Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hair myths part 3

Braids can give you a break from incorrect manipulation. 
Thus helping you "retain" more length. 

1. Hair extensions makes your hair grow faster.
Hair growth happens under your scalp. No type of weaves or braids can make your hair grow faster. Blood circulation, nutrients and a healthy hair root is what makes your hair grow. This is a commonly shared myth. 

2. You need to straighten or blow out Afro hair in order to trim it properly.
Straightening or blow drying your hair before getting braids is a bad move for hair. Heat sucks all moisture from the hair. Then letting the fake hair sit on top of your dry hair for weeks, causes a lot of breakage. This is partly why most comb so much hair out, after they remove extensions. A good braider should be about to braid your Afro hair in its natural state. 

3. If you have low porosity hair, you cannot use butters or certain products.
Porosity does not dictate the types of oils or butters one can use. Most of the oils and butters sit on top of  all hair. Most times the molecular structure of the butter or oil is to big to penetrate any hair strand. To keep build up from happening, be sure to wash your hair once or twice a week. 

Water molecules can get around oils and butters.

Hear from a Chemist. 

4. The Sink Float test will tell you, your hair porosity.
There is a commonly shared test within the natural hair community. This test involves putting a strand of hair in a cup of water. Depending on whether your hair sinks or floats, dictates  if you are high or low porosity. This test is not accurate. So do not base your hair regimen around it and wrongly label your hair.

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