Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Common mistakes naturals make (pt.2)

Seven errors related to cleansing and strengthening

1. Using foods such as eggs, avocados etc as a protein treatment.
Protein is meant to stick to your hair strands and add strength. This extra strength keeps your hair from breaking so easily when manipulated. Food is not small enough to adhere nor penetrate the hair strands. Therefore food cannot function as a protein treatment for your hair. Eat your proteins instead, they benefits you greatly by helping you grow stronger hair. When you use eggs, avocado on your hair they function only as softeners and NOT strengtheners. 

2. Not washing your hair weekly.
Hair is apart of your body, therefore it should be kept clean. Daily you collect, sweat, excess sebum, pollutants, dust, germs, products on your hair. Hair also holds an odor from your sweat mixed with pollutants. For these reasons you should wash you hair no less than once per week. Hair grows best on a clean scalp. One of the main causes for slow hair growth is not cleansing it enough.

3. Co washing with conditioner STILL!
Hair conditioner does not clean your hair. Yes it feels good because the conditioner is just building up on your strands co wash after co wash. Unless the bottle states conditioning cleanser or that it can be used to cleanse then it is not a substitute for shampoo. Choose a sulfate free shampoo, conditioning cleanser or a co wash product meant for cleansing. 

4. Not drinking 64 ounces of water or more daily.
Our body needs water. If you want your hair to grow out nice and healthy drink at least 64 ounces per day. Many suffer from hard hair, splits ends, mid shaft splits, this comes from dry hair. To look and feel our best we need water in and water on our body. We need water for better blood circulation. Healthy circulation keeps the blood flowing correctly to the hair follicles, stimulating new hair growth.

5. Being afraid of protein treatments
Your hair is over 90% protein therefore it is not sensitive to protein. Protein on the hair is suppose to feel different. Most people are not applying the treatments according to the instructions on the product. then they blame the protein. So someone says you are protein sensitive and you take it as facts. You must know how to properly deep condition your hair. If your hair is fine or breaking a protein is your best bet in most cases. Do not overlook protein it is vital to growing your hair longer and stronger. There are many different protein treatments you can choose from, look for the ones which say hydrolyzed keratin within the top 3 ingredients. Animal proteins are the strongest when dealing with breakage. Opt for milder protein when you are preventing breakage, before it happens.

6. Not following the instructions on the product.
I often get asked how to use a product I always say follow the instructions on the product unless you are using the product differently than it is intended to be used. The instructions are on the bottle for your benefit. Many complain about certain products without considering they did not use the product according to the instructions. Please take time to read the label, that will keep you from misusing the product.

As I am Curl Clarify Shampoo 5.5 PH balanced for your hair health.
Red clay hair and face wash.

7. Clarifying your hair to frequently
Unless you use lots of grease or silicones, your hair should not require a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying to often will lead to dry brittle hair. Once a month should be enough. Instead of using harsh clarifying shampoos try a mud wash or black soap shampoo. Clay washes deep clean the hair without leaving it tangled and stripped. Clay washes condition as they cleanse. As I am has a PH balanced clarifying shampoo.

Good quality black soap you can create up to 5 times the amount of shampoo by diluting this formula.



  1. i am afraid of protein treatment because I had protein damage, but have recovered. I think it was because of the combination of henna+apogee= setback. Now I will do it again, but with a milder treatment and I have since abandon henna

  2. This is a great article. Especially the information on protein. I would always wince at hearing people say they are protein sensitive. It's like being allergic to oxygen...you need it. I do make my own proteint treatment. It's made from goat's milk and it does strengthen. The food stuff is ok for deep conditioning but not strengthening.

  3. I only use mayonnaise ON MY hair hair mayonnaise organic by THE best with olive oil IN IT that is all I use as MY protien treatment ON MY. Hair any other protein. Treatment is out of the question I only DO MY treatment once a week when IT time for MY hair treatment I DO IT AT night IN put. ON a plastic cap over night IN MY hair is so thick. IN I use wild and hair growth OIL IT has made MY hair really thick I been doing MY hair SINCE I was a kid growning UP

  4. Your site is the gospel for natural hair. I have been to many sites and yours gives solid information to maintain or rehabilitate your hair.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment and your continued support!