Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Double your hair growth with Mineral Rich liquid vitamins

Mineral Rich is a liquid multi-vitamin supplement. It is not specifically marketed as a hair growth supplement, however one of the added benefits I and others have found with taking this supplement is an increase in our normal hair growth rate. This liquid vitamin comes in two flavors, Aloe Vera and cherry flavored.  I currently take the cherry flavored one, and with great results.

The benefit of taking a liquid vitamin as oppose to a pill is that the liquid absorbs better into your system, therefore giving you better results.  A vitamin can have all the right ingredients, but if it does not absorb into your system, then it will not benefit you at all. This is one of the reasons why many people take supplements and see very little results. Their body is not absorbing the nutrients effectively into the bloodstream, that will give them that extra added benefit of  increased hair growth.

Two things need to happen in order for your hair to grow longer and stronger. You need good blood circulation, not just okay but good healthy blood circulation. You get this from daily exercise and from scalp massages. Once your follicles are stimulated from the good blood circulation, the blood then distributes nutrients into your hair roots. Now if your body does not have adequate nutrients from a good diet, what do you think will happen? You will suffer from weak, brittle and slow hair growth. Your body must have nutrients that get supplied throughout your body, to help the body function at optimum health. So you need good blood circulation and the right amount of nutrients in you body.  When you do not have enough nutrients in your system you hair will suffer, you body will supply your vital organs with nutrients first and your hair will get what is left. It is always best to get your vitamins and minerals from good healthy clean food, but the average person does not eat enough clean foods, on a daily basis, for this reason they need help and you get this help from vitamin supplements, such as Mineral Rich liquid vitamin.  

Tips for getting the most out of your beauty supplements

Always take your supplement with food, it absorbs better this way.
Do not take more than the recommended amount stated on the bottle. 
Always drink a full glass of water when you take your vitamins.
Drink 64 ounces of water daily
When taking single supplements find out what other vitamins you should take with it. There are many vitamins which need another vitamin in order to work properly. For this reason it is best to take a multi-vitamin supplement.

My 3 month review of the Mineral Rich liquid multi vitamin supplement.

I started taking mineral rich January 2013, the recommended dosage is 2 tablespoons per day with food. To date, I am currently still taking this supplement. As of my  April length check I have gained almost 2 inches. This may not sound like a lot to some but my normal hair growth rate is 1/4 inch per month, so in 3 months I would normally gain 3/4 of an inch, but with mineral rich, I gained,  1 plus 3/4 of an  inch. Mineral Rich has doubled my hair growth. Thus far I would say this supplement does increase hair growth as well as being an all around great liquid vitamin for the whole body. 

3 month results with Mineral Rich

 Length of bangs on Jan. 2013

January 27th, my bangs measured 8.5 inches

Day 55 of taking mineral rich bangs measure 9 inches

Bangs are chin length here .
From chin length to 1.5 inches pass chin length.

On April 7th, my bangs had grown to 10 full inches. In 3 months I gained 1 and 3/4 inch of new hair growth. On average my hair grows 1/4 inch per month. So far Mineral Rich has increased my average hair growth rate by one full inch. I will continue to take Mineral Rich throughout 2013

 Bangs are now chest length

Bangs stop at top of  "B"

May and June length check for Mineral Rich liquid vitamin. My bangs now touch my chest area. In the above previous picture they are not touching my chest although the picture looks as though they are.

My bangs now measure 11.5 inches.
For April 7th-May 7th -June7th-July 7th=3 months. My normal hair growth rate would give me 3/4 of an inch of new growth in 3 months. But taking the Mineral Rich liquid vitamin during this time helped me to gain 1.5 inches of new growth. Again my hair growth rate has doubled. 

My hair growth for July/Aug is 1/2 inch thus far. Now my bangs measure 12 inches long. If you notice they now reach pass the middle of the letter "B" but in my prior photo they only touched the top of the letter "B".  So Mineral Rich liquid vitamin is still keeping me above my normal slow growth rate of 1/4 inch per month. Even considering that I took a break from the supplement for a little while. I plan to continue to take the Mineral Rich at least until October, then I may try something else to see if it will give me even more growth. Have not decided yet, but do stay tuned for my updates.

Hair cut: I did take several inches off of my bangs so they now measure 9 inches instead of 12, but watch how fast they grow back and more!

If you are reading this and you are a slow hair grower, then I would invest in this vitamin or a liquid vitamin rich in B vitamins. This supplement will double your hair growth rate when taken consistently.

Side note: During parts of July I took a 30 day break from the Mineral Rich, so I can measure how much this vitamin is helping me.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Understanding your hairs porosity

All hair is porous, meaning that products, in particular water, can penetrate its surface. Some peoples hair is more porous than others, and hair on the same head can be overly porous one day the next month less porous. Products, hair care habits and elements greatly effect our hairs porosity. If you are on a journey towards growing longer healthier hair your first step should be to get your hairs cuticle to open and close properly. The goal is to have normal porosity, this is when your hair cuticle closes when it should and opens when it should.

Understand that overly porous or under porous is not a hair type, it is a hair condition. Unlike hair types, conditions are subject to change. Most people have overly porous hair due to their improper shampoo habits or using products which are not PH balanced for the hair. Most women think this is just the way their hair is, and adopts being overly porous or under porous as a hair type, when it is a hair condition. Again the goal is to have a healthy working cuticle that closes when it should and opens when it should. This goal is easily attainable, by following a specific regimen for 30 days. Remember this is the first thing you need to do when starting a healthy hair regimen.

