Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to create better twist outs

The twist out is probably the most popular style for naturals.  No matter your curl pattern, the hunt for the perfect twist out is always on. Some people get lucky the first time they create their twist out. But for most naturals it takes several attempts in order to get a desired twist out style. To perfect it takes even longer. But it does not have to be all trial and error. Here are some very helpful tips to help your achieve your best twist out. 


1.  Healthy hair styles the best. Work on the health of your hair first before trying to perfect your twist out. This is very important for new naturals. Trying to create great looking styles on hair that does not retain moisture well, can be very deflating to your natural hair joy. 

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2. Find a great style product. You want a product to give you hold and moisture, without flaking. Start with a style cream. Here are some winners: As I am double butter cream, SM curl enhancing smoothie, Camille Rose Curlaide, Camille Rose Almond Jai butter, Jane Carter's curling curl cream.

3. For better hold combine a style cream with a gel. Be aware of products conflicting with one another and causing white balls. Mix your two products on the back of your hand, to test and see if they ball up and clump. If it does so, on the back of your hand then that combination is not a good one. Try another combo. Good gels for natural hair especially 4C hair: Kinky curly curling custard, Eco olive oil gel, Miss Jessie's Curly Custard.

4. During cold weather, seal your twist out with coconut oil. It will help your hair hold its shape longer. 

5. Instead of single two strand twists, create small to medium flat twists. You get way more volume per flat twist, than you will with the same size section of a regular two strand twist. Your first night sections should be 2 inches by 3 inch sections, flat twisted. 

6. For a fuller look, end your twists with a bantu knot or use a flexi rod. This gives your twist out more flavor and fullness. 

7. Flat twists also give you more stretch, this gives you more hang time.  

8. Gain more hang time, by not using a water based product after the third day of  your twist out. You will need  moisture for day one and two, but if you have healthy hair your should be able to retwist with a non water based product. Here are some suggestions: As I am double butter cream (has water but it still gives you stretch), Regular shea butter.

9. On day one of your twist out, after you have set your hair, seal your hair with a cold water rinse. This will give you great definition. You can also seal with half aloe vera juice and half filtered water. Put mixture in fridge and let it get really cold. The cold and aloe vera helps to flatten the hair cuticle. The gives you more definition and hold. 

10. For more stretch, reduce your product use in half. Less product equals less shrinkage. 

11. Allow your hair to air dry in large braids at least 75%, then create your two strand twists. This will give you way more hang time. 

12. Afro hair is like memory foam. The more you shape it into a style the better it will form that shape. So do not try a style once or twice then become frustrated. Continue to do that style over and over for a few weeks. Each time your hair will twist better and better. You will also find you can create the style faster. 

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