Friday, November 20, 2015

CoilyQueen's spotlight

Kimi's been proving the naysayers wrong since 2011, By adopting a good hair care regimen she has been able to retain most of her length each year.

Check out Kimi's hair growth from 2011-2013. Not only did she retain length, but her hair looks so healthy. You want healthy hair because what good is long hair if it looks dull, dry or raggedy. 

Check out her Twist and Curl! When your hair is healthy your styles look much better. Notice that even with color in her hair, she has still maintained hydrated healthy hair.


I met her on Facebook when she signed up for one of my "Gain and Inch in 30 days hair growth challenges". This challenge delivers results to those who can stick with the program and Kimi is one of those who proved that she is willing to work for her beautiful hair.

Are you willing to put in the work for your beautiful hair?????

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Grow lots of inches by next Summer!

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