Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gain one inch of new growth in 30 days (May Challenge)

5th edition
The challenge is baaaack! 
Request a spot today!!

Are you a part of the slow growers club, as far as hair growth is concerned?

Would you love to double your normal hair growth rate?

Always desired to grow and retain one inch of new growth in a month?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I have a challenge opportunity for you.


I have developed a jump start regimen that has enabled me to grow one inch of new growth in the first 30 days of this regimen. Yes one whole inch! My normal rate of hair growth is 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch per month, so I consider myself to be part of the slow growers club. This is only if I do nothing extra to enhance my normal growth rate.

First let me say that this challenge is not for everyone, because not all will want to follow the strict regimen to achieve maximum results. This regimen is not for the lazy and it is not for those who do not like to wash their hair. This regimen is also not for those who afraid to let their hair look a little frizzy at times. Lastly this regimen is not for those who do not like wearing their hair twisted or braided.

This challenge has limited spaces so those who sign up first and meet  all the rule requirements will be able to participate. If you are half stepping on your hair journey, this challenge is not for you, please do not sign up. If you have no time for hair care then this challenge is not for you either. The rules have changed from round 1 and 2 so please read the rules carefully.

This challenge is private once it begins.

How do I sign up for the Gain one inch of new growth in 30 days challenge?

FIRST!!! Follow this blog, click the followers box in the right hand column and join this site. You  must have a google account to participate. YOU MUST FOLLOW ON BLOGGER AND GOOGLE +

SECOND! Send me a message on Facebook, title it 30-day one inch hair growth challenge , include the profile name you followed this blog under. Once I receive your FB message I will send you the challenge rules, instructions and  challenge prep list. I will contact you via Facebook to let you know your status, no later than May 3rd.  If you have been accepted I will add you to the secret Facebook group, on May 4th.  Once you accept, your group invite by making an introduction post within the group, you will have access to the  complete challenge rules and instructions. 

Please read all the rules and instructions carefully!!!

THIRD!   Sign up is now and will close on May 3rd or when all spaces fill up. 

4.  Most products needed for this challenge will probably, already be in your beauty cabinet. You may have to purchase a few items.

5. All participants are required to wear your hair in some type of braid extension, box braids or extension twists, or your natural hair in individual braids, a wig or TWA, no exceptions. This challenge is NOT for those wearing weaves, loose hair(unless its a TWA) or cornrows, please do not ask. You must be able to show your hair in a starting length shot picture, no exceptions.

6. This challenge is only open to ladies with natural hair or transitioning to natural. No exceptions.

7. I recommend that you get your extensions professionally done by someone you trust, unless you can do them secure enough to last the full 30 days of this challenge.

8. Before you braid your hair please read the article entitled "Miss Vee's Braid, Retain and Grow Method"  and follow this regimen before putting in your braid extensions. This is only required for those wearing hair extensions.

Again some important rules to consider before you sign up:

You must have a google account and "follow" this blog.
You must have a FB page with a profile picture or yourself.
You must be able to show your hair in a starting length shot picture.
You must wear your hair in braid extensions, twist extensions, natural braids, a wig or TWA, during the 40 days of the challenge.
You cannot participate if you are relaxed, unless you are on a transitioning to natural journey.
All other rules must be followed as given.
You must be 18 years old to participate. 
You must send me the name you "follow" this blog under.
I will not ask you for the profile name you follow this blog under, your request will be overlooked, sorry.

There are no exceptions to any of these rules. 

You sign up using the link above do not leave a message below. Request left in the comment section will not be added. Sign up ONLY if you are serious, so this doesn't take a spot from someone else.


Monday, August 19, 2013

No More Breakage!

Lightly flat ironed hair

About 2 weeks ago I made my second most valuable hair care purchase, I ordered a seamless comb. Actually I could not make my mind up so I ordered 3 different styles. I had  contemplated on purchasing a seamless comb for awhile but I guess I didn't fully believe one would make that much of a difference in my hair care regimen. 
But I was proven to be wrong.

Because I follow the CoilyQueens regimen I finger comb most of the time.  Three years ago I gave up using a comb on my hair because every time I did, I could feel my hair being ripped out and even hear it snapping. Since my hair was healthy at the time, I came to the conclusion that Afro hair was not meant to be combed. Thus I started finger untangling and combing, and my hair started retaining more length thus getting longer. But I kept thinking about the seamless comb and what, if any, difference it would make in my hair care regimen.

