Monday, September 23, 2013

Faster hair growth from Scalp Brushing

 Have you heard  that brushing your hair, 100 strokes a day, increases hair growth? One hundred brush strokes daily over a period of 3 months, will increases your hair growth. How does brushing your hair for 100 strokes daily affect your hair growth rate. As the brush strokes through your hair each stroke applies just enough stimulation to your hair root, when the scalp is stimulated blood rushes to the hair root and meets up with the nutrients in your body and growth is then stimulated to push up from the hair root.  The problem with this technique is that while brushing that much may be okay for straight hair, it is not good for Afro curly hair. Not even relaxed Afro hair. 

Brushing Afro curly hair leads to broken spaces in the hair shaft, these hairs become weak over a period of time, and they break or become thin. If you are on a healthy hair journey put your brushes away, even a modified brush (a brush in which some bristles have been removed) is not acceptable for a healthy hair journey.

But I have an alternative for you, a soft bristle or medium bristle tooth brush. That is right a toothbrush. Some of you may already have an toothbrush you use to lay your edges down. But for this technique you want to make sure your toothbrush is clean and completely free of product. Purchase a toothbrush with white bristles, so you can see if you are pulling any hair out as you brush your scalp. If so,  that means you are being to rough or that your toothbrush bristles are to hard.

How to use a toothbrush for scalp stimulation: Start with dry but moisturized hair

1. Lubricate your hair with a natural oil of choice.
2. Parting you hair with your fingers apply oil to your entire scalp then smooth through your hair strands.
3. Pour a little oil onto your soft bristle toothbrush.
4. Part hair with your fingers then take your toothbrush and brush scalp in short downward motions, the same as you would with a regular brush, except you concentrate on the scalp only.
5. Do not brush in circular motions, this creates knots and tangles.
6. Again your brush strokes are short downward strokes in sets of 3's.
7. Once you do your 3 downward short strokes on your scalp pick up brush from scalp (do not drag brush against scalp) and move to next area on your part, keep on your part until you have reached the end of your part. 
8. Gently part the next section with your fingers and repeat your 3 downward strokes through the part once again. 
9. Once you have brush stroked your entire scalp, go back to your starting part and repeat the same steps over again. 
10. When you have repeated the scalp stimulation treatment twice over your scalp, then gently massage your scalp with your finger tips (not nails) to cool the scalp down. Do the cool down for one minute.


Please read instructions well before starting this treatment.
Concentrate applying brush strokes to scalp only.
Do not use brush stroke stimulation on your hair if it is already breaking or weak.
Do not apply brush stroke stimulation on wet hair.
As you do this treatment be conscious of how your hair behaves.
If you feel popping or breaking, ease up on the amount of pressure you are using.
If after easing up on the pressure you still feel popping, then stop the treatment.
During you scalp brush stimulation, randomly check your brush to see if you are pulling any hair out. If you see more than 5 hairs in your tooth brush ease up on the pressure or maybe your toothbrush bristles are to hard and you need a softer one. 

Cleaning your stimulation brush:

Clean brush after each use
Clean toothbrush with a anti bacterial soap or shampoo, removing all shed hairs from it.  
Allow brush to air dry
Or you can store brush in some alcohol in a cup  when not in use.
Rinse thoroughly before each use.

Other benefits:

Helps to stimulate natural sebum flow.
Provides body and shine to your hair.
Keeps build up off of scalp.
Exfoliates the scalp.
Improves hair growth rate.

Usage period:

You can do this scalp brush stimulation treatment 3 times per week, or every other day.
You will see increased hair growth with continuous treatments over a  5 to 12 weeks 

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