Friday, December 30, 2016

The secret to increasing your HAIR GROWTH!

Yes hair grows daily, if  the hair follicle is alive. However, not everyone is receiving their full growth each month. There are many factors which retard your hair growth. 
Curl type 4C with medium density.
Hair partly flat ironed the rest naturally stretched

Find out the number one way to increase your hair growth for sure! Also find out how to retain all that growth.

It is not your genetics nor your hair texture that is holding you back from growing your hair to bra strap, waist length or even hip length!

Join the "Double your hair growth" challenge.

Say bye to slow hair growth.

Curl type does not matter when it comes to growing long hair.

I understand that, reaching bra strap or waist length takes a long time when you only gain 1/4 an inch per month. But also consider that your body might be capable of producing way more growth per month, than you currently are. 

Join and find out your full growth potential. Like many others who have done the challenge you might be surprised. There is certainly a 97% chance that you will be! 

Whether that goal is APL, BSL, WL or other, if your hair root is alive you can achieve your desired length. With the right information. 

Join us today!

"Gain an inch in 30 days" hair growth challenge


  1. I just wanted to thank you. Even though I have never posted before, I have read your blogs about using the braid/twist method for length retention. I went from being a chronic shoulder length sista to hair that is now waist length when stretched out. I have braided or twisted my hair and left it in for 4-8 weeks at a time for the past two years. I undo it to wash it and finger detangle and put it right back in. My hair is the longest and thickest it has ever been. People are actually asking me for hair tips whoot whoot. I would post pics, but I don't know how. Thanks again.

    1. Congrats on reaching waist length, and it will keep growing. Just maintain it. I am glad the Braid Retain and Grow works so great for you. It is the first method I created. Back in the day I wore braids a lot. However I was still not reaching past armpit length. And it was not always healthy looking. So the BRG was created over a ten years people. It works when you work it. Thank you for your comment and feedback. Pass the word please!

  2. is it possible for straifht dry thinning Indian hair type to have thicker ..fuller growth. Please advise.

    Much gratitude.