So what exactly is a seamless comb and 
what is the big deal?

A seamless comb is exactly what its name implies, it is a comb which has no seams. You can tell from handling a seamless comb versus a regular comb that it is made of quality materials. Grab one of your personal combs and run your fingers along the teeth of the comb, you will feel a line or seam. Now some combs have larger lines than others but all cheap combs are made with that seam. When you comb your hair especially black hair with a comb with seams, those seams glide through the hair and snap the hair as you comb your. How many times have you felt the ripping and the snapping, and heard it also? So the big deal is that a seamless comb allows you to comb your hair without ripping it out or causing any damage. Trust me they do work!

You can tell by the smile on my face that I am happy with this purchase. This is two of the 3 I ordered, these two are my favorite ones. On the left side is the Hercules Sagemann number 703WW. It is a styling comb good for detangling short or long hair. All of their combs are made by hand and come with a guarantee to be seam free. The style 703WW cost me 10.95. So you can expect to pay double the price of a regular comb. The seamless comb on the right is a Magic Star jumbo rake comb and it costs 17.50. This comb glides through your hair like butter. You will see no broken hair in the comb, unless you hair is shedding. You will get no breakage from these combs.

A closer look at the 703WW styling and detangling comb. These combs are chemical and heat resistant. As soon as you hold this comb you can feel that it is made of a higher quality than just your average $5 comb. If you are on a hair journey why not use the best on your hair, you deserve it.

On the left is a another look at the Magic Star jumbo rake which cost me 17.50, this is one of their best sellers and when you use it you will know why. On the right is the third comb I purchased and it is the HS5580 styler comb it has wide teeth and is designed for curly hair. This comb helps to enhance the volume and bounce of your roller sets or curly styles. 
Cost 11.95.

I have never had a comb to glide through my hair without snapping some of my hair. When you are a slow hair grower such as myself you understand the importance of keeping the length you have. I still recommend finger combing 90% of the time, but there are certain styles that look better when we use a comb, so when you need a comb use a seamless comb and not a comb poorly constructed with seams that rips your hair out as you use it. 

A closer look at the HS5580 styler comb. Designed for curly hair or hair which has been roller set. Chemical and heat resistant with antistatic guard. All of their combs are non porous so you do not have to worry about mildew or mold.

Did I say I love these combs? Yes I love these combs! No seams equals no breakage. Do not settle with combing your crown of glory with cheap combs which contain seams which have no consideration for your hair strands and rips them or weakens them. Find out more about seamless combs at, this is where I order my combs from. You can also check Sally's Beauty Supply for seamless combs. Seamless combs come in any style a non seamless combs comes in but it doesn't break your hair. If you desire longer stronger healthy hair with no breakage then purchasing a seamless comb is a must.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Growing your fragile, fine, tightly coily hair long


Are your hair strands very fine and seem to break easily? 

Does it seem that your hair rarely gains any length from month to month?

Do you have problem areas that are always shorter than the rest of your hair no matter what?

Does it seem that other peoples hair grows twice as fast as yours?

If any of these sentences describe your hair situation, 
these 5 tips will help your hair to grow longer and stronger!

TIP # 1:

Fine hair are hair strands which are thin. This should not to be confused with having thin hair. Fine hair refers to the hair strands, some have thick hair strands and others have a combination of medium and fine. Thin hair refers to how many hair follicles you have on your head and fine hair refers to the diameter of the individual hair strands. A person can have thick hair (lots of hair follicles) but the strands can be thin. The problem with thin strands is that when they are not treated properly they break very easily. So people with fine hair often complain that their hair does not achieve the average hair growth of 1/2 inch per month. They probably are achieving average hair growth and more but their fine hair strands are popping off as quickly as they achieve length. Individuals with fine hair strands do not have as many protein layers as those with thick strands. For this reason protein treatments are the fine hair persons best friend. Good quality hard protein treatments adhere to the hair strands and make fine hair strands thicker. The hard protein reinforces the fine, fragile hair strands giving it the extra strength it needs to with stand manipulation from styling. When one uses protein you must also use a good moisturizing deep conditioner. Moisture is also important to all hair types. 

