Saturday, June 17, 2017

Clarifying your hair

Clarifying the hair involves using a stronger than normal cleanser to remove product build up from your hair.

1.  If you do not wash your hair on a weekly basis

2.  If you use gels on a regular basis

3.  If you use petroleum or silicones, on a regular basis

4.  Clarifying before your protein treatments helps to ensure that the protein adheres to your strands better. 

5.  If your hair was styling good then it begins to not style as well, doing a deep cleansing could help to revive your hair. 

Deep cleansers and clarifyers have a higher PH than your regular shampoos. 
Clarifyers cleanse the hair deeply. This includes stripping the hair of its natural oils.
For this reason extra care should be taken to deep condition well after using a clarifying deep cleanser.

Here are my tops pick for clarifying deep cleansers. 

Jane Carters Hydrating Invigorating shampoo

Natural choices:
Black soap *(PH 9)
Castile soap *(PH 11)

*the PH is an estimate it depends on how your natural product is created

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