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Baggying 101

Baggying:  the process of applying a plastic cap over your hair and allowing it to sit from 20 minutes to overnight, with or without product. 
 by Vee

Baggying done correctly can be a great way to impart much needed moisture into excessively dry brittle hair. Baggying also creates a steam effect on the scalp, which stimulates the hair follicles to produce better hair growth. Steaming your hair removes toxins, improves elasticity and unclogs the hair follicles. Using an actual hair steamer or receiving a professional steam treatment is much better than baggying, however for those who cannot afford a hair steamer this is an inexpensive alternative.

You can baggy with product or without product. Some people baggy without applying
Change clear conditioning caps after each use
conditioner or oil because they are trying to stimulate their hair follicles to produce more natural sebum. This is good for people who have a very dry scalp due to low sebum production. Understand that poor diet and age can greatly decrease sebum production. Healthy hair needs adequate sebum production, not to much and not to little.

Baggy method #1
After you have shampooed and applied your deep conditioner cover your hair with a plastic conditioning cap and sit under a hooded dryer for 20 minutes. If a hooded dryer is not available, leave conditioner and plastic cap on while doing household chores. You body will create its own natural heat from moving around doing your cleaning, this heat allows the oils to penetrate down to the hair root. The goal is to create as much natural heat as possible in the absence of the hooded dryer.

*Silver conditioning caps
Baggy method #2
Aka the GHE method: You massage  a stimulating oil or growth oil into your hair and scalp, cover with a plastic conditioning cap, add a scarf and leave overnight. The ideal is to use your body heat to create a steam effect on your scalp, getting the stimulating oil to penetrate and stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles. Some people add a extra beenie over the scarf, the more heat your create the better the blood flow.  Better blood flow distributes the nutrients to the hair follicles and this increases hair growth. For this reason your body must have good nutrients present in order to feed the hair follicles, thus a healthy diet is mandatory. This technique should only be done 3-5 nights per week. The next morning after doing this method your hair should be damp and moisturized. You remove the scarf and plastic cap, allow your hair to dry a little then style as desired

Baggy method #3

You can put your hair into a ponytail and only baggy the actual ponytail itself. With this method some are able to maintain their daily style better. This also helps those who seem to only experience dryness on the ends of their hair. Note, this method does nothing for the hair roots to stimulate growth, it only helps to moisturize the ends and helps you keep your style a little better. 

Baggy method #4

At bedtime very lightly spritz with water add no extra product to your scalp (however your hair should have some oil or conditioner on it from earlier in the day) cover your hair with a plastic cap and tight scarf. This method creates the steam effect on the scalp, increases blood flow to the scalp which stimulates the sebaceous glands. This method is for those who wish to correct their sebum production. One must also improve their diet to have healthy sebum production. Healthy sebum production produces better hair growth. 
The silver conditioning cap is recommended for this method

Baggy method #5

This method will double your hair growth if you are one who only receives 1/8 to 1/4 inch per
month of hair growth. This can be done on wet or dry hair 3 times per week . Apply a leave
in conditioner to your hair strands only, cover with a plastic conditioning cap and sit under a hooded dryer for 7 minutes. The heat from the dryer will open your hair follicles to receive the growth oil. Before you sit under the dryer take your stimulating oil and warm it inside a bowl of hot water for about 3 minutes. You oil should be warm not hot. After siting under hooded dryer for 7 minutes massage the oil into your scalp for 7 additional minutes. Massage holding your head down, starting with the nape area. Heat a towel in hot water, cover hair with towel and reapply the plastic conditioning cap, then tie down with a scarf. Relax for at least 15 minutes. You can leave the oil on your hair or rinse it out. If you choose to rinse it out then rinse with cold water to close the cuticles. If you choose to leave it in then remove the wet towel and plastic cap and sit under dryer on cool setting for 5 minutes.

*Silver conditioning caps for color are self warming caps that work better than clear plastic or saran wrap when doing any of the methods overnight and not sitting under the  hooded dryer

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Using grocery bags is a no no!
It may be cheap but never use a grocery store plastic bag over your hair. Why?  Because these bags have been treated with chemicals and they were not made for the purpose of covering your hair. You do not want this to sit on your hair over night Yes they carry food but remember the food is in packages. Love your hair more, purchase the clear plastic conditioning caps.

A no no!

So do you baggy?
What baggy method do you use?
If so, leave a comment.

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  1. Wow! Your method is new to me. Might try it when I get a dryer!

  2. Until you get a dryer you can purchase one of the silver conditioning caps from stores like Walmart or BSS those are self heating. The silver caps use your body heat to condition the hair.

    1. Ahhhh! Didn't know about the silver caps! I'm going to use this option for sure!

  3. I have a sew-in in my hair right now. Gonna try and keep it for at least two more weeks. Can I do the baggy method while doing this? If so, which one do you recommend?

    1. No I do not recommend the any of the baggy method while wearing a full sew in. Why? Because bacteria or fungus can easily get trapped under all the extension hair and cornrows. If you follow the Braid, Retain & Grow method of preparing your real hair before your hair is sewn down you will not have to be that concerned with your natural hair drying out under the weave. When you remove your sew in your hair will still feel lubricated soft and shed a lot less. The method is amazing! Check out the article titled MissVee's Braid, Retain and Grow........thanks for your question.

  4. can i do the sauna method with a silver cap?