TIP # 2:
Stop brushing your fine strands. I realize you may watch youtube and other hair videos and see women using those denman brushes to untangle their hair on wash days, while it might look good that is a big no, no for fragile hair. Put the brush down! If you have a habit of using a brush then give it away or hide it from yourself, but stop using it today.

TIP #3:
Untangle your hair while it is damp with lots of thick conditioner. NEVER untangle your hair while it is wet. ANOTHER HUGE NO NO! Why? Because untangling while your hair is soaking wet may make it easier for you, but your hair is the weakest when it is wet. Your hair is already being penetrated by the weight of the water, so do not make it work harder against your detangling session.

TIP #4:
Learn to style your hair and untangle it using your fingers. You will be surprised what your fingers and palms can do in terms of styling your hair. Use a comb very little, and when you do comb your hair use a seamless comb. I know you have heard about them and they are the absolute BEST. I guarantee purchasing a seamless comb will be one of your best hair care investments. This is a must for those with fine, fragile hair. Throw away all of your regular combs, invest in your hair, if you want to retain length.

TIP #5:
Shampoo and deep condition your hair twice a week, leaving 3 days in between each session. Hair grows best on a clean scalp. This is a must for increasing hair growth. Do not worry your hair can take the washings and will love the extra attention.

Following these five fantastic tips consistently, will help your hair grow longer and stronger. Remember these tips work best when you implement the entire CoilyQueens hair care regimen. Each step works in synergy with the next step, so  read  about the CoilyQueens regimen and start the steps today. Please leave your questions below.

The Crescendo Twist out

Let your hair growth begin!

Tired of not reaching your hair length goals? Tired of having hair setbacks? Tired of seeing others with long beautiful hair, but not yourself? If any of these describe you, then you could benefit from a personalized Hair Growth Coach. Start today! Here!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair

"A tale of two textures"

The natural hair movement is steadily going strong and shows no signs of declining in the near future. People are committed to eating healthier and using healthy products on their body. Because of this desire to be more health conscious, thousands of black women on a daily basis make the decision to go natural. No longer will they continue to destroy their beautiful curly hair with relaxer chemicals, they have made a conscious choice to embrace their God given natural hair. 

If you didn't know, let me inform you that the only way to get rid of a relaxer is to cut it off. Despite the many myths out their, there is nothing you can wash your hair with that will remove relaxer chemicals. Relaxers and perms are permanent, until you cut off the chemically treated strands. Afro hair has more protein layers than any other hair, when you put a relaxer in Afro hair, the relaxer destroys many of its protein bonds by breaking the hair down so it can become smooth and flat. What you think is beautiful to the eye is actually destroyed hair fibers. This process cannot be reversed once the protein bonds have been destroyed. So when you decide to go back to your natural hair texture you must cut off all of the relaxer, in order to get rid of the straight ends.

Different paths from relaxed to natural hair.

Path one:  Stop getting relaxer touch ups and allow your natural hair to grow out 1, 2, or 3 inches, then cut off the relaxed hair. Then start your healthy hair journey!
        This is called the BC aka Big Chop.
        This is the best and easiest way to transition to natural.
        Most ladies shun this route because they are afraid of having short hair.
        Truth be told the hair was probably already short and not very healthy
        Go ahead and do the BC because the relaxer will break eventually anyway.
        Believe me when I tell you that your hair will grow back really fast.
        Yes hair growth comes from the hair root, but their is something about cutting
        the hair which makes it grow faster, in my experience. So do not be afraid.

Path two: Stop relaxing your hair and take care of and style your hair with the two textures, slowly cut off your relaxed ends. Trim one inch every 3 months until all relaxer is gone. This is considered slow transitioning and it can last from 3 to 24 months depending on your personal preference.

Cutting tips:  

If your relaxed hair is less than 6 inches long you should only transition for one year.

If your relaxed hair is 12 inches long you should only transition for 2 years.

Notice the puffy roots.
No breakage on bang area. Hair strengthened by Aphogee.

With slow transitioning you will get some breakage, because you are dealing with two different textures. You hair will be extremely tangled and you will be bothered by single strand knots. Tangles, knots and dry hair are usually what lead to breakage. 

Notice the hair in the picture to the left, 
you see it is denser at the base and thinner towards the middle and end. The thicker hair is the natural curl pattern and the thinner hair is the relaxed hair. The point in which the natural hair transforms into the relaxed hair is called the line of demarcation. This line is weak and breakage soon occurs. This is the reason you should cut the ends off every few months.

