Thursday, August 11, 2016

5 possible reasons for your dry, itchy, flaky scalp

1. Products with harsh cheap ingredients:
Using products which contain a lot of unnatural ingredients will lead to allergic reactions on your scalp. Lots of times they are shuttle and many times the product causing the issue is overlooked. This can happen with a product you have used for years. It is best to choose products which have more natural ingredients, such as plant extracts, natural oils and butters. Stay away from cheap brands like: Aussie Moist, Dove, Pantene, Organix, African Pride and others like them. 


2. Overuse of products
Whatever you apply on your hair will also seep onto the scalp. Be choosy with the products you use, which you leave on your hair all day. Just because your have Afro hair does not mean you have to use half the jar in one application. More product does not always make your hair style better. Many times it leaves a build up on the scalp, which irritates the scalp after a few days. Start using half the amount of product. Start small and smooth more. Your hair might look like it has soaked up the product but it has not. The majority of products do not penetrate the hair strands. They are cosmetic and sit on top.

3. Not cleansing enough
Lots of women have clogged hair follicles which lead to their slow hair growth. Most times the slow hair growth is attributed to genetics. Daily your hair collects: germs, dirt, bacteria, dust, products and more. Your hair is getting dirty the same way your body is getting dirty, throughout the day. You wash your body then ignore the hair. That must stop. Your dry itchy scalp is begging to be cleansed. Wash your hair with a non sulfate shampoo twice a week. 


4. Fungus
This is a top reason for hair loss and slow hair growth. If your scalp is itchy, scaly, dry skin buildup then you could have a fungus issue. The only way to know is to visit your dermatologist. You can also use a product that contains sulfur and see if your scalp starts to heal. If it does then there was a good chance your issue is fungus related. 


5. Low sebum production
We are always producing sebum from our hair follicles if they are still open. Sebum is the waxy oily substance that is secreted from our hair roots. Sebum conditions the hair and keeps it growing at it optimum speed. Sebum is why your face becomes oily. Some people produce more sebum than others. Our sebum production depends on our individual health. When your sebum is low then your scalp can become itchy due to low lubrication. A balanced healthy diet which includes 64 ounces of water daily will help you maintain great sebum production. Oil massages with good oils for ten minutes everyday, will also help with low sebum production. 

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  1. I always wonder why ladies with waist length hair say they use Aussie, Panteen, and other cheap products on their hair. Myself love natural products, but it still baffles me