Friday, December 15, 2017

Never blow dry your hair!

In order to maintain healthy growing natural hair, you must have a routine that keeps your hair moisturized. Using a blow dryer is counterproductive to keeping your hair hydrated. Many naturals use a blow dryer to quickly stretch their coily hair. However, in the process of giving your hair stretch, it sucks all the moisture from the hair. This is the main reason that you should never ever, ever. ever, ever use a blow dryer on your hair. 

When I get my hair braided, my braider uses the blow dryer to stretch my hair. What do I do about this?
Afro hair is perfect for braiding in its natural state. A good braider should not have to blow dry your hair in order to braid it. It should look just as good being braided in its natural perfect state. Always shampoo, deep condition, detangle and moisturize the hair before getting your hair braided. 

Two all natural heat free ways to stretch hair

1.  Braid your hair in  5 to 7 loose plaits, and let it air dry. Your hair will have a very nice healthy stretch. 

2. Roll hair on magnetic rollers, using slim sections. Let hair air dry. Your hair will have awesome stretch, superior to that you get from blow drying.

So what is the problem with blow drying the hair,  before getting braid extensions?

As previously stated, blow dryers  suck all the moisture from the hair. Then adding the fake hair on top of your natural hair dries it out, even more.  Fake hair is made up of a type of plastic.  As this plastic lays on top of your hair, it sucks more moisture from your already scorched blow dried hair. The combination of the blow dryer and the plastic fiber is not conducive to keeping your Afro hair hydrated. 

When you remove the fake hair after wearing it for several weeks or months, you lose more hair than you should.  This is due to your coils drying out under the extensions.  As the weight of the fake hair swings back and forth  week after week, your hair begins to weaken. Thus when you remove the extensions, that weakened dried out hair breaks easily. What you think is shed hair, also ends up being breakage. 

What about when I deep condition?
When a deep conditioner tells you to use heat, they are not referring to the harsh heat of a blow dryer. You use a heat cap, steamer or sit under a soft bonnet dryer. Invest in one of those items, for your healthy hair journey.

Christmas gift list:  steamer, heat cap or bonnet dryer.  

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