Hair care tips to minimize breakage while transitioning 
1. Get a hard protein treatment to provide extra strength to your fragile transitioning hair. The protein adheres to the hair strands and provides extra strength to weak relaxed hair strands. This is good to also add strength to the line of demarcation. By doing a hard protein treatment your hair will not shed nor break as much. I recommend the Aphogee 2 step protein treatment. (Follow manufacturers instructions on bottle). Notice the picture above and see that there is no breakage, although you can clearly see a lot of new growth and relaxer on the hair. This is do in part to the Aphogee 2 step treatment.

2. Shampoo hair with a conditioning cleanser once per week. 

3. Do not use sulfate shampoos, because they will dry the hair out.

4. Deep condition with a moisturizing deep conditioner once per week using heat for 20 minutes.

5. Apply a really good leave in conditioner.

6. Stay away from style products which contain harsh alcohols.

7. Keep your new growth well moisturized on a daily basis.

8. Wear low manipulation styles which last 3 days before requiring restyling.

9. Purchase a  seamless comb to comb your hair with.

10. Never brush your hair if you can help it.

Transition to natural the easy way by wearing hair extensions for a whole year while you grow your hair out.

The challenges of styling hair with two textures:

The more your natural hair grows in, the puffier your hair will look. Some people find it difficult trying to work with the puff. It is healthier to work with your texture than to try and blend your natural hair with the relaxed hair. Apply hair cremes which contain natural softeners such as shea butter. I recommend shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie or cantu shea butter leave in conditioner. Apply thick creamy products to your new growth and ends to keep your hair soft and manageable.

At all times keep your hair free of tangles. Always cover your hair at bed time or whenever you lay down for a rest.

Roller sets are perfect for transitioning. For the best results go to a professional. If you cannot afford to go to a stylist then practice makes better. Purchase you plenty of rollers and setting lotion and practice, practice, practice. Once you become better at roller sets, you can wear them for 5 days before washing your hair. 

Flat twist outs are easy and healthy for your hair, along with twist outs. For better hold use a little bit of gel with your leave in conditioner.

Hair roots lightly flat ironed

Some people opt to use a flat iron to smooth out their roots, although this is a quick fix this is not one that I recommend. But if you must use a flat iron or press your roots, be sure to protect your hair with a good protein treatment and heat protectant. Silicones are recommended if you decide to use heat to transition.

                                                        Transitioning hair is prone to tangles and single strand knots. Oiling your hair and scalp daily with avocado oil, coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil, will greatly eliminate your tangles and single strand knots. You will see the difference in 3 days of oiling.

This is a great leave in conditioner and styling pomade for transitioning from relaxed to natural.

Remember your natural hair is a gift from God, do not get discouraged with dealing with your natural hair. The more your work with your hair the better it will respond to you. Embrace and celebrate your curls and coils, shrinkage and all. Do not call your hair rough, brillo pad, nappy or kinky. Speak good things towards your hair and it will be good to you. Welcome to the journey, you are an amazing design from God I hope you know this.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Does genetics determine your ability to grow your hair long?

     This is a commonly debated question on many hair sites and forums. When some black women see another black woman on youtube revealing her beautiful long hair, you will commonly see comments such as: "Are you fully black?" or "Oh, long hair must run in her family". It is hard for some to believe that any black woman can have waist length hair unless she is mixed with another ethnicity. The role of genetics and hair length is also debated amongst the science community. Yes there is science which supports that genetics does play a role in each persons hair growth cycle. But how much of a role it plays is not always agreed upon. Based on my experience,  genetics does not play a bigger role than a good healthy haircare regimen that works for you. 

Allow me to share my "Hair Story" and you will see that genetics does not have to determine your hair growth potential. 

My mother
  I was born with a head full of curly hair covering all of my scalp. Some people believe babies born with a full head of hair grow up to not have much hair, and in my case that was the truth for a very long time. By the time I started first grade, I had about 2 inches of hair. My mother was a old school beautician and she could put a pressing on some hair, growing up that was how she maintained my hair, she washed, deep conditioned and straightened my hair every two weeks. I never asked her at what point she started pressing my hair, but when you see my first professional pictures, you can clearly tell that she pressed my hair. You could also tell that my hair was broken and damaged. Pressing my hair was the first mistake my mother made concerning my hair, but that was all she knew to do in order to maintain my tightly coily hair. My mother had neck length hair and she also pressed her hair, however her hair responded to the pressings better than mines did. She also styled my very short hair in ponytails using yarn. When I was growing up the hair company Goody's sold hair yarn in a pack, and all through elementary school, this is what my mother used to hold my ponytails together. I remember seeing my hair wrapped around old pieces of yarn, but it never registered that the yarn was breaking my hair off, but that it was. 

