Monday, January 28, 2013

Nail health and growth from Mineral Rich

Keeping your fingernails healthy and snag free is very important to your beauty regimen and in maintaining your natural hair. What do healthy nails have to do with hair, you may ask? Well as a woman with tightly coily hair, I rarely use a comb so I finger untangle my hair 95% of the time. In doing this, it is extremely important that I keep my nails filed and free of splits and snags. Because if I do not my coily hair will get entangled within my fingernails and cause breakage or splits in my hair shaft.

How do I maintain my fingernails?

I keep my nails filed and free of splits as much as possible. So I keep a 3-way buffer handy at all times. I keep one in my home office and one in my bedroom, so if I get a snag I can address it immediately. And before shampoo days, I make sure my nails are snag and split free. 

My nails have a tendency to split really deep in the corners and this really hurts and hair gets caught around this split. So I brought a home gel kit, that I apply every two weeks to keep my fingernails from breaking really deep in the meat and keep my nails looking good. This also keeps my polish from chipping and getting in my hair.

I found this liquid vitamin supplement called Mineral Rich and I take 2 tablespoons of this supplement daily. This make my hair and nails grow longer and stronger.

 January 1, 2013 nail length, notice the growth near the nail root? This is 2 weeks from taking Mineral Rich liquid vitamins. Top/bottom pictures.

 These are my fingernails after two more weeks of taking Mineral Rich vitamins. Notice only the thumb nail is short when I started out it had a deep split in it that had to grow out, and it did.

 Both photos show 4 weeks of nail growth from taking Mineral Rich. Notice how healthy my nails look. My nails have a thin layer of gel as a protective coat with polish only.

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