Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hair growth-one year

Twist out 2010

Hair Growth 2010-2012

Grew 6 inches this year by:

Oiling my scalp daily

weekly cleansing/deep conditioning

Ms.Vee's Sauna Treatment                                           

 Twistout 2011

chunky twist out 2012-13

No more single strand knots

No more dry hair

75% less tangles

No need to wash hair in braids

Able to wear a twist out for one week

Remember your tightly coily can grow long and you can do any style you desire, just be thankful for how your hair looks. Change your mindset change your journey.

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  1. Hi I wanted to know is it recommend to trim the ends of your hair after braid take down?

  2. Hey, I'd like to know at which stage of your regime is it possible to colour your hair? I have been a natural for a couple of years now and I've had it in its natural colour and I'd like to have fun with my hair.

  3. Wow your hair looks beautiful! I would love to have my hair grow this length