Saturday, January 5, 2013

Afro hair myths!

Kinky hair is weak and breaks easily! 


I hear it all the time, ladies saying their hair is type 4c or tightly coily and this hair type is the weak and prone to breakage. Tightly coily ladies feel their hair is the hardest hair to maintain  and takes the longest to see hair growth retention. I understand why  many black afro textured hair ladies would think this way because this is a popular hair myth that circulates within the black community. However, once you finish reading this blog you will be empowered to view your Afro hair in a better light.

The popular belief about Afro hair does not match the science of Afro hair.  The curlier the hair is the more disulfide protein bonds the hair strand will have. Disulfides are protein bonds that make up some of the layers of each hair shaft. Afro hair has lots of these protein layers, and each of these layers provide strength to your hair strands. When a person with Afro textured hair relaxes their hair straight, these protein bonds are broken down, basically damaged, to give the end result of straighter smoother shinier hair. Although this may look good to some, this leaves the hair strands severely vulnerable to damage, because the hair has lost a lot of its natural protective layer. 

So now you know that your kinky, tightly coiled hair is not weak by nature. But God has blessed Afro hair strands with extra layers of protein for its protection, the same as we have with our built in sunscreen of melanin. Truly God has given our bodies everything that we need for vibrant health and life. Stop calling your hair weak, and start calling it strong, because it is strong. Now this does not mean you can treat it any type of way, because hair itself is just a fiber. So adopt for yourself a good haircare beauty regimen and take care of your crown of glory. Truly God has blessed women with a beautiful crown, no matter the texture.

Proverbs 23:7 As a man thinketh within himself, so is he.............
Think good thoughts towards your hair! 
Think of it as a glorious crown because it is!

Change your mind about your coils and your coils will work for you and not against you!

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