Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gold Star leave in conditioners for 4C hair

What makes a leave in conditioner awesome?

There are several factors when added together make a leave in conditioner awesome.

The cost per ounce.(no more than $2 per ounce)
Must last at least 2 months (which means a little must go a long way).

Must keep hair moisturized for at least 3 or more days before reapplying.

Must work be multipurpose.

Must be easy to find.
(must be able to walk into any drug store or Walmart like store and buy it)

And of course it must feel good on your hair and provide some hold to your style..

My Gold Star leave in conditioners to date

(My Gold Star list is formed considering the criteria above)

Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie

Cantu Shea butter  leave in conditioner repair cream
(Pictured at the top)

Cantu Shea Butter curl activator cream

Afro stretch creme 


TRESemme' smooth & silky conditioner w/vitamin h

Use as a detangler

These products have my gold star of approval, because they satisfy all of the above criteria. I have used all of these products for 2 years consistently. If you are looking for a good product which can function as a leave in conditioner these products are a good place to start and in my opinion stop. You want a product which is economical, lasts and softens and keeps your tangles at bay the way a leave in conditioner should. I have never had either of these products flake up on my hair, nor cause build-up. Remember I do follow the CoilyQueens regimen of shampooing my hair bi-weekly, so I keep my hair clean and moisturized on a regular basis. 

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  1. yesI swear by Shea Moisture I use the entire line with the exception of the souffle, and their shampoo,love love their line Bantu and my coils don't seem to do too well, it leaves my hair dry?? at least it did 2 years ago when I started my journey, since then the texture of my hair has changed so it may be something I will re-visit

  2. Just wondering, is the Treseme smooth and silky used as a leave in as well as a detangler?