic cap and sit under hooded dryer for 20 minutes.

7. Baggy using some leave in conditioner every other night. This is 3 times per week. (start baggying immediately after your color treatment)

8. Apply a good quality creamy leave in conditioner to your hair daily or every other day.

9. Follow your leave in conditioner with a high quality, avocado oil, coconut oil, castor oil or shea butter. These particular oils feed the hair, moisturize the hair and lubricate the hair. 

10. If you use gels or stylers, watch out for harsh alcohols, high protein content or other drying ingredients. Look for botanical gels such as Kinky curly coily custard.

No ammonia, no parabens, covers grays well.

11. If after following this guide your hair still feels dry, then add apple cider rinses to your regimen once per week. The ACV will help to lock in moisture longer. 

12. Follow a low manipulation regimen. No brushing, limit your combing, finger comb most of the time. Your hair is weak, so treat it gently. 

13. Beware of covering your hair with any type of hair extensions. The hair extensions sit on top of the hair and causes it to dry out, this is not a good move for someone with hair color.

14. Know how to shampoo your hair correctly, read here.

15. Add a pre-treatment masque to your regimen
Shea Moisture anti breakage masque use as a pretreatment on shampoo day.

Anti-breakage cleansing and conditioning routine

  • Start with dry hair.
  • Apply a  mix of 1/2 grape seed oil to 1/2 coconut oil to your hair and finger untangle.
  • Next apply a generous amount of your choice of hair treatment masques.
  • Cover hair with a plastic cap for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse out with warm or hot water.
  • Cleanse your hair with a conditioning cleanser.
  • Rinse with medium temp water.
  • Repeat your cleansing step.
  • Rinse with medium temp water.
  • Apply a generous amount of your moisturizing deep conditioner.
  • Cover with same plastic cap, sit under dryer for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Rinse out with cold water.
  • Do an apple cider vinegar rinse if necessary on this step or proceed to applying your leave in conditioner.
  • Apply leave in conditioner while hair is soaking wet. then blot excess water.
  • After blotting all excess water you may need to apply a little more of your leave in conditioner.
  • Proceed with other style products and style.


  1. Could you please send me an invite so that I can receive one on one hair coaching.

  2. Here we are in August 2016, and for the last couple if months I decided to follow one of your hair regimens. I tried it for a couple of months, products and all and it literally saved me some hair. I have been trying to reach you via email to tell you thank you and how much I appreciate your hard work, especially if it works for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I gave it a good three months and recently I started the color regimen and it saved me some hair. Believe it or not my hair is a little thicker but stronger and it did grow, I'm not sure how many inches but I can put it up in a bun now wow. Now I'm working on my crown area which I have been protecting from the sun this summer wearing hats galore, but who cares my crown area is getting full and filling in. So there you have the results of your hard work. I hope you get this message because I have Bee trying to reach you and I can't believe your unreachable. Thanks again my beautiful sister. Sincerely Julie

    1. Thank you so much! Very happy for your success! Thank you for reading my blog. Blessings!!!

    2. It's so nice to have read Julie's message. I am running into issues with thinning hair in the crown area. I have been to the dermatologist, but their treatments did not work. I have been wearing braids because my hair will no longer hold the twist out that I used to wear. I just took braids out this evening.And finally decided to try your regiment. I have just purchased the ph strips on amazon, but will begin the 30 day hair porosity treatment and then go from there. Thanks so much for taking the time to provide so much information. It is very much appreciated. I will definitely keep in touch with my progress.

    3. Thank you please do keep in touch with your progress. Did the doctor do a scalp biopsy. You can also contact me via FB. I think you follow me already your last name looks familiar.

  3. What do u mean by hair treatment masques- what type of treatment

    1. Hair treatment masques are made by different companies. Shea Moisture has the widest selection of hair masques. I show one in the article above, see picture within the article. It is a deep conditioner. Sometimes it might just say deep conditioner and that is fine to. Look for a quality product that is moisturizing or says for color treated hair.

  4. When you say style after conditioner what products do you mean- shall i do the lock in treatment?

    1. Just however you style your hair and any style products you might use to style it. The application of your leave in conditioner and oil is enough for your moisture.