Saturday, March 6, 2021

Creating Better TwistOuts



How her twistout looked before

She was working against some heat damage and the lack of shape. She desired better definition and elongation.

Her hair after making over her twistout

Her twistout now has a fuller look and better elongation. 

What she did:

She got a trim

Protein treatment

Flat twists

Leave in + Light gel + Mousee

She used less product for better elongation

Flat Twists!

This is Tomeka's twist out on day one. She was not pleased with her definition. She had too much frizz for a day one twist out. 

Although she was not pleased she didn't comb or brush out the definition she did have. This is important!

She put her hair into a loose low pony with the front sides out. Notice she kept her definition. 

She reset her hair. The next day she had better coil definition. She was much happier with this twistout set. 

Tomicka's better twistout!

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