Tuesday, October 13, 2015

3 Reasons why crochet braids are not a good protective style

The crochet braids of the 90's have made a big comeback.  You see naturals posting their proud  crochet braids pictures on just about every hair forum, group or hair site. You see more people showing them off than their natural hair. You see hashtags such as #protectivestyling, next to their fresh set of crochet braids.  But is your hair truly protected?  Just because you cover your hair with fake hair does not make it protected. 

Your protection comes from hair care, not  fake hair. 

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#1. Not keeping your scalp clean, stunts hair growth
The average person wearing crochet braids does not wash their hair on a weekly basis. This is unhealthy for the scalp and drying to the hair. Because the hair used is synthetic hair, wearers are more concerned with keeping the hair looking good than keeping the scalp clean.

Never sacrifice the health of your hair just to keep a style longer.

#2. The synthetic hair is drying to your natural hair
The hair which most people use to create crochet braids is made of a form of plastic. This fake fiber lays on top of the hair and dries out your natural hair. The fake hair that comes in colors is even worst. The dye chemicals lay on top of the hair and seep onto the scalp. In some cases the scalp can have an allergic reaction to the hair. 

Remember what lays on top of your hair also seeps into your scalp.

#3. The common braid pattern causes traction alopecia
The popular braid pattern of braiding the hair straight back is damaging to the edges. This braid pattern will make your hairline recede. The weight of the fake hair hanging on the cornrow base of your natural hair sometimes leads to breakage. Especially when people leave crochets in for 3 months or more. 
Use a different braid pattern if you wear crochet braids more than once. Cornrowing the hair down, from the top to the ear, is a better braid pattern than cornrowing straight back. 

These dangers also apply to sew ins and braid extensions. Before you get your next set of braids or weaves, protect your hair by following the Braid Retain and Grow Method. 

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  1. I agree. Crochet braids are sticky. I accidentally cut off part of the front of my hair removing them. And lost some edges and middle of my scalp. You have to use less hair than you think, don't braid too tight and don't leave in more than 3 weeks. Less hair is better and not braiding the cornrows too tight or two close to the edge.

    Plus, do a vinegar soak and cool water rise on the hair before installing.

  2. How is this more damaging than a weave?