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New Natural Hair Terms You Should Know

Coily Queens Hair terms you should know

1. Webbing: Hair strands sticking together when being separated. The strands stick together forming a webbing effect. This causes tangles and makes your style frizzy. 

"Try separating a small section of your hair. Does the hair stick together?"

2. Peel apart affect: When your hair separates easily with no resistance, from the tips to the roots. When there is no resistance your twist outs do not have a lot of frizz and you have more curl definition. 

The Crescendo Twist out methods help you create this awesome pull apart effect. Read about it here Read about it here.

3. Oil therapy: Using oils that are specific to your hair needs. Applying them 3 times a week, followed by 10-minute scalp massages. 

More about Oil Therapy here Oil Therapy here

More Oil Therapy

Oil therapy

4. Good hydration: When hair holds moisture for 3 plus days before requiring the application of more moisturizer. Reaching good hydration begins here

5. With the Curl (WTC): Styles that work with the natural formation of coily hair. Twist outs, braid outs, Afros, wash and goes, puffs, anytime you style the hair in its natural state. These are the best styles for hair growth. They are favorable for length retention. 

6. Against the Curl (ATC): Styles that work against your natural curls. These styles cause dryness, tangles or breakage, in most cases. Silk presses, flat irons, blow drying, 

7. Level 3 Elevated Natural: She is serious about caring for her natural hair. She is not interested in molding her hair to mimic European hair. 

8. Hair growth plan (HGP): A written plan for growing your hair. It includes daily care tips and weekly hair care tips. It covers hair growth from under the scalp and length retention. Get the "Double Your Hair Growth Plan". 

Get a customized plan

Get the "Double Your Hair Growth" plan

9. Whip it into submission (WIIS): Manipulating coily hair to do what it does not do naturally. Styles involving, lots of gel, molding and brushing. This causes damage and thinning to your natural hair. 

10. Moon Phase Trimming (MPT): The process of using the energy of the new moon to double and triple your hair growth. Get the best dates to trim right here on Coily Queens Rock. Best dates to trim for hair growth increase!