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Ms.Vee's Braid, Retain & Grow haircare method


The fastest  way to grow your hair to great lengths.

This method, you are about to learn, will grow your hair longer, fuller and stronger. Each step must be follow to achieve maximum results, unless otherwise stated. When followed correctly your hair will grow longer and you will retain the length. After 3 months on this program you will see fuller longer healthier hair.

So what is the Braid, Retain & Grow haircare method?

It consist of wearing your hair in medium to large size braids for 10 week intervals over a period of 6 months to a year. What makes this method unique is how you prepare your hair for the braids, how you take care of your scalp while your hair is braided and how you remove the braids.

Step one:  Choose a style  

Medium size extension braids or kinky twists (keep in 10 weeks before take down)
large size extension braids or kinky twists (keep in 10 weeks before take down)
Two strand twists on natural hair (2 to 4 weeks before take down)
Individual small braids on natural hair (keep in 4 weeks before take down)

These are the only styles recommended for the Braid, Retain & Grow haircare method.

Step two: Cleanse and Strengthen your hair

Prepare your hair for the braid process by cleansing, strengthening and moisturizing.
Cleanse your hair and scalp with a non sulfate shampoo or  conditioning cleanser.
Protect your hair strands from the braiding process by giving your hair a protein treatment.
The aphogee 2 step protein treatment is recommended please follow manufacturers instructions. Whichever protein treatment you choose be sure it has hydrolyzed keratin protein listed in the first 3 ingredients and that you sit under a hooded dryer to ensure that the protein adheres to your hair strands. This step will keep you from getting additional breakage from the braids or extensions.
Follow all protein treatments with a deep moisturizing conditioner. 
After deep conditioning apply a leave in conditioner and proceed with your braided style. 
Do not use a blow dryer or flat iron before braiding hair. 

Step three:      The braid process

 As you proceed with your desired braid style, you will need to coat each piece of your natural hair with a good quality shea butter, before adding the hair extension. Be sure to do this section by section, this will keep your hair lubricated and moisturized while being covered with the hair extensions.

Braid extension tips:
Never braid your hair in micro sections when applying extensions.
Never use a thick piece of extension hair on a small piece of your hair.
Do not make large braids longer than 20 inches.
Never pull your individual braid extensions back tightly or in the same direction day to day.
When possible stay away from colored extensions because they have higher amounts of chemicals on them which dry your natural hair out.

Step four:  Scalp care while your hair is braided in extensions. 

Cleanse your scalp and hair once a week, this is a must for maximum growth results.
How to cleanse your scalp while wearing braids.
Never sacrifice your scalp health for the sake of keeping braids in longer.
Lightly spray your braids with a conditioning braid spray.
Apply natural oils to your scalp daily and gently massage for 5 minutes (use a timer)

Step five: Braid take down

Do not leave braids in longer than the recommend time. Calendar in your take down day and take your time with the process. Once you have removed all of the extension hair apply a thick conditioner and let it sit for 7 minutes. Then proceed to separate or untangle your hair with your fingers. Removing any shed hairs, lint and tangles as you go. Untangle your hair with your fingers before using a comb. When you do use a comb, untangle with a seamless comb to eliminate breakage. Once you  are confident that all your tangles are removed then proceed with your shampoo and deep condition process. Collect all of your shed hair, so you can examine how much hair you lost each braid session. By doing this you will become more familiar with what your normal hair shed rate is, this will enable you to know if your hair is shedding excessively or normal. For detailed tips to removing your braid extensions read here.

Allow your hair to rest, one week between your braid extensions style.

Once you examine the strength of your hair during your one week of rest, decide then if you need another protein treatment. If you feel your hair is strong enough then you can skip the protein treatment for your next braid extensions. However you will need to give yourself a hard protein treatment after the next take down.

Get started today and longer, stronger hair will soon be yours!







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  1. How does one subscribe?? Been trying to, but cannot. The iGoogle thing I do not get lol.

    LOVE your blog!!!

    1. Hello! On the front page run your mouse on the right side you will see a bar appear. Click on the last icon you can subscribe by RSS feed. When you get google you can subscribe by gmail. You can also friend me on FB under Coilyqueensrock. Thanks!

  2. hi, thanks for ur tips i luv it.

  3. If a person is relaxed how long should the two stand twists stay in?

  4. If you follow the Braid Retain and Grow method you can keep your extensions in for up to 10 weeks whether you are natural or relaxed. But if you hair accumulates a lot of new growth and your extensions are hanging around the edges have those touched up or go ahead and remove them before the 10 weeks are up.

  5. What about large cornrows? I'm TRYING to let my hair grow out, but the weight of the braids feels heavy. Are large cornrows not advisable?

  6. Be careful of how much fake hair you use on each section of your natural hair. Braids should never feel heavy or like they are pulling on your hair. Because if it feels like they are pulling then they are pulling and this will lead to damage. I do not recommend "extension" cornrows for growing your hair out. Because usually people have them to tight and it pulls on that hair line. It is very hard to not get an extension cornrow tight. Cornrows on your natural hair are fine for growing your hair out, but you still need to be careful and have the cornrows go in a different direction each time to avoid traction hair loss.

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  8. I am so loving your blog! Thanks for the excellent post.

  9. Thank you very much and God bless.

  10. Thank you for the great info! I have natural hair &.currently am wearing a sew-in. Can I do an ACV rinse while wearing the weave?

  11. Just about to do some extension braids, 1st time for about 4 years, good tips here thanks. My natural hair needs the stretch now

  12. I am so trying this! I haven't tried braids since I was addicted to micro braids from years ago. Now that I'm on a healthy hair journey I had given up on braids altogether to have healthy hair instead. Your braid styles look lovely though and your hair so HEALTHY!! So I am going to try your method. Thank you for sharing!

    I do have a question, please. How do you go about moisturizing your hair while it is in the braid style? I know we are washing twice a week for scalp health. Are we using a leave in only after shampooing? Thank you!

    1. When you follow the Braid Retain and Grow Method your hair does not dry out under the extensions. HOW? Because you are coating each section of your natural hair with a good quality shea butter, this continues to keep your hair protected while under the hair extensions. Three times a week or after you wash your braids, you can spray your braids really good with a braid conditioning spray. You can purchase one or make one out of a lotion leave in conditioner and water, put in a spray bottle and spray braids to keep them conditioned.

  13. Thank you for this site Ms. Vee. I am planning to start your Braid, Grow, and Retain regimen and I was wondering what you thoughts were on Crochet braids? I know you have the other types listed above, but would you consider Crochet braids as an alternative?

  14. Hi there, quick question. Why isn't it a good idea to blow dry hair before getting extensions?

    1. Because blow drying sucks the moisture from your hair. Then covering it with extensions will make it dry out even more. This will surely lead to breakage.

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  16. Do I still need to give my hair a break if I don't use extensions? I was wanting to do this while my natural hair is braided in small single braids. I've never used extensions as they have never appealed to me.

    1. No the break is only from the manipulation of hair extensions.

    2. Is there a way to deep condition natural braids?

  17. Is there a particular braid spray you recommend?

    1. You can make your own by mixing 1/4 cup of your leave in with 5 ounces of filtered water in a water bottle. Add several drops of pure peppermint oil . Shake before each use....Jane carter hydrating leave in spray, Alikay naturals lemongrass leave in, those are two I recommend if you are not into making one yourself.

  18. Can you redo the perimeter of your extension braids or twists after 2-3 weeks?