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Getting the most out of your hair vitamins

How many times have you jumped on the bandwagon when a new hair vitamin hits the market? You take a chance and order a months supply, only to have no visible results once you finish the bottle. Then while reading the hair forums you see other ladies raving about how much extra hair growth they got from the same vitamin you purchased, so you scratch your head as you look through their before and after pictures, and try to figure out why didn't you get any results?

Most people blame the product or accuse the people bragging about the vitamins of working for the company. Then you see lots of people post a familiar sentence I read all the time on forums, "well everything doesn't work for everybody". I always chuckle at this general go no where statement, because in many cases the person saying it,  more than likely was not consistent with the product or did not take the product according to the manufacturers  instructions. Truth is, there are supplements on the market which work. Truth is, there is a method to taking vitamin supplements.

Stop wasting your money!

8 simple rules to get the most benefits from your vitamins!

1. Most important: Purchase supplements which come in a liquid, gel  or capsule form. Big pill vitamins do not absorb well into your system so you reap few benefits.

2. Always take with food.Your body wants its nutrients from food, so taking your supplements with food is tricking the body into believing the vitamins are coming from the food you have just eaten.
3. Drink a full 8 ounce glass of water when you take your vitamins.
4. Take them the same time each day
5. Take the recommended dosage only.
6. Drink at least 64 ounces of filtered water daily.
7. In order to see good results you need to take the vitamins consistently for a minimum of 3 months to a year. Starting a supplement one day and expecting results in 2 weeks is unrealistic. You should start to see results within  3 months of a vitamin regimen, if you have followed all the rules.  
8. People suffer from various vitamin deficiencies based on lifestyle, gender and age. The only true way to know what vitamin you may be deficient in, is to consult your primary care doctor for blood tests.  As always consult your doctor before starting any vitamins or supplements regimen. 

The top 3 hair supplements that actually grow your hair when used correctly.

Mineral Rich is an very good mineral supplement and it it liquid. Liquid vitamins absorb better and faster into your system, than pills. So opt of a liquid vitamin or a capsule vitamin when looking for a good supplement.

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