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The number one way to retain all your hair growth

Kinky Twists extensions
If  you are on a healthy hair journey and browse any of the hair forums,  then you have seen the term "protective style" used very frequently. Many women will put on a lace front wig and say they are protective styling; I guess this is better than saying you are wearing a wig. So you may wonder what is protective styling and what is its purpose?  Protective styling is a term which was made up by the online natural hair community. Just like hair typing (by Andre Walker) the natural hair community took hold of it and it stuck. A protective style is any style in which your hair is protected from daily manipulation, for over a period of time. 

Sew in with front left loose
When your hair is protected from the day to day manipulation over a period of 3 weeks or more, then you will retain most of the length you gained during that period. Many argue, within the natural hair community, that your ends must be tucked and secured to qualify as a protective style. Truth is there are different levels of protecting anything, think about birth control. Truth is this term, since it is a made up term, it leaves the definition of it opened to interpretation. So you are left to practice protective styling as you desire. There are ways you get better results from "protective styling".  These suggestions you want to strongly consider if you goal is healthier hair.

Better results from your protective style:

Secure and tuck your ends from any type of manipulation.
Keep your protective style for 3 weeks at least.
Do not keep your protective style longer than 8 weeks.
Cleanse your scalp while protective styling
Be sure your hair is well moisturized before doing a protective style
Moisturize hair while in the protective style
If your protective style covers your scalp, such as a wig, be sure to allow your scalp to breath daily.

A better way to retain all  your hair growth

"Coily Queens No Contact styling"

Over 20 years ago, I made up the term "no contact styling", this was around the time I realized how much not combing your hair daily will grow your hair. I had been wearing braid extensions for over 7 years at the time, and the extensions allowed me to keep most of my hair growth. So when people would ask me, whenever I wore my hair out, how did I grow it, I would say by wearing "no contact" styles, like braids or weaves.  Now the no contact styling, is only one part of the equation, in growing your hair to great lengths, but it is a very important part. 

My favorite "no contact" style kinky twists

What is "no contact styling"?  

Styling your hair in a way that you have no contact with your hair strands, for a period of  2 to 8 weeks. You only have contact with your scalp. Having contact with the scalp is essential to no contact styling. The "no contact" refers to the hair strands only.

Can you give some examples of  "No contact styling"?

Any style using extension hair to cover your own hair such as: box braids, kinky twists, a full sew in or your natural hair cornrowed down to stay for 2 weeks. So a sew in with just my front left out would not qualify as a "no contact style" because you will have daily contact with the front of your hair. This small thing does make a great difference, I wore a sew ins for over a year and I had  leave out because it looks more natural this way. When I decided to stop wearing the sew in, my leave out was 2 inches shorter than the rest of my hair. I did not overuse heat, nor treat the leave out harshly, but still just the little manipulation I did apply daily was enough to make a huge difference in the growth retention.

Prepping your hair for "no contact styling".

The prep part is very important and greatly affects your final results from the no contact styling. For steps on prepping your hair for no contact styling please see Miss Vee's Braid, Retain and Grow Method.

Start your 6 months "no contact" style challenge today and have beautiful long hair by Summer.

Remember the "no contact" only refers to the hair strands, you must still give care to your scalp by keeping it clean and lubricated for the best results. 

Leave your questions about "no contact styling" below. 
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  1. Hey Miss Vee,

    Love the article (it's right on time). I am rocking my medium sized box braids and enjoying the mess out of them. my braid stylist used the marley hair to do my box braids, which really helps with keeping my real hair blended with the marley hair as I am washing my hair weekly. My question concerns tea tree oil and its use. I have been using it mixed in with grapeseed or olive oil to combat itchy scalp (working marvelously I might add) but I am concerned about excessive buildup. should I try washing 2x a week instead of once a week. my hair/scalp feel great. I m/s every other day as my hair seems to really be retaining moisture.

    1. Hey lady! I think washing it once a week will be enough for your box braids. Use the olive oil/tea tree mix more than the grapeseed/tea tree mix, if you are concerned with any buildup. The olive oil absorbs and the grapeseed oil does not. In any event I do not think you need to worry about any type of buildup if you are shampooing weekly. Do try to do simple shampoos with less manipulation as possible on your hair.