Saturday, May 2, 2015

Growing your hair by New Moon Phase trimming (SEPT)

If you have followed this blog for more than a month, then you are familiar with my monthly posts on New Moon Phase trimming to increase hair growth. For those who are not familiar with New Moon Phase trimming, it is the process of trimming your hair during certain high energy times of the month depending upon the position of the moon. There is no chanting, no spells or hocus pocus involved. We just use the earth to give us direction, the same as we can look out and tell if a storm is coming. One should always remember who made the moon and who placed the stars in the sky.

How I pick my dates

Each month I use spiritual discernment and the lunar calender to pick the best days to trim your hair for increased hair growth. This explains why you may find different dates from different sources. I know that my dates work. I get emails all the time telling me how they used my dates and received lots of increased hair growth. My dates, praise God also work for me. So as long as I continue to get emails of success I will continue to provide the best high energy dates each month. I hope people will continue to benefit from them.

1 Corinthians 1:27
But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

Why the New Moon Phase trimming did not work for you.

This method is all about good energy. Strong positive energy. This is what you are using to increase your hair growth rate. But if  you are currently in a negative state of mind, then no good energy can enter. You must empty your storage of negative energy. How? Through prayer and fasting, this is the only way I know to get rid of deep seated negative energy. Some do not get results because they are in a depressed, fearful or angry state of mind. So before you start your New Moon phase trim release that negative energy. If you have a negative mindset about your hair release that negativity. If you have a negative mindset about this working release that also. 

Ways to release a negative mindset

Prayer: decide to increase your prayer life or decide to pray at certain times of the day for a certain period. Start a prayer journal and write your prayers down. Pray to God and ask God to take away all your negativity and God will do it.  (cast your burdens on Him)

Fast: You can abstain from solid food, a specific type of food or whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to abstain from. You can do a TV fast, computer fast, phone fast. It should be something to help your Christian walk.

Whatever you are negative about, be real with yourself as to why that bothers you. Pray and ask God to fix it for you. Reading the bible will help you replace your mindset with the mind of Jesus Christ.

Prayer changes things!!!!!!!

When you think you are ready and in a positive place then do your New Moon Phase trim. Do so expecting good results.

To get the New Moon Phase trim dates for SEPTEMBER.
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  3. Hopefully they will respond back. Lawd knows I need a good trim and would like to do it on one of the new moon trim dates.

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