Thursday, March 7, 2019

Natural Hair on a budget

Natural hair care does not have to be expensive. If you are willing to spend a little extra time creating your own cleansers, conditioners, leave ins and growth serums. Here are some awesome all natural, inexpensive and effective recipes. 

This shampoo deep cleanses without making the hair feel stripped. Allow shampoo to sit on scalp for at least 1 minute before rinsing. You can buy liquid black soap or solid black soap. Be sure it is authentic.  

Pour 2 ounces of medium temp water into container. Add all of black soap. Vigorously shake mix until black soap melts.Then add ACV, water and rosemary oil. Shake well. 

Find all of the above ingredients at the grocery store. This makes one application. All ingredients easily mix well together

Low cost leave in conditioner


All of these ingredients are very softening and detangling. Shake before each use. Use as a detangler or leave in conditioner.

Massage onto scalp 3 times a week. Store unused portion in the fridge. 
Add 3 drops of pure peppermint oil to 2 tbsp of coconut oil.Massage onto scalp and leave 
3 times a week for faster growth

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

3 important length retention tips for 4c hair

A good protein treatment will contain hydrolyzed keratin protein in the top 5 ingredients. This liquid protein deposits micro pieces of protein onto each hair strand. This makes your hair stronger and it no longer breaks so easily. 

Finger combing is the best thing you can do for your coily hair. Your breakage will be reduced by 80% if you stop using combs or brushes. Try it for 30 days and experience more length retention.

Oil therapy daily
Applying good quality oils to your scalp daily, is great for hair growth. Massage onto scalp for 10 minutes. Then smooth down the hair strands. This keeps your ends from splitting and single strand knots from forming. 


Sunday, March 3, 2019

Reach optimum hair growth each month, with hair vitamins!

If you only grow 1/8 or 1/4 of an inch per month, adding a hair growth vitamin to your regimen, can be greatly beneficial. Taking a good quality hair skin and nail vitamin, will make a big difference in how fast your hair grows.  A good supplement on a consistent basis can be a game changer for your hair journey. 


Taking a hair vitamin for only one month is a waste of time and money. Your hair vitamin relationship should be long term. Be sure you are okay with the monthly price. Because you need to invest in a 3 months supply, of whichever vitamin you decide to purchase. 

Here are some good quality hair skin and nail vitamins I recommend. Great performing at a decent price. 

Applied Nutrition Hair skin and nail vitamins.
I have taken this vitamin in my rotation for over a year. I am well pleased. I like it because it contains: horsetail, silica and collagen. These extras give your hair an extra added boost. I feel my hair grows better and stronger with these. I also love that it is a liquid soft gel. Find these online, CVS or Target. 

Liquid gold hair growth vitamins.
These have been my favorites going on 4 years or more. If you have always wanted to try Hairfinity, but the cost made you pause. These have almost the same ingredients, but costs less. Online only! ORDER ONLINE ONLY HERE

Camille Rose Super food hair vitamins
This one is from a black owned company. I like these because they contain several super foods that many of the other hair vitamins do not. Find these, online, Target or CVS drug store. 

The Mane Choice Hair vitamins (CVS, Target)
Mielle healthy hair vitamins BUY NOW!
Curls liquid vitamins (CVS, Target)

The right oils can make your hair grow and thrive

Many years ago I discovered  the importance of the hair thriving from daily oil therapy. Not just any oils, but the right oils. 

Oil therapy is a huge part of the Coily Queens Regimen. Daily you read about the amazing benefits of using various oils for hair care. Five different oils will have some of the same benefits.There are many oils which help with hair growth. So how do you know what oils are best for you to use in your regimen? Oil therapy helps you to figure that out.

Never use oils derived from a food you are allergic to. Just because you are allergic to eating almonds does not necessarily mean you will get a reaction from almond oil. However that is not a chance to take, especially if your allergies are severe. Consult your doctor first.  

How do you know which oil is the best to use? 

You must choose the oil which heals your hair needs. Knowing the best oils for your hair issue can be very difficult for people to figure out. How would you like your own personal growth oil therapy formula? An oil blend which is specific to your hair.

Along with a special hair growth regimen, you will receive your own customized growth oil therapy formula. This is part of the package you get, when you participate in the "Double your hair growth challenge" aka the "Gain an inch in 30 days" hair growth challenge. 

Each formula is customized!

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