Tuesday, October 13, 2015

3 Reasons why crochet braids are not a good protective style

The crochet braids of the 90's have made a big comeback.  You see naturals posting their proud  crochet braids pictures on just about every hair forum, group or hair site. You see more people showing them off than their natural hair. You see hashtags such as #protectivestyling, next to their fresh set of crochet braids.  But is your hair truly protected?  Just because you cover your hair with fake hair does not make it protected. 

Your protection comes from hair care, not  fake hair. 

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#1. Not keeping your scalp clean, stunts hair growth
The average person wearing crochet braids does not wash their hair on a weekly basis. This is unhealthy for the scalp and drying to the hair. Because the hair used is synthetic hair, wearers are more concerned with keeping the hair looking good than keeping the scalp clean.

Never sacrifice the health of your hair just to keep a style longer.

#2. The synthetic hair is drying to your natural hair
The hair which most people use to create crochet braids is made of a form of plastic. This fake fiber lays on top of the hair and dries out your natural hair. The fake hair that comes in colors is even worst. The dye chemicals lay on top of the hair and seep onto the scalp. In some cases the scalp can have an allergic reaction to the hair. 

Remember what lays on top of your hair also seeps into your scalp.

#3. The common braid pattern causes traction alopecia
The popular braid pattern of braiding the hair straight back is damaging to the edges. This braid pattern will make your hairline recede. The weight of the fake hair hanging on the cornrow base of your natural hair sometimes leads to breakage. Especially when people leave crochets in for 3 months or more. 
Use a different braid pattern if you wear crochet braids more than once. Cornrowing the hair down, from the top to the ear, is a better braid pattern than cornrowing straight back. 

These dangers also apply to sew ins and braid extensions. Before you get your next set of braids or weaves, protect your hair by following the Braid Retain and Grow Method. 

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Increase your hair growth rate by doing a New Moon Phase trim (Oct)

1 Corinthians 1:27
But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.

New Moon Phase trimming
The process of trimming your hair during certain high energy times of the month, depending upon the position of the moon.
It is all about good energy. Good energy attracts more good energy. So if you are not in a positive mindset, do not attempt a New Moon Phase trim. Pray, forgive, release all negative feelings, if you want to attract good positive energy. 

October trim dates for increase
24th(super high energy day)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Awesome pre-treatment for your hair

Highly penetrating moisturizing treatment
Carmel-tini Hair Treatment

Great for tansitioners! Pre treating the hair before you shampoo is recommended for those dealing with two textures. Pre pooing will help reduce breakage at the line of demarcation. 

Honey: Is a good emollient and softener. Prevents the loss of moisture and heals scalp infections. Gives you more shine and luster to your hair.
Banana puree:  Increases the moisture content of your hair. Eliminate frizz. Great for dry, itchy, flaky hair.

Olive fruit oil: Improves hair elasticity and strength. Block DHT, which leads to hair loss. Penetrates the hair shaft by 25%.
Mustard seed oil:
Avocado oil: Penetrates the hair shaft more than evoo. moisture. High in Vitamins A, E, and D. Stimulates new hair growth when massaged into the hair roots. High in fatty acids, which provides strength and protection to the hair.
Wheat germ oil: Highly moisturizing to the hair and rich in fatty acids. Easily absorbed into your skin. Adds softness and strength to your hair.
Neem oil: Awesome for relieving an itchy scalp and dandruff. Stimulates hair growth. With consistent use you will see longer, fuller, luxurious hair. Antiseptic and antibacterial.
Carrot oil: Heals dry hair.

This awesome pre poo is great for those with a dry itchy scalp. Great for reducing tangles and infusing extra moisture into your hair. Use this as a pre treatment before you shampoo. Consistent use will make your hair softer with less tangles. Less tangles leads to better hair growth. Longer, stronger, more luxurious hair with the Carmel-tini treatment.


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Friday, October 2, 2015

What, you've never heard of Toni Daley?

