Saturday, December 16, 2017

Upgrade your deep conditioning regimen

It is time to upgrade your deep conditioning, by investing in a hair steamer!

Hair steamers hydrate your hair 5 times better, than deep conditioning with a hooded or bonnet dryer. The moist steam infuses each of your hair strands with moisture. The steam enhances the benefits of your deep conditioner. 

You can enjoy the amazing benefits of steam conditioning, once a week. You can steam treat your hair for 15 minutes, one day a week. 

Enhances blood flow to the follicles
Holds moisture all day and more
Reduces frizz
Softer hair
Facial steamer
Unclogs pores
Reduces itchiness
Prevents dandruff


At one time, at home, hair steamers were expensive. But thanks to Amazon, that is no longer the case. I found you one for $44.99! YES, THAT IS RIGHT! What a deal!!!

Hair Steamer Deal!

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