Saturday, June 2, 2018

Black owned hair vitamins!

Growing your hair to waist length and beyond, requires the help of a good quality hair vitamin. It helps immensely to take a hair skin and nail vitamin, while on your hair growth journey. Cooking your foods with high heat, destroys the nutrients. A quality hair skin and nail supplement helps to makes up for those lost nutrients. 

When beginning a new hair vitamin, purchase a 90 day supply. It takes 3 months to see the best hair growth results. Therefore, spend your dollars with black owned companies. It is important that we support those who support us. Support  black owned companies  who work hard to deliver us quality products. Those black companies who have respect for our hair.

If we support black owned businesses on a regular basis. We do not have to worry much about them being brought out by larger companies.

Here are 3 black owned hair companies that  sell good HSN vitamins. Measure your length in 3 places and write it on a calendar. Wait 40 then measure again. Keep track of your growth every 30 days. If you do not track your growth then you have no ideal how well it is working or not. 

The Mane Choice hair vitamins 

CVS & Target

Camille Rose Super foods hair vitamins

Order HERE

Liquid hair vitamins by Curls

Find this at CVS & Target

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