 Toni Daley is a natural sister on the move!
Modeling the Toni Wig! Get it here!

Toni Daley is a wig designer, jewelry designer, youtuber, daughter and wife!

I became familiar with Toni Daley through her youtube channel. I enjoy her natural hair tutorials, product reviews and the way she highlights black owned businesses. In addition to her main channel she also vlogs with her wonderful supportive husband and precious dog Marley. 

You must visit her website Toni Daley.com, and check out her fabulous natural looking wigs. She has two great sellers. The Gabe wig and the Toni Half wig. She also has a large selection of beautiful afrocentric handcrafted earrings at a great price.
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Let's learn more about this fabulous natural sister!

CoilyQueensRock: Toni you are natural, right? 
Toni: Yes, I am 100% natural since 2007.

CQR: What prompted you to go natural?
Toni:   After deciding not to relax my hair anymore I decided to try braids.  I fell in love with braided styles and experimented with box braids, microbraids, curly braids, human hair braids, cornrows, you name it...I tried it.  I wore braids for about 2 years straight.  When I decided to give the braids a break I was shocked at the thick head of natural afro textured hair I had grown and fell in love with my new found texture.

CQR: What has been your biggest challenge being natural?
Toni:  I really don't have much challenges being natural especially now that there are so many more options available for us in terms of both products and styling.

CQR: What has been your biggest reward from being natural?
Toni:  My biggest reward is definitely the platform I've built online and being able to inspire thousands of women to rock the hair they were born with and letting little girls know that they are beautiful just the way they are. 

CQR:  Do you have specific natural hair goals? 
Toni:   My hair goals really haven't changed since going natural.  Relaxed or natural my goals have always been to have a head full of healthy hair and to have fun with my styles.

CQR: I have enjoyed subscribing to you on youtube for over a year, it seems. How long have you been on youtube?
Toni:   I've happily been making videos on YouTube for about 5 years now.

CQR: How long have you had a passion for designing earrings?
Toni:  When I fell in love with being natural I really wanted to be able to express that through my clothing and accessories as most naturals do.  I started purchasing natural hair t-shirts but what I really wanted a pair of afro pick earrings.  Back in '07 there wasn't the market that there was now and I just honestly couldn't find any...so I decided to make them and that's how I got started.

You won't believe the price! Makes a great gift order here

CQR: Your Toni Wig and Gabe wig is on point and fabulous. What inspired you to start designing wigs?
Toni:  I've always been a fan of extensions, particularly half wigs when I was relaxed.  That didn't change when I went natural but it did become harder to find half wigs that blended with my own natural hair.  I always tend to think that if it's a problem for me, it must be a problem for other women out there so I decided to create my own and introduce them onto my site.  I started with the Toni wig which mimics my own 4c hair.  After that I collaborated with one of my favourite YouTubers Gabrielle of TheGabeFix to create a wig which mimics her infamous twist outs on 4b hair.  I introduced a new style 3 months ago called 'The Big Chop' wig which is a short natural hair wig in the popular tapered cut style.  I hope to have new styles in the future as well. 

CQR: Can we expect any new wig designs in the near future?
Toni:  I introduced a new style 3 months ago called 'The Big Chop' wig which is a short natural hair wig in the popular tapered cut style.  I hope to have new styles in the future as well. 
The Big Chop Wig! Order here!

CQR: I love your earrings and accessories. What can we expect from ToniDaley.com for this Fall or next Spring?
Toni: I'm an artist at heart and love to create so you can always be on the look out for new designs on my site!  This fall you can expect new artwork, earring designs, and wig colour options!

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Toni Daley for natural hair and beauty: www.YouTube.com/ToniDaley80
Enjoy her day to day life with her supportive witty husband and  their super cute dog, Marley.
Toni and The Boy for daily vlogs: www.YouTube.com/MissToniDaley

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/ToniDaley80
Instagram: @tonidaley
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For fabulous earrings, wigs and accessories visit Toni Daley.com.