Friday, June 28, 2019

Great working and affordable hair growth vitamins

When going for long length, you want to add a hair vitamin or multi vitamin to your diet.  Most people do not receive all of the daily nutrients required. This is mostly due to consuming lots of fast food. This is also due to cooking food and depleting it of its nutrients. 
This is a good quality supplement, that I have taken for several years. They work great and you can find them at most stores. 

A hair vitamin helps your hair strands grow out strong. Strong hair does not break that easily. This enables you to keep hair on your head longer and reach your length goals. 

How to take your hair from flat to FULL!

2 products, that make your strands thicker and stronger.


Henna coats your hair strands and makes them stronger. The micro particles of  Henna plant stick to each strand, making hair thicker. Be sure to purchase 100% pure henna. 

Protein treatments: (temporary)

True protein treatments, such as the Aphogee 2 step, temporarily adhere small particles of keratin protein to hair. This reinforces the hair and your hair looks thicker from the protein. This treatments lasts 4 to 6 weeks. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Your own personalized hair growth regimen

My long healthy 4C natural hair!

I know you are tired of not reaching your length goals. It can be confusing seeing those who began their hair journey after you, pass you in length. You look in the mirror and wonder, what you are doing wrong!


4C waist length twist out 


I can help you figure it out. It is not only about genetics. There are many reasons why your hair growth seems stagnant. Sign up and get your own customized easy to follow hair growth regimen.

For many years I have helped lots of women grow longer hair. Receive a personalized hair growth regimen. Follow the regimen and be rewarded with long, healthy hair.

Stop hoping for long hair and grow long hair.
I love hair and I know what it takes to grow it long and healthy!

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Within 24 to 36 hours I will contact you via email.
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Then a customized Hair Growth regimen ebook will be created for you.

The amazing benefits of Emu Oil!

Emu oil is an amazing oil. This oil is taken from the Emu bird. The Emu is native to Australia. 

Dealing with thinning edges or hair loss?
Studies have shown that emu oil can awaken sleeping hair follicles.
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Emu oil is also an excellent skin moisturizer. It closely resembles  human sebum. It is non greasy and absorbs well into your skin. 

As we age our hair shaft shrinks in diameter. This makes our hair look thinner. Emu oil has the ability recharge those hair follicles. Emu oil increases hair growth and restores thickness.

Order your emu oil here!

Emu oil is pearly white in color. It has a medium consistency. Normally unrefined oils are best. But emu oil comes refined. Be sure emu oil is the only ingredient on your bottle. You want pure emu oil from Australia.

Emu oil is one of the most expensive oils. If you find it less than $4 an ounce, it is most likely not of good quality. Emu oil is well worth the price.