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How to choose your hair care products?

Part one: 

Choosing your basic care products 

A successful hair journey is broken into 3 parts. One half mindset, 1/4 technique and 1/4 products. The hair care regimen is included in with technique. Hair, for most people is a huge part of their daily outfit. Hair is a big deal to most, so your mindset about your hair is very important. You need to have a good attitude about your hair, even when it is not exactly the way you desire it to be. Your positive mindset combined with a good regimen and the right products will help you grow the hair you desire. 

The first in creating your hair care regimen is having the right products for your hair. The products you use are based on the current condition of your hair and the style you plan to achieve. In the beginning of your regimen it is good to perfect one style first, this is your signature style. This is better than trying different style each day and becoming discouraged. 

How to choose a cleanser for your hair

You need a cleanser that is formulated to cleanse the hair. Co washing with conditioner is not cleansing your hair. Conditioner is not formulated to cleanse your hair.  Choose a non sulfate shampoo or a conditioning cleanser. 

Choose a shampoo that is sulfate free, alcohol free and silicone free. Keep your cleansers between a PH of 4.0 and 7. Your shampoo should clean without stripping your hair. Look for the words "moisturizing on the bottle, those are usually good choices.

Cleanser suggestions:
Shea Moisture coconut & Hisbicus shampoo
Shea Moisture Thickening shampoo
Shea Moisture retention shampoo
Cream of Nature moisturizing shampoo
Lisa Rachel conditioning cleanser 4.5PH
As I am coconut co wash cleansing conditioner 5.5 PH
As I am cleansing pudding 4.5 PH
Eden bodyworks co wash

The entire As I am line is PH between 4.5 and  6.5 the perfect PH for maintaining healthy hair

How to choose your deep conditioner
Honey & Sage Deep Conditioner

Each shampoo should be followed by a  regular conditioner or deep conditioner. A regular conditioner, is applied to the hair and rinsed off in 5 minutes or less, in most cases. Deep conditioner should contain ingredients which penetrate the hair cuticle. Heat from a hooded dryer or steamer is used with a deep conditioner. Sit under hair dryer for at least 20 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Using cold or cool water will help to lock in the moisture benefits from your deep conditioner. Again beware of harsh alcohols, sulfates and silicones.

Conditioner recommendations:
Shea Moisture black soap masque
Shea moisture restoraton masque
Alikay Naturals honey and shea
As I am hydration elation intensive conditioner  5.5PH

How to choose a leave in conditioner

Follow each shampoo/DC with a leave in conditioner. Afro hair requires continuous moisture. So choosing the best leave in conditioner is extremely important. All other products are rinsed off, but your leave in stays on your hair. If the ingredients are harsh it will dry your hair out. Choose the leave in with the least amount of harsh ingredients.

No parabens
No sulfates
No harsh alcohols

Recommended leave in conditioners:
SM Curl enhancing smoothie
As I am double butter cream 5.5
As I am leave in conditioner 5.5
Taliah Waajid curly curl cream
 Afro stretch by 4Naturals
Cantu shea butter leave in
Cantu curl activator

Your leave in conditioner should also function as your styler for twists out and braid out. All of those mentioned above work great as a styler and leave in conditioner.

For extra hold use gel on top of your leave in conditioner. Not all products are compatible. Test your products on the back of you hand to see how they mix together. Also try using a leave in conditioner with a gel from the same line to avoid product conflict. Product conflict will leave flakes or white balls in your hair and require immediate cleansing. 
Twist out
Twist/braid outs work great with curling creams and leave in conditioners.

Wash and go wet sets need a leave in and a gel to freeze the curls in place. The leave in helps the hair to not dry out under the gel. 

Once you get your products, then be sure you are cleansing your hair using the correct technique. Read here on how to shampoo your hair effectively.

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