Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spiritual help to reverse hair loss and thinning

Could the root cause of your hair loss and thinning be fear and not forgiving hurts of your past?


A beautiful healthy mane and glowing skin is a good indication of your overall health. There is a mental cause to most diseases. If you are experiencing  hair loss and you cannot pinpoint the underlying cause of your hair loss then examine your mental health. When the body is stressed from mental worries, it will cause your hair to thin and break. If your hair starts to thin all of a sudden ask yourself, what is going on in my life which has caused me stress.The root cause of stress is fear.

Fear not!

God wants us to live well and prosper. Jesus, said, "I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly". Abundant life includes being free of  all disease.  When we are ill, it helps to search our hearts to see who it is we need to forgive. Forgiveness means giving up and letting go, totally giving the problem to God and trusting Him to work it out. We do not need to know how to forgive, we just must be willing to forgive. If you are willing, God will do the rest. Forgiveness allows you to walk in love. Remember the bible tells us that love covers a multitude of sins.

Changing your thought process can reverse your hair loss!

Change your thought process to reverse your hair loss, when you know for sure there is no underlying reason your hair should be thinning. People experience hair loss due to fear, tension, the need to control everything and not  trusting the process of life. So how do you change this type of thinking? You must create a new thought pattern, then say the thought pattern several times a day, until your new thought pattern cancels out your old negative thought pattern.


Creating a new mindset!

A daily meditation to heal your mind from: fear, tension, the need to control all things and not trusting God with all aspects of your life.

I am safe, I love and approve of myself, I trust life. God has not given me the spirit of fear, but the power of love and a sound mind. God made me and I am a wonderful one of a kind creation. I will trust the Lord with all my heart and soul and lean not to mine own understanding.

Start your day with the above meditation, through out your day repeat it out loud.  Write it down on index cards until you have memorized it. Make several notes cards, and place them in areas of your house which you frequent often. Make this confession in the mirror, saying it out loud. This confession will start you on your journey to healing and you will notice after 7 days that your hair has stopped falling out. Repeat this meditation several times a day for 7 days then examine your hair, you will be amazed. Continue this treatment until this new thought pattern has totally eliminated the old negative thought pattern. 

Additional healing homework:

Look up scriptures which deal with fear, trust and control. Repeat these scriptures out loud daily, especially upon waking and before bedtime. Surrender to God all of your fears and control issues and you will see a transformation not only in the health of your hair but in your life!


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  1. Thank you for this article. It may be one of the reasons why I had a massive hairloss.
    You made my day xxx

    1. You are welcome glad I could help with your journey. Release daily and cast your burdens on the Lord.

  2. I was not especially stressed. However my misfortune of hair influenced my mother pretty seriously. Really she is likewise doing spiritual practice. In any case my hair misfortune amazed her. My mother was persuaded that my hair misfortune was a consequence of my spiritual practice. It was evident to her that there was an immediate relationship between my hair misfortune and my going to gather gifts. She would not permit me to go about my spiritual practice of gathering gifts. Albeit I didn't impart her inclination, I didn't know how to persuade her overall
    How to Know Thyself

    1. Forgive me for just seeing your post. What types of gifts were you gathering? You can send me a private message if you like.

  3. I can't thank you enough for this article!

  4. Seeiing this spirit meditation has help me in my mental health especially, and also physically. ? The first time I had questions about my hairbeing dry falling out, real thin edges, You gave me very good advice..I am now moisturizing , conditioning, and using the vinegar rinse and trying to memorized the spiritual meditation. All over I am doing better, my health is improving, my mind is clearer.. I thank you so much for all your help and info.Iwas so stressed and depressed .Now Ido what I can do , and do some more later, (Ihave severe Rheumatoid Arthritis) even so with all my meds and thin hair .my hair looks and feels a lot better. I am mostly using Sheamoisture products now. Again Thank you and God keep blessing you

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  7. in the past few months I've been shedding like crazy and am actually anxious to wash y hair (which I do once a week) cause that's when I shed the most. My hair has gotten sooo thin and it just makes me so sad. It started shedding after I used coconut oil on my hair, so I feel that's what triggered it to fall out, but it just never stopped. I obviously stopped using the coconut oil, since that wasn't working for me. I also started a job like 3 months ago which is when the whole shedding started. I have worked one job before this one and even thought I like the people and the place I work at its very stressful to me and my mental health. I have asked for fewer hours, cause I can tell I just can't work that much atm. So I definitly also feel like the job and stress and fear around it, is causing my hair to fall out as well my skin Is breaking out, but its getting better. I've never really had a lot of acne, but that started when I got my first job. My skin is not my top concern. My hair is, mainly cause its so confusing as well as mentally tearing me down. I dont really find acne ugly or disgusting, but the thinning and shedding of my hair is causing me major anxiety and fear and stress..