Tuesday, March 8, 2016

7 tips for growing your hair long

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Set a length goal. 
Never work a goal without a plan. Your plan should be simple and honest. Never plan below what you desire to truly achieve. Once you have your goal then create your plan on how you will go about achieving this goal.

Find a good hair care regimen that suits your lifestyle
Decide on a hair care regimen that will help you achieve your length goals. When choosing a regimen consider your present lifestyle and how much time you will need to set aside for this plan. A good hair care regimen covers 3 areas well, moisture, stimulation and protection. The Coily Queens Regimen covers these three areas very well. The CQR helps you achieve your hair length goals the fastest. Your hair will grow long and healthy with dedication to the CQR.


Keep a hair journal
Always have a written plan and records of your daily achievements. Write your goals out so you can see them. Know your starting length so you can track your progress. Progress fuels your motivation.

Stay loyal to your regimen

A double minded person never achieves much of anything. Once you commit to a hair care regimen stay loyal to it, as long as it is working. It usually takes months to see big results from any hair regimen. Certainly when you are going for long lengths it take 3 to 6 months to see length accumulation. To many people switch regimens simply because something else sounds good. That is an premature move. Stay loyal to your decision.  

Enjoy your hair
Yes you can grow your hair without using fake hair. If you want to use fake hair that is an option for you but it is not a requirement. Enjoy your hair. We are always more successful when we are happy. Rocking your own hair makes you happy. Create a style plan. Designate specific days to let your hair down and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Don't be distracted by other regimens

Once you decide on a hair care regimen, it is good to take a break from hair forums, hair groups and website. Take a break so you are not distracted from other regimens which sound good and tempt you to try them instead of the one you have decided on. Having to many choices many times makes you doubt your first choice. Make a decision, have faith in your choice and work your regimen. 

When you reach your goal sit back, cruise and maintain your length. 

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Maintain your length by following a good hair care regimen such as the Coily Queens Regimen. You will not retain length without a good hair care regimen. Sometimes the retaining can be more difficult than the growing. Have fun and enjoy your hair. But practice correct styling methods and product usage. The Coily Queens Regimen gives you all the information you need on buying the right products and minimizing breakage. Start it today. Click the link up top for the full Coily Queens Method.
 long term and short term goals. Once you have reached your goal, create a new one.Set a plan to maintain your length, do not abandon your regimen just because you have attained your goal. 

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