Sunday, January 26, 2014

DHT and hair loss

Did you know that DHT is the leading cause of hair loss in 90% of hair loss cases for men and women?

What is DHT? 
Dihydrotestosterone is a male sex hormone that is the leading cause of hair loss in men, and also affects women.  Based on a persons genetics as a man or woman ages DHT  can start to overproduce.
DHT builds up within the hair root and chokes the hair root and hair eventually falls out and does not grow back. It first starts with thinning and will stay at that stage for months or years. You should seek a dermatologists help at the first sign of excessive hair shedding which continues beyond one week, and there is no current known illness which could cause your hair loss. The earlier you treat any type of hair loss the better your chances of recovering your hair or drastically slowing down the hair loss.

Natural oils DHT blockers
Sunflower oil
Emu oil: lowers DHT, keeps hair in Androgen stage longer.
Pumpkin seed oil
Palmetto extracts 
Green tea: removes toxins and regrows hair
Apple cider vinegar: Dissolves DHT residue, kills fungus and bacteria, removes build up from the hair and scalp and unclogs hair follicles.

Drinking 4 cups of green tea daily help to block DHT

Treatments used to block DHT must be used continuously and ongoing in order to maintain results.

Cold pressed Castor oil is great for treating excessive shedding and fungus. Use daily.

Fungus of the Hair Follicles: another leading cause of hair loss

Using a good quality sulfur oil on your scalp several times a weeks is very effective in killing fungus activity on the scalp. Fungus activity left untreated can cause baldness and stunted hair growth. You may think your hair grows slow when it could be a fungus stunting your hair growth. Liquid Gold products makes a great sulfur oil, I use this product and it has produced amazing growth results for me. Even if you are not suffering from fungus growth this oil will help you grow your hair to longer lengths. Liquid Gold hair growth sulfur oil by Liquid Gold products. 

Other causes of hair loss:
lack of quality proteins in diet
lack of minerals
lack of scalp oxygen
unbalanced hormones
low fatty acids.
A vitamin D deficiency 
Tight hair extensions 
Thyroid issues

Start a Hair Journal today so you can keep up with your hair.

Knowing your hair
Know your hair and how much you normally shed
per day. People can shed anywhere between 50-150 hairs per day. Know what is normal for you, so when you see abnormal shedding you will know to seek medical attention immediately. Before you see your doctor right down everything you can think of concerning your hair and how you have been feeling overall. Do your own research based on the symptoms you are having. Ask for a scalp biopsy so your diagnosis can be more accurate. As previously stated the older the hair loss the harder it is to recover your hair. Early treatment is key with any type of hair loss. 

Hair weave and hair loss
The worst thing you can do when you hair starts to thin is to put weave or hair extensions over it and not visit a doctor.  Hair extensions will make the issue worst, seek treatment first then figure out a style for your hair. Choose a wig over weave or braids, the wig is less tension on your hair and you can remove it nightly for ventilation to the scalp.

There are many reasons for hair loss I have given you the top reasons for hair loss. Prevention is always better than cure. So practice a healthy lifestyle and be proactive with your health.


  1. Better yet do you have a formula for combination hair. I'm always told I have pretty or good hair because of it's texture. Please help me and tel me what I should do!!!???

    Really Desparate...

    1. Are you currently experiencing hair loss? Do you know what is causing it?