3rd grade notice the white yarn.

From elementary school until the age of 13 my hair was always short, it never grew pass my ears and my bangs never touched my nose. Oh how I would wish, that I had long hair, and when the curly perm aka the Jheri Curl came on the scene, my wish came true. For the first time in my life my hair grew to shoulder length. The curly perm was a miracle worker on my hair, so I wore a curl for about a year. When I decided to stop getting the curly perm and start back getting my hair pressed, all my hair growth quickly broke off and once again I had very short hair. 

When I was 15, I would spend my Summers in New York visiting my father, and while I was there my sister showed me this hair she had brought. She told me that the hair was what the stars used to make their hair longer. My eyes grew so big I had fallen in love. She put some cornrows in my hair using the hair extensions she had brought and for once in my life I had long braids which hung down my back. It didn't matter if it wasn't really my hair, I had long hair to swing and that is all that mattered. 

From a small child,  I was always gifted in hair and all things creative, so I taught myself how to apply the hair extensions to my hair. I have never really loved cornrows all that much, so one day I decided to put a whole bunch of small braids all over my hair and it looked so good. The year was 1983 and I was doing micro braids before they were even calling them micros. I also taught myself how to weave in tracks of hair and do a full head of weave, I was unstoppable and in love with hair extensions. Because they finally gave me the long hair I desired for so many years. I wore hair extensions off and on for many years and because of giving my hair a break from manipulation, my hair would grow longer, but it was not getting stronger. It was getting weaker, because although my hair was growing I was not learning how to take care of my hair properly. I would put a relaxer in my hair then braid it back up or sew in some hair weave. Finally I realized that continuing to get a relaxer but not wearing my hair was pointless, so I decided to stop relaxing until I wanted to wear my hair. This is how I went natural, I did it because it made sense, not because I knew it was healthier for my hair. I also went natural long before it became the thing to do.

With the hair extensions my hair would grow pass my shoulders, however after every braid removal I would comb out so much hair it was ridiculous. Because I could braid so well, I would also keep my braids or weaves in for 4 months at a time. After a time you get tired of wearing fake hair and you want to rock your own God given crown. This caused me to sit down and really analyze what was working for my hair and what was working against my hair. No doubt the hair extensions gave my hair the freedom to grow, but there were key parts of my hair care regimen that I was missing. This helped me to develop the Braid, Retain & Grow method. This method was created over many years of trials and errors, since I have worn almost every type of hair extension there is I know what you should do and what you should not do. The Braid, Retain & Grow method will work for anyone who follows it. It has been tried and tested by many.

So for my story genetics had very little to do with me growing my hair long and healthy. I have the longest hair in my immediate family even down to my nieces. My hair almost touches my waist and it is tightly coily and healthy. I have gained the most hair growth during the breaks I take from wearing hair extensions. The older I get the more I rather wear my natural hair. So my hair growth is not only attributed to wearing braids, my hair growth comes mainly from a good haircare regimen. The reason why my hair responded so well to the Jheri Curl is because the curly perm requires moisture and the reason my hair grows so well today, is because I keep it strengthened with protein and hydrated from water and a good leave in conditioner. I make sure that my hair cuticle is healthy because when the hair cuticle opens and closes as it should you retain the proper moisture. 

I believe,  genetics will give you naturally long hair, we have seen it in families many times. BUT genetics will not STOP you from growing your naturally short hair  bra strap length and beyond. Genetics does not cancel out a good hair care regimen and eating healthy.

Do not settle for short hair just because that is all you had growing up and all of your siblings have short hair. I am a witness to the difference a good haircare regimen makes. My hair is tightly coily and with just 2.5 years of practicing the CoilyQueens regimen and the Braid, Retain & Grow method my hair grew to waist length. So what are you waiting on start the CoilyQueens regimen or the Braid, Retain & Grow method today and longer and stronger hair will be yours before you realize it.