Thursday, May 2, 2013

Help my scalp is sore!

A sore scalp is common occurrence  amongst all people, at one time or another in their lifetime.  The average person  will have a sore scalp on occasion but usually it goes away after a few hours or 2 days. A constant sore scalp is not normal and should be looked at by your doctor, to ensure that the sore scalp is not indicative of a underlying serious health condition.  Some people keep a sore scalp and label themselves as tender headed and think nothing of it.

There are many causes of a sore scalp some common ones are: allergies to products in particular sulfates, hair pulled to tightly from styling, sinus issues, inflammation of the scalp, tense tired scalp muscles, older age and more. Whatever the root cause, know that if a sore scalp persists more than 3 days, then you should tell your primary care doctor.

Sore scalp solutions:

  • Eliminate products which contain:  sulfates, alcohols and parabens .(these ingredients are strong and many have allergic reactions to them and do not even realize it)
  • Be sure there are no bad teeth in your mouth, so it could be time to a dental checkup. (wisdom teeth, impacted teeth and cavities can create all sorts of extra pain within your body)
  • Do not braid, twist or pull your hair to tightly.(extension braids should be able to be bent back and forth without your cringing the first day of your style. If you have to take a pain pill and cannot bend your extension back and forth without pain then they are to tight, remove them ASAP or spray your scalp area with a warm water solution to try and loosen them up)
  • Drink 64 ounces of water daily (water helps to keep inflammation out of the body) 

Two natural remedies for a sore spots on scalp
Ice pack on sore area for 15 minutes only, then you can wait an hour and do another 15 minutes until the pain stops.
Massage scalp for 10 minutes twice a day, concentrating more on the sore areas
  Sore scalp oil mix:
 One tablespoon of pure jojoba oil
 2 drops of  pure tea tree oil
 4 drops citronella essential oil
 3 drops of pure argan oil

 Jojoba oil improves the texture of  your skin while removing excess cholestrol from your scalp. The tea tree is anti bacterial while the citronella and argan act as the inflammatory agent.

Mix these oils together in a bowl and apply to the sore areas first, and with your finger pads (not your fingernails) massage area as deep as you can stand it) Apply oil mixture a little at a time all over the entire scalp. Massage for at least 10-15 minutes, concentrate more on the sore areas of your scalp. You can also hang your head over the sink (as though you were going to wash your hair) and massage it this way, this will encourage better blood circulation. If you are able to hang your head off the side of a bed that is even better. Caution if you use either one of the last two techniques only do them for 3 minutes and stop if you get dizzy or feel weird in any way.

Test your scalp

The scalp contains muscles and muscles become tense and sore.  A healthy scalp moves very easily. Test your scalp, palm you head as you would a basketball, then with your hand firmly on each side of your head move your whole scalp back and forth. How easily did your scalp move?  Did your scalp feel loose or tight and tensed?  When you do this test you want your scalp to move back and forth easily and loose, not tight and tensed. Hair does not reach its full monthly growth potential if the scalp is tight.  Practice daily massage with  natural oils to keep the scalp loose and to stimulate  healthier blood flow.


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  2. Thank you for letting me know that I wasn't going crazy about having a sore scalp! It took your blog for me to find that out! Not even my therapist knew. He just looked at me funny like I was imagining things! I will certainly make that appointment now. I always pop in to read your blog and I just found this one on a search for growing hair by the lunar calendar. LOL I guess what I am trying to say it was kismet!!! Bless you Ms. Vee!!!

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