Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Growing your fragile, fine, tightly coily hair long


Are your hair strands very fine and seem to break easily? 

Does it seem that your hair rarely gains any length from month to month?

Do you have problem areas that are always shorter than the rest of your hair no matter what?

Does it seem that other peoples hair grows twice as fast as yours?

If any of these sentences describe your hair situation, 
these 5 tips will help your hair to grow longer and stronger!

TIP # 1:

Fine hair are hair strands which are thin. This should not to be confused with having thin hair. Fine hair refers to the hair strands, some have thick hair strands and others have a combination of medium and fine. Thin hair refers to how many hair follicles you have on your head and fine hair refers to the diameter of the individual hair strands. A person can have thick hair (lots of hair follicles) but the strands can be thin. The problem with thin strands is that when they are not treated properly they break very easily. So people with fine hair often complain that their hair does not achieve the average hair growth of 1/2 inch per month. They probably are achieving average hair growth and more but their fine hair strands are popping off as quickly as they achieve length. Individuals with fine hair strands do not have as many protein layers as those with thick strands. For this reason protein treatments are the fine hair persons best friend. Good quality hard protein treatments adhere to the hair strands and make fine hair strands thicker. The hard protein reinforces the fine, fragile hair strands giving it the extra strength it needs to with stand manipulation from styling. When one uses protein you must also use a good moisturizing deep conditioner. Moisture is also important to all hair types. 

TIP # 2:
Stop brushing your fine strands. I realize you may watch youtube and other hair videos and see women using those denman brushes to untangle their hair on wash days, while it might look good that is a big no, no for fragile hair. Put the brush down! If you have a habit of using a brush then give it away or hide it from yourself, but stop using it today.

TIP #3:
Untangle your hair while it is damp with lots of thick conditioner. NEVER untangle your hair while it is wet. ANOTHER HUGE NO NO! Why? Because untangling while your hair is soaking wet may make it easier for you, but your hair is the weakest when it is wet. Your hair is already being penetrated by the weight of the water, so do not make it work harder against your detangling session.

TIP #4:
Learn to style your hair and untangle it using your fingers. You will be surprised what your fingers and palms can do in terms of styling your hair. Use a comb very little, and when you do comb your hair use a seamless comb. I know you have heard about them and they are the absolute BEST. I guarantee purchasing a seamless comb will be one of your best hair care investments. This is a must for those with fine, fragile hair. Throw away all of your regular combs, invest in your hair, if you want to retain length.

TIP #5:
Shampoo and deep condition your hair twice a week, leaving 3 days in between each session. Hair grows best on a clean scalp. This is a must for increasing hair growth. Do not worry your hair can take the washings and will love the extra attention.

Following these five fantastic tips consistently, will help your hair grow longer and stronger. Remember these tips work best when you implement the entire CoilyQueens hair care regimen. Each step works in synergy with the next step, so  read  about the CoilyQueens regimen and start the steps today. Please leave your questions below.

The Crescendo Twist out

Let your hair growth begin!

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  1. Thanks for the informative post. I just have one quick question: how often should a person with fine hair do a protein treatment? Thanks for the reply. :-)

    1. Hello and thank you for your question. How often depends on the protein treatment you choose to use, always follow the directions on the product bottle for best results. The Aphogee 2 step comes with specific instructions on application and how often you apply the product. You will need to reapply to see length retention if your hair breaks easily. Make a hair calendar journal to keep up with the dates and products you used.

    2. Thanks for that prompt response. I just bought the Aphogee 2 step so I will do as you say and follow the instructions. I will also start that hair calendar journal. Thanks again Vee Mack, Blessings!

  2. I have a fine hair and am relaxed, currently going through breakage whe I comb my hair and few strands come off when I wash my hair, the ends are so thin, right now am looking to go on one of your hair regime but I don#t know where to start, In the past week I have started oiling my hair before washing, then went on to shampoo and deep conditioned my hair and sprayed with a leave in conditioner, I started massaging for about 5 minutes before going to bed with coconut oil and sprayed with leave in conditioner.
    I did the water test for hair porosity and my hair stayed at the top of the water and did not sink even after waiting for 10mins, am so confused I don't know if am doing the right thing, am so new to hair regimen, please help

  3. I need help did a b/c in Jan 2014 my hair is growing really slow my edges will not grow back what can I do to get them to grow and catch up with my twa.

  4. Adhering to your advisement of performing protein treatments has healthened my hair immensely and relieved me of a lot of grief...to actually get this nape of mines grow is nothing short of miraculous!!! All hair the Queen, MissVee Holistichaircare!!!

  5. Do you offer advice internationally? My hair is very thin never use to be but with extreme braids it has thinned out real bad within a couple of years! Can you help me?

  6. Hi, What do you mean by hard protein treatments, and what examples would you suggest? Also, what do you think of bolus treatment treatments and the keranique product currently advertised?

    1. A good one would be the aphogee 2 step treatment. I would not recommend the keranique the aphogee 2 step is much better.