30 day correction for overly porous hair:
Products needed: PH balance strips, non sulfate PH balanced shampoo, organic apple cider vinegar, a deep moisturizing conditioner, plastic caps, hooded dryer, bottled or filtered water and a leave in conditioner.
Steps to take:
Shampoo your hair twice a week with a non sulfate shampoo. Be sure the shampoo has a PH b/n 5.5 and 6.0. (purchase PH balance strips to test all of your products this is the only way to know for sure)

1. After you shampoo and deep conditioned your hair. Always rinse your shampoo out with warm water, this ensures the cuticle is opened to receive the moisturizing benefits of your deep conditioner.  Once you rinse out your deep conditioner you then need to do a ACV rinse.
Apple Cider Vinegar rinse recipe:
1/4 cup of ACV
2 cups of filtered or bottled water

2. Pour this ACV rinse over all your hair/scalp saturate really good. You should use at least 1/2 of your mixture or all. Allow to soak into your hair for 3 minutes then rinse for 3 minutes with the coldest water you can stand.

3. Apply your leave in conditioner and style. Do not use a blow dryer or any type of heat during the 30 days. Let your hair air dry.

1, 2, 3 that is it! 

Shampoo your hair again in 3 days after your first shampoo/ACV rinse
But this time do not use the ACV rinse, but remember to ALWAYS RINSE YOUR DEEP CONDITIONER OUT WITH COLD WATER.

Shampoo again after another 3 days this time you can use the ACV rinse. 
Following the above instructions.

 You will do a  ACV rinse every 6 days.

After two weeks of this regimen you will notice that your hair retains moisture better and you will not have to apply  a leave in conditioner everyday, so you will start to save a lot of money.

Your steps in 30 days: Easy, inexpensive and simple to follow!
Day 1: Shampoo, DC follow with ACV rinse
Day 4: Shampoo, DC rinse out DC with cold, cold water. Skip ACV rinse part
Day 7: Shampoo, DC, follow with ACV rinse
Day 10: Shampoo, DC rinse out with cold, cold water, Skip ACV rinse part
Day 13: Shampoo, DC follow with ACV rinse
Day 16: Shampoo, DC rinse out with cold, cold water, Skip ACV rinse part
Day 19: Shampoo, DC follow with ACV rinse
Day 21: Shampoo, DC rinse out with cold, cold water, Skip ACV rinse part
Day 24: Shampoo, DC follow with ACV rinse
Day 27:  Shampoo, DC rinse out with cold, cold water, Skip ACV rinse part
Day 30: Shampoo, DC follow with ACV rinse

Remember no direct heat for 30 days. Only heat you will use is when you sit under a hooded dryer with a plastic cap for 20 minutes twice a week. No blow dryers, flat irons or curling irons. For best results. Remember to rinse shampoo out with warm water, but rinse deep conditioner out with cold water.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Join the hair growth 30 day healthy hair bootcamp

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Help my scalp is sore!

A sore scalp is common occurrence  amongst all people, at one time or another in their lifetime.  The average person  will have a sore scalp on occasion but usually it goes away after a few hours or 2 days. A constant sore scalp is not normal and should be looked at by your doctor, to ensure that the sore scalp is not indicative of a underlying serious health condition.  Some people keep a sore scalp and label themselves as tender headed and think nothing of it.

There are many causes of a sore scalp some common ones are: allergies to products in particular sulfates, hair pulled to tightly from styling, sinus issues, inflammation of the scalp, tense tired scalp muscles, older age and more. Whatever the root cause, know that if a sore scalp persists more than 3 days, then you should tell your primary care doctor.

Sore scalp solutions:

  • Eliminate products which contain:  sulfates, alcohols and parabens .(these ingredients are strong and many have allergic reactions to them and do not even realize it)
  • Be sure there are no bad teeth in your mouth, so it could be time to a dental checkup. (wisdom teeth, impacted teeth and cavities can create all sorts of extra pain within your body)
  • Do not braid, twist or pull your hair to tightly.(extension braids should be able to be bent back and forth without your cringing the first day of your style. If you have to take a pain pill and cannot bend your extension back and forth without pain then they are to tight, remove them ASAP or spray your scalp area with a warm water solution to try and loosen them up)
  • Drink 64 ounces of water daily (water helps to keep inflammation out of the body) 

Two natural remedies for a sore spots on scalp
Ice pack on sore area for 15 minutes only, then you can wait an hour and do another 15 minutes until the pain stops.
Massage scalp for 10 minutes twice a day, concentrating more on the sore areas
  Sore scalp oil mix:
 One tablespoon of pure jojoba oil
 2 drops of  pure tea tree oil
 4 drops citronella essential oil
 3 drops of pure argan oil

 Jojoba oil improves the texture of  your skin while removing excess cholestrol from your scalp. The tea tree is anti bacterial while the citronella and argan act as the inflammatory agent.

Mix these oils together in a bowl and apply to the sore areas first, and with your finger pads (not your fingernails) massage area as deep as you can stand it) Apply oil mixture a little at a time all over the entire scalp. Massage for at least 10-15 minutes, concentrate more on the sore areas of your scalp. You can also hang your head over the sink (as though you were going to wash your hair) and massage it this way, this will encourage better blood circulation. If you are able to hang your head off the side of a bed that is even better. Caution if you use either one of the last two techniques only do them for 3 minutes and stop if you get dizzy or feel weird in any way.

Test your scalp

The scalp contains muscles and muscles become tense and sore.  A healthy scalp moves very easily. Test your scalp, palm you head as you would a basketball, then with your hand firmly on each side of your head move your whole scalp back and forth. How easily did your scalp move?  Did your scalp feel loose or tight and tensed?  When you do this test you want your scalp to move back and forth easily and loose, not tight and tensed. Hair does not reach its full monthly growth potential if the scalp is tight.  Practice daily massage with  natural oils to keep the scalp loose and to stimulate  healthier blood flow.