Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hair care mistakes to avoid

Heat straightening chronically dry hair

If you've been suffering from dry hair, that is not the time to press or flat iron your hair. Heat straightening hair that is chronically dry is the number one way to get heat damage. Conditioning is more than deep conditioning your hair one time, before a service. In order to properly hydrate your hair you must  consistently condition with moisturizing product over a period of time. Depending on the degree of your dry hair, that conditioning therapy can take between 2 to ten weeks. 

Here is a conditioning boot camp regimen to help prepare  hair for heat straightening. 

Getting braid extension on thinning or balding hair

Your edges are thinning, you found a bald spot or you have extreme breakage. This is not the time to install fake hair. If the hair loss is coming from the hair root then you should not add extra weight to your hair strands. Breakage is usually from lack of moisture and braiding fake hair into your hair will only cause more dry hair. I understand that your hair may not look its best when going through a trauma, so opt for a wig instead. At the end of your day you can remove the wig, so your scalp can breathe. Watch out for the combs which come attached to lacefront wigs. Those combs can cause more thinning to your edges, opt for an elastic band to secure your wig. 

Strengthen your hair and hydrate your hair, then you can install extensions that are not tight or extra small. 

Check the Braid Retain and Grow Method. This method helps you keep your hair while wearing fake hair. 


Many naturals will go back and forth between their natural hair and fake hair. They do so because they are not satisfied with their current length or the way their hair styles. Flip flopping back and forth will continue to dry your hair out. Each time you come out of a set of  braid extensions or weaves, you have to work hard restoring moisture back in your hair strands. This is because the majority of the fake hair is made of  plastic. This plastic sits on top of your hair and dries it out over time. Lots of black women lose way more hair than they should when removing extensions and this is due in part to the hair drying out under the fake hair.  Learn your hair first. Learn how to properly hydrate it and style it. Do not be so quick to hid behind fake hair. Give your hair time to flourish. 

Once you have created a good regimen for your hair and your hair is strong and holding moisture well, then go to the fake hair for style variety. This way you are using the fake hair as a style option and not to hide behind out of frustration. 

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