Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Intensive hair growth!

Has your hair growth been stagnant? 
Hair been the same length for over a year?

Do you have a hard time keeping your hair moisturized? 
Got single strand knots or bad tangles?

If any of these are your issues,  join the most successful hair growth challenge on the  internet! 97% of those who complete this challenge, double their slow hair growth!

 We will work together for 3 months, to figure out why your hair is growing slow. Then eliminate your stagnant hair growth issue, as long as your hair follicles have not closed.  Be driven, be motivated and be ready! This information is powerful! Get rid of your negative mindset and know that you can grow long healthy hair. 


Eliminate your slow growth factors

Get rid of single strand knots

Get rid of excessive tangles
Help you retain moisture for days
Better twistouts and wash and goes
2 personalized ebooks

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Challenge begins on March 30th
Takes place in a private Facebook group.
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Challenge criteria
Styles required: box braids, kinky twists, wigs, TWA or buns.
No weaves or crochet braids. 
Scalp must be easily accessible. Sign up begins today!
Once you sign up via paypal link below, you will be contacted within 1 to 2 days, via your paypal email. Be sure it is one you use, because it cannot be changed. 

Challenge begins March 30th
Space is limited to 50 members

Sign up by clicking paypal button.
You will receive a welcome letter with 48 hours or less. 
Get ready for a hair transformation!

More participant testimonies!

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